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The most common beings that involve themselves in affecting humans on an energetic level are called ‘lower' astral beings. These beings are not necessarily evil or demonic or ‘soul suckers’; but they can be very mischievous and the energy they emanate can inspire paranoia or compound the negative thoughts or feelings of the individual involved. This in turn can attract more negative beings to them and left unchecked, the situation may escalate. There are also people in every day life who are not at a place to ground, heal and release unwanted influences and they prefer to nourish themselves from the energies of others. They have been called 'energy vampires.' The clue to that process is when you are around them you feel tired and drained after the experience. When in their presence it is advisable to ground and place an energetic shield of light between you field and theirs.

This kind of situation can often arise at times in our lives when our own psychic defenses are low due to emotional problems; such as following a relationship break up, during adolescence, following bereavement and (the worst culprit) 'playing' with ouija boards...practicing occult work that involves invoking demons (usually called 'High Magick' as opposed to 'Low Magick' which involves invoking and working with neutral energies of nature).

t's worth considering the amount of 'pride' involved in thinking you can 'invoke demons and tell them what to do without having any negative effects! Pride comes before a fall after all! So those who do ‘dabble’ in ‘High Magick’ are taking a serious risk. It is important to be aware of these things but also vitally important to keep them in perspective; if you lose perspective, things will inevitably seem a lot worse!

The lower astral beings that can interfere with us are not physical beings; most have never been human; and all of them (in accordance with Universal Law) MUST LEAVE IF YOU TELL THEM TO!! It’s as simple as that. The quickest way to get rid of them is to tell them to go away! The problem that people have is that they experience a bout of negativity from one such being and allow it to frighten them – and this fear just encourages them; in effect, you could say they feed off of fear; though they are drawn to any negative vibration – fear just happens to be the lowest of these.


For your part, you would need to practice regularly any energy healing/attunement based course techniques you learn; this would help you keep your 'energy' up. And also make sure to be grounding yourself regularly. And, should you sense the presence of a ‘negative entity’, simply make sure you don’t over react emotionally but instead, forcefully tell it to ‘go away’ (simply telling it to f*** off is perfectly effective – you don’t need to know latin!). I've done this myself and found it very effective! It is also useful to state with unwavering intent...In God/Goddess name I rebuke you...LEAVE NOW!

If you are experiencing any physical symptoms or feeling depressed on an ongoing basis, you absolutely must seek medical advice from your GP. The same goes for if you’re experiencing hallucinations (visual or auditory) – it can be very hard to tell whether the manifestation is internal or external, but it’s always best to make sure all bases are covered and you ensure your own mental/emotional/physical health is kept checked too.

Regular self-healing treatment with an energy healing modality can support you even if your problem originates with a physical/mental/emotional cause. But it’s always best to deal with any problems on all fronts; using whatever ‘tools’ are available to you in order to achieve the best result in the shortest time.

It helps to do regular space clearing, smudging and energy realignments in your work and living spaces to make sure that there are only high frequency energies in our external surroundings. Removing clutter and keeping spaces clean and orderly assures that the energies do not become stagnant, dense and/or conjested. It’s impossible for me to give advice that will sort every problem out but taking a proactive approach and handling problems on a holistic basis is usually the best approach.

For attacks that feel beyond your level to clear contact a knowledgeable and credible energy worker to do a space clearing and suggest other options.


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When one gets drunk. After a second helping of alcohol one opens the mind to astral frequencies as the "grounded " frequencies blot out. Then any of these lower entities sometimes take over and influence stuff like violent behaviour for the pure entertainment of "watching the show"

I once read a book called "Natural magic" where they advised about natural vampires that drain your energy, mostly without even knowing it.

Put garlic under their beds. If the garlic turns red overnight when they sleep there then they are vampires. The cure is to continue replacing the garlic until it does not turn red anymore. Expected time frame is about a week but it varies.

The best advice though is to do what Coralie suggests because when you make yourself stronger you work from the inside out and become immune to any of this.

Thanks for the information Eugene. 

Always welcome Schay. Counting down the week...and summer. 

very useful and thank you for the suggestions and how one could verify that he/she is subject to psychic attack  and can you get a healing for me as i suffer from a stomach problem,hyper acidity and nausea and also pressure in the head, which is NOT getting cured after consulting GP.I am a regular meditator and do channeling of Light also yet this problem persists.kindly help me if you can.Love and Light and God Bless you.If you are busy please do it at your own leisure and help me. 

If you can meditate then its easier to use that as a tool.

I learn't a meditation that involves breathing count where you energize every chakra from the bottom up to the crown by balancing the energies and moving it up the next chakra. This empowers you to influence the elements including of coarse your body through your desires. There is nothing else to do. Your natural desire for anything becomes manifest. If your discomfort creates a natural desire for health, it will manifest.

This is what I propose.


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