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Crop Circle Season 2009 is now hotting up. Here are the formations (so far) for June:

Reported June the 1st at Knoll Down, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire:

Featuring four rotating 'Pac Men' gobbling up what appear to be claws emanating from a representation of four phases of a satellite orbiting a planet. Or four stages of a planet orbiting a star? As always - quite an enigmatic phenomenon indeed!


Reported June the 2nd below Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire...we have a return of the Dolphins:

Hmmm ~ this formation looks remarkably like one of my sign-off OM pics...!


Reported June the 3rd at Little London, near Yatesbury, Wiltshire...was this incredibly intricate, elegantly stunning Dragonfly:

*Dragonfly Symbolism:

They are fantastic flyers, darting like light, twisting, turning, changing direction, even going backwards as the need arises. The power of the Dragonfly lies in its ability to see around things by looking from different angles. They are inhabitants of two realms - starting with water, and moving (ascending) to the air with maturity, but staying close to water. As creatures of the water, Dragonflies carry symbolism relative to the subconscious, or "dreaming" mind and thoughts (water is symbolic of the subconscious mind or 'deeper mind/dreaming mind' and relates to the thoughts we have in relaxed/meditative/sleeping/subconscious states). As a creature of the wind (air/mind), the Dragonfly totem represents Change & Transformation. Its iridescent wings are incredibly sensitive to the slightest breeze, and so we are reminded to heed where the proverbial wind blows - lest we run into stormy weather. The Dragonfly represents balance with mental clarity and control ~ an expression of the emotional and mental together.

Dragonflies are old and adaptive insects, and are most powerful in the summer under the effects of warmth and sunlight. Their colors are a result of reflecting and refracting the power of light. As a result, they are associated with color magick, illusion and mysticism. The Dragonfly shows us that life, like light, can bend, shift, and adapt in various ways, making life's appearance never be what it appears to be.

They are often featured in Japanese paintings, representing new light and joy. To some Native Americans they are the souls of the dead. Faerie stories say that they used to be real dragons.

Dragonflies are reminders that we are light and can reflect the light in powerful ways if we choose to do so. "Let there be light" is the divine prompting to use the creative imagination as a force within your life. They help you to see through your illusions and allow your own Light to shine in a new vision.

Dragonfly symbolism crosses and combines with that of the Butterfly ~ Change & Transformation.

The Dragonfly symbolizes going past self-created illusions that limit our growing and changing.

Dragonflies are a symbol of the sense of Self that comes with maturity.

As a personal symbol ~ to me the Dragonfly represents 'seeing through the illusion, or veil' (the insect world's version of Neo!). With their ability to dart & flit around (kinda like interdimensional spaceships) it's like they are only 'visitors' to this dimension. Symbolically, they possess the ability to 'pierce' through the illusory veils we are all collectively entrapped within. Looking at this particular formation - it's absolutely bristling with energy. I'm experiencing electrical waves travelling up & down my back just looking at it - It's that powerful!


Reported June the 5th at New Farm, near Chiseldon, Wiltshire:

The interesting thing about this Crop Circle is the hedged circle within it : An Inverse Circle - A very interesting feature. We have seen the propeller and Wankel engine design before but there is a basic honesty about this formation that I feel should be noted.


Reported June the 8th at Bishop Cannings, near Devizes, Wiltshire...we now have The Fish (note - June 8th also happens to be 'World Ocean Day'):


Reported June the 12th at Yatesbury, near Cherhill, Wiltshire...Ladies & Gentlemen ~ The Phoenix has landed:

The Phoenix lives a long life, and then is consumed by its own self-made flames, only to immediately rise again from the ashes. This mythical bird is surrounded by folklore and legend. The 'Phoenix Rising' is a universal symbol of the Sun, mystical rebirth, resurrection and immortality.

The Phoenix Legend : The legend of the Phoenix has been around for centuries. There are a few variations, but the basic idea is this: The mythical Phoenix Bird is a supernaturally divine creature, living for 1000 years. Once that time is over, it builds its own funeral pyre (a nest of myrrh twigs), and throws itself into the flames. As it burns fiercely and dies, it is reborn anew, and rises from the ashes to live again for another 1000 years. Alternatively, it lays an egg in the burning coals of the fire which hatches into a new Phoenix, and the life cycle repeats. The bird was also said to regenerate when hurt or wounded by a foe, thus being immortal and invincible - it is also said that it can heal a person with a tear from its eyes and make them temporarily immune to death. The phoenix is a symbol of fire, divinity & eternal life...and with its great beauty, creates intense excitement & deathless inspiration.


Reported June the 12th at Wayland's Smithy Long Barrow, near Odstone Hill, Oxfordshire:


Reported June the 13th below Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire...this Star Tetrahedron formation appeared in the field close to the Dolphins Swirl Crop Circle, and at the same spot where the 8 ~ Infinity Crop Circle appeared on 08/08/08 (see third picture):


Reported June the 13th at South Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire...this enigmatic design is in wheat and measures about 400/450 feet across:


Reported June the 14th at Barbury Castle, near Wroughton, Wiltshire...was this striking Mayan/Aztec Bird:

Could this Mayan/Aztec Bird Crop Formation possibly be pointing out that we are getting closer to the Mayan prophecy of 2012? This enormous design below the Hill Fort of Barbury Castle appears to be a direct representation of the 'Aztec Spirit Bird'. The Aztec's most important Gods were represented as Birds, and were right at the top of their pantheon of gods. Quetzalcoatl himself was also a Bird/God and is thought to return in 2012. Once again we have another powerful symbol within the fields with ancient, prophetic connections.

A Mayan/Aztec Bird drawing.

First a Phoenix, now a formation that looks almost exactly like a Thunderbird (above) - a common and very sacred First Nations (Native American) symbol. The Thunderbird : A representation of the Creator and usually precedes the strongest storms - where his wings create the thunderous sounds. Some Indian nations believe that from time to time these beings took on human form and intermarried within human tribes. According to Wikipedia, Thunderbirds have been known to battle against reptilian beings, trying to fight them off. According to the Crop Circle Connector site, the farmer in whose field this symbol appeared is admant against all visitors. Interesting...

The Bennu bird serves as the Egyptian counterpart to the Phoenix, and is said to be the soul of the Sun-God Ra. Some of the titles of the Bennu bird were “He Who Came Into Being by Himself”, “Ascending One”, and “Lord of Jubilees”. The name is related to the verb “weben”, meaning “to rise brilliantly” or “to shine”.

The Bennu bird was the mythological Phoenix of Egypt. It was associated with the rising of the Nile, resurrection, and the Sun. Because the Bennu represented creation and renewal, it was connected with the Egyptian calendar. Indeed, the Temple of the Bennu was well known for its time-keeping devices.


Reported June the 17th at West Kennett Avenue, near Avebury, we have - The Evolution of a Crop Circle:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Sperm Penetrating an Egg:

A sperm spends several hours in the female reproductive tract undergoing a process called capacitation, which enables it to penetrate an egg. Here we see a sperm approaching an egg. Although several hundred sperm reach an egg, only one penetrates it. The egg then produces a hard protein covering to prevent penetration by another sperm.

Could this 'evolving' Crop Circle be representing the human conception process? First, we had the appearance of the 'egg'. A day later, the 'sperm' appeared...seemingly penetrating (fertilizing) the egg. On the third day, the egg was surrounded by a protective bubble (or protein membrane?) and two more appendages the formation a sense of movement & growth. In a word - remarkable.


Reported June the 20th at Waden Hill, near Avebury, Wiltshire:

Face to face with...?


Reported June the 21st below Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire:

Another 'evolving' Crop Formation...this one went from this (June 21):

To this (June 22):

Can anyone see the classic 'alien face' at the crux of the formation?

And notice the intriguing (fractal-like) repetition of the 'planets'?

Amazingly on June the 27th, this formation evolved yet again! Like the June 27th 'Swallow with Alien Script' formation, this one now too seems to be sprouting some type of 'alien code'.

One word : Wow!


Reported June the 21st at West Kennett, near Avebury, Wiltshire...was this Yin/Yang Infinity Loop design:


Reported June the 23rd below Milk Hill, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire...was this rather humble formation:


Reported June the 24th at Rough Hill, near Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire...was this puzzling Mushroom design:

Looking very much like a toadstool or mushroom, this formation was approximately 200ft in length. This is not the first Crop Circle to have appeared in the shape of a mushroom - In East Field 2002 a formation appeared that was both a mushroom and an apple tree depending on which way you viewed it.


Reported June the 25th at Martinsell Hill, near Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire...another Creepy Crawly?:

This huge 500ft thought-bubble design has one unique feature - the largest circle enclosed a dew pond. This could very well be the only Crop Circle ever to have contained a body of water! Pure genius. Electrical lines also run through the field. Many have speculated that water and pizo-electricity are involved in circle formation. This design is very reminiscent of the Jellyfish which appeared back in May.


Reported June the 27th at South Field, near Alton Priors, Wiltshire...a Swallow with some trailing 'alien script'?:

Notice the 'alien face' at the end of the middle tail (a seemingly recurring motif this month)...

Hmmm, intriguing to say the least but overall, this formation's a little too asymmetrical for my liking...


Reported June the 27th at Milk Hill, Stanton St Bernard, this another (albeit mirrored) 'Sun' design?:


Reported June the 27th at Honey Street, near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire...surprisingly, a simple circle:

Which then evolved into this!:

Just goes to show : Never underestimate the potential of the 'quiet' ones...!


Reported June the 28th at Knoll Down, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire:


Reported June the 28th at Knoll Down, near Beckhampton, Wiltshire:


Reported June the 28th at Pewsey White Horse, near Pewsey, Wilshire:

All three circles apparently exhibited very little physical damage to the laid plants.


Another Point of You : OM...

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