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(Seshet, Sesheta)

Symbols: seven-pointed star or flower atop a pole, palm branch, writing pen and palette, papyrus scrolls and books.

Seshat was an ancient goddess of writing and measurement. She was also the patroness of mathmatics, architecture and record-keeping. Though she shared these duties with her husband, Thoth, Seshat was primarily a royal goddess. As early as the Dynasty II, Seshat was shown with the pharaoh stretching a cord to measure the dimensions of a new temple. To grant the king immortality, she recorded the name of the king of the leaves of the Tree of Life, which grew near where she lived. Also, she calculated the days of the king's earthly life and marked the number on the notched palm branch which she carried.

Throughout Egypt's history, Seshat was shown recording the number of captives and other booty taken during the king's military campaigns. She also recorded the goods brought back to Egypt from Punt during Hatshepsut's famous expedition.

Seshat was portrated as a woman wearing a dress and the priestly leopard skin. In her hands she holds the notched palm branch or the scribe's pen and palette. On her head she wears her headress which resembles a star or flower atop a pole or a bow.

Seshat carried many titles, such as "Lady of Builders", "Mistress of Books", and "Foremost in the Library".

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This is interesting. I certainly am going to do some rearching on this. I've heard pot leafs are great for medicines and many other things. It's amazing to know this history. I really appreciate this video.

You are welcome patty. Thank you for letting me know you found this of interest...I appreciate it...and you and look forward to continuing to share here in our sacred Goddess circle of love, and mutual respect.

Brilliant! Thanks Coralie, I am shall certainly be calling on the Goddess Seshat for help with my muse :-) Blessings

She does have a number of wonderful attributes. Good luck with that Schay.

Very interesting, Coralie. I love all things Egyptian. What a great title "The Mistress Of Books." Really makes a statement. And I didn't know that leopard skin was considered priestly. I'm drawn to beautiful animal skins--leopard, tiger--they resonate with me. (I only buy artificial ones, of course) I believe that I've had at least one life in ancient Egypt--probably more. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot

I learned more about this Goddess than I knew before too and you prompted this discussion when you mentioned about aligning to Goddess to assist with your writing. That spark of sharing that ignites things as we share in our sacred circle here is why I decided I wanted to stay and continue to enjoy what we are all co-creating here. 

Here is a quill as an offering from one writer to another. 

Peace, love and bright blessings always.

Bless you for these lovely and meaningful posts, dear Coralie. I'm humbled, as well as gladdened that I promped this discussion, and I gratefully accept the generous offering of your quill. I love the phrase above, and have taken the liberty to change the words around a little. How about...


Yep, as an unabashed, self proclaimed goddess (as we all are) I believe we should be the best gift that we can give ourselves. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot 

Bless you for your sweet words, dear Schay--but you are the gift--you put words together so beautifully and weave them into such lovely, poignant sentences. Yes, it is so interesting to read what our sister Goddesses write. We are all blessed to have each other, and to have our dear Coralie, who made these Goddess Groups possible.

I love the picture, Schay--the lady and the swans--it brings to mind the story of the ugly duckling. I imagine most of us feel "unbeautiful" at times, like we just don't "measure up." But if we remember--the duckling didn't know it was a swan. Like the duckling, we are all beautiful swans (beautiful Goddesses) in the making--we just have to realize our Goddess-ness, and accept it with grace, dignity, and appreciation. 

Love and Light, always, Dot   

I appreciate the comments about the ugly duckling and agree. Women are frequently programmed to feel that way because of how their bodies are objectified. Throughout history art depicts the types of bodies that were "in"...and "out" and attempting to measure up can be  lead to devastating results. 

The only way to counter the outwardly directed drives many women become entrapped in is by embracing the Goddess within and allowing that energy of love, receptivity and inner beauty transform how we see ourselves and others. Once we know that the true beauty lies within our outer persona becomes something we decide for ourselves at any age and stage of life. 

I keep telling everyone, don't look at what you're seein' I'm gorgeous within--but they don't listen (only kidding) Yes, you're so right, Coralie, when a woman experiences the strength and beauty of the Goddess within--when she embraces that energy illuminating her very being, it wil shine for all the world to see. Her Goddess nature will be a testiment to beauty in its truest form--that of being authentic.  

I will be glad to share my story about the lilies, Schay, but it's been some years ago, and I want to make sue I get my facts straight, as it also had to do with one of my daughters. Suffice to say (for now) My daughter had a dream about a woman named Lily, then she was seeing Lilies and and hearing the name Lily all over the place.
Then it seemed to transfer to me--I was seeing and heaing lilies until Lily became my Muse (or some other guardian figure) I get the feeling that she has distanced herself from me because I haven't been writing like I'm supposed to be doing. But very soon now I should have things organized--at least enough to prevail upon her to please come back and help me again. Blessed be, dear heart--Love and Light, always, Dot 

I like the changes Dot...and agree with them and everything Schay mirrored to you as well. Tatiana posted a new discussion about the IamaGirl cause and it is wonderful to see Goddesses in the making as Crones and maidens foster ideas about the Feminine Divine in themselves in each other. United we stand soul sisters within the Goddess Divine.


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