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The Moldavite Holy Grail Connection
It is speculated by some that the Holy Grail was not a cup but a green 'emerald' stone that fell to earth from the sky. Others believe that the cup was carved from Emerald. It is hypothesized that Moldavite was the stone as the ancients called all green stones Emerald and Moldavite is the only green stone to have fallen from the sky. Another expression of this theme is that the Grail was fashioned from an emerald that fell from Lucifer's forehead.

It is said that the Grail was held to catch the blood of Christ as He died on the cross. In legends from the court of King Arthur the Grail was passed from knight to knight and provided food or drink that the knight or companion most desired. It is said that the Grail cup bought about healing and rejuvenation.
About 20 million years ago a meterorite shower fell in the Moldau Valley of Czechoslovakia. The result of this shower was moldavite, a rare crystal of a bottle-green, translucent hue. Although some people believe that it is a true meteorite (formed in outer space), it is more generally believed that it originates from rock that was struck by a meteorite and melted. According to the latter belief, moldavite combines extraterrestrial and terrestrial properties.

It is generally considered to be one of the stones very important for this particular phase of human evolution. Many people feel that at this time there are countless souls who are not originally from Planet Earth, but from the Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, and other systems.

The belief fueling this thought is that for our Earth to fully heal itself, new races of beings are needed, those with what might be described as a more cosmic view of existence. These souls, incarnating for the first time on this planet, (and in some cases for the first time in a physical body) need a way to be grounded in the unique energies of this planet, and moldavite is one of the helpers for this.

At one time in my life, I would have dismissed this as a fascinating theory. I have since learned that ideas which I used to dismiss without a second thought have become part of my belief system.

You don't have to believe this theory, however, to benefit from moldavite, for we can more generally look at it as a stone that can both help us be comfortable in physical existence and remind us that our Earth is part of a much larger system of consciousness.

When placed on the third eye, moldavite helps us to establish the cosmic connection. When placed on the heart it teaches us to appreciate the gift of being here on Earth.

On a more practical level, many people have reported that moldavite helps to release all that is no longer needed for personal growth: old ideas: leftover emotional/mental habits, whatever you know on a deep level needs to go.

Because its energies are so powerful it's a good idea to keep it near you a lot when you first get one and to meditate with it regularly. Whenever moldavite is used in

Scientists postulate that a meteor shower in Germany some 15-20 million years ago liquified the landscape where the meteors landed, forming fused glass at very high heat, which was then ejected from the meteor craters in Germany and propelled hundreds of miles away, landing in the Moldau Valley of Czechoslovakia -- site of the only moldavite known to exist.

As the melted rock traveled at high speed through the upper atmosphere, the super-heated material was shaped into a variety of unusual formations typical of splash patterns found in liquids: spherical, oval, drop, dumbbell, elliptical, rodlike or spiral. The rarest of moldavites resemble intricate opened flowers.

Scientists are unsure about the exact origins or composition of moldavite. It is not considered to be a member of the mineral family and displays unusual characteristics. It is classed as a mineraloid gemstone, a member of the tektite family, with no classifiable crystal structure. Moldavite's chemistry is unique and as yet unexplained.

Moldavites are the rarest of gems, perhaps more rare than diamonds, rubies or emeralds. Moldavites have been prized for over 25,000 years, since archaeologists have discovered moldavite shards and pieces in cave dwellings of that era.

Moldavite is known as the "Grail Stone". Legends say that the Holy Grail was formed out of a green stone that fell from Lucifer's crown as he descended from his heavenly abode to Hell, impelled by the force of a blow from the sword of Michael the Archangel. Until recently it was assumed the Grail Stone was emerald, but recently metaphysical rockhounds have suggested that the true Grail Stone is moldavite, a translucent green gemstone that fell from the sky millions of years ago.

Moldavite activates any and all of the chakras and also opens the mind to the limitless possibilities inherent in its cosmic origins. Moldavite's energy tends to dissipate blocks throughout the energy system and then center energy in the heart, opening the heart to universal love.

Moldavite is a the stone of transformation, par excellence. Working with Moldavite can have a profound effect, enabling the holder or wearer of this exceptional stone to consciously release unwanted programs, scripts, energies & thinking from their lives. The bearer of moldavite will often find that difficult or painful people, situations and conditions will be released, and then replaced by similar people, places or situations that are more congenial, more positive and more beneficial.

If you want change in your life, Moldavite combined with clear quartz can expedite that change, connecting you to Source & your own Divinity.

From personal experience during meditation with Moldavite and clear quartz crystals, I can tell you that much depends upon intent. When my intent has been to quiet the mind, holding one of these crystals reduces mental chatter to virtually nothing, while stimulating the crown chakra, the third eye & the eighth chakra above the crown, creating a feeling of warmth & depth, a buzzing and a tingling on the crown of the head and between the eyebrows. There was a physical awareness of a tremendous flows of energy carried on the inbreath and outbreath from the eighth chakra and higher, spiritual sources, through these vital centers and deep into the body.

Concentration on the inner light, and inner meditative visualizations were greatly enhanced, and the ability to connect to inner spiritual guidance, Guides and Teachers increased markedly.

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great post, thank you Beverly! i wear two small pieces of moldavite all the time, took a while to adjust to the energies! and as you mentioned it enhances the properties of other stones.

love and light


beautiful picture, wonderful to own a large piece in its natural state.


Since my friend just started selling crystals I am finally getting ones I love.  She is lower in price than most so I can finally get ones I love.  I just got a celestite and she has light boxes to go under these crystals.  they are simply beautiful with the light glowing up through the crystal.  she is a member so I cannot give you her address, but she would appreciate any business as she is blessed.  I will try to get more on your group. 

thank you Beverly, much appreciated! i find that once you start collecting crystals its so hard to stop!


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