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Another New Addition To Crop Circle At Stanton St Bernard (2), nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 29th June.

Remember this ?........

Well now this has been added.......

And in it's full glory........

Image Guenther Schermann's spiritual Austrian crop circle group Copyright 2012

And now the third phase of this formation...,,

Images Robert Parsons Copyright 2012

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To me these crop circles are not authentic. Why would ET's keep coming back to add bits on ? Surely they must know that we haven't got a clue what they are tying to say at the best of times so tagging other bits of geometric drawing on isn't going to make things any clearer ! That's my feeling about them. Most of them are man made.

Hi Tom!

Someone once told me that crop circles affects you even by just having a quick glance at them! We registrate them in our minds and the ewoke something in us.

Just like many things in life there are many things we can experiance at one moment but that we actually understand many years later.
 And then it all makes sense.

I questioned this one at first before all the addings, but now i'm less convinced it's man made.

And about the "adding" itself, we pause and add things all the time when we're communticating, so why wouldn't they?

You obviously have not been in any of these crop circles, and they do mean things to some who are awake enough.  Unless you have actually examined one of these in person you cannot reach any conclusions.

Maybe it doesn't really matters a whole lot whether any of the crop circles are man-made or "genuine" (i.e., created by some "unknown" source). Of course it matters to some degree. But this remarkable conversation between American social scientist, Dr. Simeon Hein, and the controversial "circle maker", Matt Williams, shows how approaching the phenomenon "as a whole" (i.e., as a physical phenomenon, a social phenomenon, a psychological phenomenon and a cultural phenomenon) may ultimately bring us the most valuable information in terms of what "crop circles" mean to us and for us as a species.

Matt Williams, as some of you may know, was a member of the hoaxer group calling itself Team Satan and later changed its name to simply The Circle Makers. So pairing him up with Dr. Simeon Hein (Sociologist and Dir. of The Institute for Resonance, Boulder, CO.) makes for some fascinating discussion and insight into the bigger picture of the crop circle phenomenon. The video is 3 hours long but well worth the time invested for anyone interested in aspects of the crop circle phenomenon that don't often get discussed in such depth. From beginning to end, there's a lot to be considered in this conversation.

Hi Gary!

I hope u will forgive me for not watching the video, 3 h is just a bit too long for me in front of a pc.

I just wanted to say I agree with you! I think the creating process will allways be fantastic and important!

But, when it indeed is man made, as far as i know we don't have the technology to bend over the weeds without damaging them. So for one person it'll be great fun to go out there and create, but there is also a farmer who's been working hard to keep the soil fertile, to seed it, all that. It takes lot of time and effort. I just hope that they ask for permission to do it first, that's all.

When I look at this I think it is so delicate, peaceful and beautiful.  Thanks Christopher. Blessings for all your posts.

I just re-read mine and other comments... And Had a good laugh.

I wish all could be so light hearted!

LOVE this addition Chris and I think does look like some kind of aircraft of a sort....whatever it is I really love it....thanks:))

City of heaven, new earth is being brought down by a spaceship

Looks like a church to me...perhaps isreal?

Here is the explanation of these crop circles.

The first one with the pinnacles is an ancient Vedic Vimana as seen on this piucture. An ancient spaceship as it was called many years ago by the Indians. I guess this is where they got their ideas from as regards the flying carpet.

The second crop circle that was added to the first is the planetary alignment.

I thank a wonderful friend for sending me these pictures.

Sai Ram!!

That's brilliant Rosemary. Thanks for posting!


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