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Moldavite. The Grail Stone by Aurum Solis

The background in the development of The Grail Stone

We first came across information pertaining to this miraculous stone in an unusual book entitled “Moldavite: Starborn Stone Of transformation”. The information in this book truly amazed and excited us. It quickly became clear that we were in possession of a very powerful and unique stone indeed. After spending many weeks researching the physical and metaphysical properties of the stone we discovered that the miraculous properties stated in the book were true and we were left in no doubt that this stone is in fact “The Grail” described in many legends.

Nowadays a great variety of Grail legends coexist and in recent years many books have appeared in the metaphysical genre proposing their own new, or historical theories as to the nature and identity of The True Grail. We have indeed studied many of these theories but were left with a high degree of scepticism as to their veracity.

The legends of The Grail clearly point to a gemstone. Of the many versions of the Grail legend, the most mysterious is that espoused by Wolfram von Eschenbach where the grail is not the Celtic cauldron of plenty or the cup of the Christ but a gemstone, the lapsit exillis that fell from the sky out of a crown of an angel. Moldavite is the only cosmic gemstone ever found and thus deepens the mystique surrounding it as the probable grail stone.

Moldavite is a very strange stone. Whilst conducting our research, we had the opportunity to hold a large one in our hands and it pulsed with an intense warmth that was quite amazing. We have never had such an intense experience from handling a gemstone before so naturally we had to research it.

Moldavite is named for area of Czechoslovakia in which a large crater field was found. It seems that 20 million years ago, there was a meteorite shower, and this rare, bottle-green crystal was the result. They are among the most rare minerals on earth, rarer than diamonds, emeralds, or rubies, and prized by humans for thousands of years. According to one historical facts, the clear, deep green stone in the Holy Grail was Moldavite. And anyone that touches the "Grail Stone" will have a spiritual transformation.

We were informed that the grail stone has been gifted to mankind by the higher forces of the universe to assist in his spiritual transformation and awakening. It allows a clearer communication with these forces. Although The Grail Stone has been known of as a gem for thousands of years, it remained in obscurity until recently, the only reference being an article in the Lapidary Journal in 1958 about a strange stone with some kind of mystical properties. In 1986 the wonderful book already mentioned ‘Moldavite, Starborn Stone Of Transformation’, by Bob Simmons and Kathy Warner, was published.

It brought the truly transformational stone Moldavite to the attention of millions of ‘Light-Workers’ around the Planet. The 5 keys to The Grail Stone transformational properties are its:

Amorphous Nature Inner Structure
Cosmic Birth Growth Conditions
Verdant Green Hue Colour Vibration
Intense Resonance Vibration
‘Spirit’ or Angel Guide Inspiration
Amorphous Nature - Inner Structure

Basically, Moldavite has no structure; this means it can take you beyond your self-limiting belief system into uncharted realms of infinite possibilities. The Grail Stone contains the essence of shunyata, the vast emptiness (which contains all potentiality), stretching in all directions, absolutely clear, pristine and radiant. By this clear starry night sky stretching into infinity we can gain an understanding, a feeling for the expansiveness and freedom which could be ours if we did not allow our horizons to become narrow, clouded and limited, if we did not permit our minds to become fixated and hypnotized by cravings and worries centred on what really are empty passing phenomena.
Cosmic Birth - Growth Conditions

The chemistry of Moldavite is unique and unexplained. The leading theory concerning their origin is the “Meteorite Impact Theory”. They were born from a meteor’s impact because of the tremendous heat and pressure produced. This makes the energy of Moldavite very fast, hot and cosmic. They were sent here for the awakened ‘star children’, to help their ascension into the higher realms of cosmic consciousness.

This massive vibrational shift is happening right now, that is why so many people feel a magnetic attraction to the cosmic transformational tool known as Moldavite.

Verdant Green Hue - Colour Vibration
Green is a balance colour, it is the bridge, a gateway into the heart of the body; the lesson of love that needs to be learned in order to grow spiritually. Green will encourage your spiritual growth. It wants you to take your proper place in life. Green gives you harmony and balance. Green does just not follow rules blindly; it creates better ones where the old ones have failed. Green holds the keys to memory - it can remember that which needs to be remembered. So it unlocks the deep and hidden that is the cause of our psychological and physical dis-ease. It is the diagnostic colour. This makes Moldavite one of the best diagnostic crystals we have available.

An aversion to Moldavite or the colour green often indicates that we do not feel at ease with our emotions. It shows a deep fear of opening our heart chakra fully to unlimited unconditional love.

Intense Resonance - Vibration
Metaphysically, we have within us the light body and this contains encodements of information like tiles. When we hold Moldavite this data is released. Very often many people are not consciously aware of the information being unlocked, they just feel what has commonly been called the moldavite flush, a huge wave of powerful energy which actually flushes through the body. This can cause sweating or a bright ‘red’ face. Interestingly, red is the green ray’s balance colour. Others experience the decoding or download as heat surging up their spine. Still others experience the download as an emotional release of tears or laughter.

Others find the vibrational download shift and the resulting rise in their vibrational rate as too intense; they may become fearful. Others experience it as dizziness or headaches. There is no doubt, though; the download does cause massive spiritual growth. It can take years to fully integrate the download of information. In fact the more people resist the integration of their Divine blueprint being decoded from the Akashic records, the longer it takes.

Spirit or Angel Guide - Inspiration
When we hold, wear, meditate or carry Moldavite our energy field changes. The universal law of resonance says that what we focus on becomes our reality. Like attracts like. When we understand that every thought is sent out and attracts like energy which strengthens it, then comes back to us like a boomerang, we begin to grasp how the higher vibration of Moldavite increases our sensitivity and increases our clairaudience and clairvoyance abilities.

We literally attract a higher form of guidance. Moldavite does have an Oversoul Spirit Guide, which is a vast cosmic Angel. The Angel can help in all areas, including connecting you to other high vibrational guides and Ascended Masters. These Cosmic Masters have been around for aeons and are able to work with anyone whose vibration has been raised sufficiently.

It is not essential to use Moldavite, though, to attract Cosmic Masters. Many people who have refined their vibration through meditation have accessed this guidance. Legend has it that anyone who touches Moldavite will have a spiritual transformation. Those who choose to wear, carry, meditate or heal with Moldavite carry the energy of Moldavite within their Divine blueprint. This makes them the ambassadors for transformation; indeed their energy is raised to such a high vibration of resonance they become the instruments of the enfoldment of the Divine plan for Planet Earth as she and her children make the vibrational shift into the next dimension.

I am grateful to Aurum for kindly allowing me to share this information with you. I recently acquired a piece of Moldavite and its energies could be felt immediatley. I feel this article provides a very good insight into the properties of Moldavite.

Love and blessings


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Replies to This Discussion

Thanks Paula. I had heard of this gemstone before but not of it's origins - fascinating. I suppose it will be very expensive to buy though given it's history and powers etc. Also, you would have to be careful who you're buying from to make sure you were getting the real thing.

I have a piece of raw Moldavite and sometimes when I hold it I can feel a sort of heartbeat coming from it !
Thank You Paula and Aurum I just purchased a piece of Moldavite It is truly fascinating and you are right you can feel it It is shaped like an arrowhead and will make a beautiful pendant They also make Moldavite bath salts
Many blessing love, light, healing and peace
Thank you Su for the comment. It sounds as though that shape will work very nicely as a pendant. I hope you benefit from it greatly. Love and blessings Paula x
Thanks for the pic Christopher. What a great piece of Moldavite. I can well imagine that it does pulsate with energy. Moldavite really is a unique stone.


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