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A massive Crop Circle appeared in California, USA on June 22nd, 2010:

Greenfield, California - "Two days ago I was leaving my family's farm with a friend, when we noticed something [in our field]. Another friend of mine flies the helicopter for the local news station. He agreed to take us up [to videotape the formation from the air]. There was nothing in the field the day before. The gate to our property was still locked."
~ Local Farmer.


This large geometric mandala Crop Circle formation is one of the most impressive, in terms of scale and precision, to have been documented in California. Two prior plasma formation events due north of the Greenfield circles appeared 2003 and 2004 in Solano County, California. Another formation in 2007 in Red Bluff, California was also near the 122nd west longitude, further north still than the previous years' circles in Solano. Another emerging energetic site on this same longitude is found in Hidden Valley, California, where luminous plasma orbs have been linked with downed sections of grasses, turned purple by heat associated with the plasma orbs.

As is the case with all genuine, higher-dimensional formations, the geometric configuration given in Greenfield's wheat echoes the sacred Sanskrit mandala of a square within a circle, encoded mathematically as the quantum fractal [ zn+1 = zn2 ].

This precise iterated function reveals the global structure of intrasound standing waves in relation to the Great Pyramid, at Giza, Egypt, showing the resonant location of this mandala formation in central California. Greenfield, CA (36.30°N 121.29°W) is 7,534 miles from Giza, or 30.26% of the Earth's mean circumference. Ground shots and plant anomalies were not documented, as the formation had already been harvested by the morning of June 27, 2010.

There are rumours on the net that this may possibly be a marketing ploy from rock band 'KoRn' (for their new video clip). To me, the design does seem to be a little too 'early 90s' for my liking... If it is genuine however, then Wow. Italy recently stepped up in terms of highly impressive formations, The Netherlands gave us the jaw-dropping 'Human Butterfly' last year (authenticity still questionable) and now the U.S (with this rather humble yet still impressive entry). Other countries may just be starting to finally 'catch-up' to England's yearly collection of stunningly complex Crop Formations...

Still awaiting further news on this one but just thought I'd put this out there anyway...

Blessed Be ONE'in'All,

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Oo, that diagram is intriguing. I feel "unraveling & centeredness" all at the same time.

Go Russia!

Hey sagenhoney - I get 'unraveling' too...also 'cooperation', 'communication', 'contact', 'equilibrium', 'balance', 'friendship' and Love...

Thanks Christopher for 'russian' this one to us!

Blessed Be,

Thanks for the post Omni. We rarely ever see anything like this in the U.S. and yea...its questionable, but still pretty neat. I use to listen to KoRn back in the day, but they lost my interest at some point.

Halo sagenhoney - Am only slightly familiar with KoRn but the play on words certainly didn't escape my attention - Crop Circles in the beginning, were also alternatively known as Corn Circles...(until it was realized that this phenomenon wasn't just appearing in corn but in many other types of crop as well...).

By the way, 'coincidentally', I found this clip just now as I was researching the band KoRn. Don't you just love a good synchronicity?! WOW (check out from 2:25 onwards)...


Thanks OMni for posting. It certainly looks impressive but something says hmm! Be interesting to read what the farmer said about it. Did it appear overnight etc.?

Halo Illumination - the farmer did say (see quote above picture) that there was nothing in the field the day before...

Wish some would poppe up in Indiana but with corn and soy I don't know if it can be done. So many do these anchor the energy of the earth along with a message ? I have a neighbor that doesn't mow his yard maybe they can come do some mini circles...hehe

Halo Sally - Just get David Icke around to his place. That should do the trick...
Ha ha ha.

☆nother ☮ of You...

I love cartoons this is great you gotta laugh or go crazy both seem like a win , win lol
Very nice one, indeed.
I may also say that this one in California is 'real', since I notice the following detail: I would assume that the wind pattern as seen in the lower part of the image was there before the crop circle. Now the right arm of the wind pattern goes through that circle located to the right. It's also very nicely visible in the video. The chaotic formation of the wind pattern is going hand in hand with that circle; I have my serious doubts that planksters would have been able to leave this "chaotic flow" as it is in that particular circle. Using planks, robes and the usual tools, that circle would have made rather a "cut out" impression from this wind formation instead. One may argue that this wind pattern got formed after the formation of the crop circle, however I don't think that the wind could brush up the crops which were flattened before in that particular circle.

Nice detective work my friend!

You've provided much food for thought.

☆nother Point ov You...


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