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You Are A Caterpillar Becoming A Butterfly

From Lord Melchizedek

Received through Mercedes Kirkel on February 15, 2012


Greetings dear ones,


This is Lord Melchizedek, and I come to talk to you today about this magnificent transition that the earth and its people and beings are in the process of making. As you are aware, the Melchizedek Order is the group of beings who support these transitions throughout the worlds as they are occurring. Whenever a body or a group of beings is transitioning to a higher dimension, it is our mission to support that process. So we are very much engaged with this process that is going on with the earth and the people of the earth in making this transition.


You have heard from many, and I affirm it myself, that this transition is well underway. There are so many changes that are already taking place, as so many of you are feeling. There will be more changes ahead. But already so much is happening, and we are well pleased with all of this. You of the earth are responding in a way that we acknowledge and affirm. We praise you for the way that you are allowing yourselves to transform and to receive these changes, which are not necessarily easy to accept and to allow to do their work. Yet you are doing this. You are doing this quickly. You are doing this directly. And you are doing this effectively. For this we acknowledge you. We thank you. And we say continue on with what you are doing. It is exactly what needs to occur.


Many of you are experiencing this in many different ways, and that is fine. All will have their own experiences. The experiences are not the point. They are not essential. It is simply your own way of tracking what is happening with yourself, comparing it to what you have been familiar with in the past, and making sense of it to the best you are able. That is fine to do. It is one of the ways you support yourself through these kinds of changes. Yet know that you are really changing into something that is unknown, that is unfamiliar to you. You do not necessarily have a picture of where you are going. It takes trust to do this. You are trusting the process and that is commendable. It is valuable for you to talk about what is happening with others. You will notice similarities, you will notice patterns. This will help you to accept any difficulties you are experiencing along the way.


This process is an ongoing, continuous one because these changes must necessarily happen gradually. It would be overwhelming if they happened all at once. But the way that you are allowing these changes is in perfect order. We want you to know that. We want to affirm that your process is well on track. You are doing exactly what needs to happen.


There will be times when you will feel like you are not doing what needs to happen, or you will feel like you are not on track. That, too, is part of the process. Do not take it as the final word. Understand that there is a bigger picture and things will shift yet again. But at times it may be helpful to be aware that that is how things will appear--as though they are not progressing, or perhaps more to the point, you might feel like you are not progressing. But that is not actually accurate. That, too, is part of the process.


So we are here to help in whatever way we can. The energetic structures are, for the most part, all in place at this point--the ones that are helping to make the container for this shift to happen. Now the primary work is within yourselves, as you are changing. This is at the physical, emotional, mental, and etheric or energetic level. It is like you are becoming something else. One person recently likened this to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. This is an excellent analogy, because the caterpillar inherently knows how to cooperate with the process. They may not be able to articulate it. They may not even understand it at the rational level, at the conscious level, but at the cellular, core level--where they are making the choices what to do moment-to-moment--they know what to do to support this process. If you could talk with a caterpillar, they might be very confused. Or they might even be oblivious to what is going on with them, having no idea that they are about to enter into a great transformation. Even as it’s underway, they may not realize what is happening. Yet they are doing everything that needs to be done to support this process.


We encourage you to do a similar thing--to trust yourself and to allow yourself to be your own guidance for what you need. The more that you do this, the more that you listen to your internal sourcing, as opposed to direction from outside--people or structures telling you what you should be doing, need to be doing, are to do--the more that you can you listen to what you are moved to do from your own internal sourcing, the more likely it is you will be supporting this process. Because truly, you all know at the internal level, you know everything you need to know. You have everything you need to have. And you can trust your own guidance in this way. It may not come in the form of a voice telling you what to do, or a vision telling you what to do. It may very well come in the form of inner knowing. So the more that you can practice this kind of inner knowing, of listening to yourself--the more that you can develop that, and give space and time to it, and listen to it, and practice responding to what that inner knowing is guiding you to--the more likely it is that you will be on track and you will be doing exactly what is perfect for you to be doing to support this process.


And yes, you may start doing things that are very different from the way you have lived in the past, or the way you thought you had to live in the past. Perhaps you will spend more money than you’re used to spending, or you will work less than you’re used to working. Perhaps you will eat different foods or you will exercise in a different way. Perhaps you will associate with different people or your sleep patterns will change. Perhaps your choices about how you spend your time will change. Any number of things could change. This may be scary, and that is fine. If it is scary for you, allow yourself to just experience the fear, to acknowledge the fear. As best you can, let that fear do its work, however it needs to help you. And keep listening to your inner guidance. Keep sourcing from the inside--what is it you are being shown? What is it you are being guided to? What is it you are being helped to understand? And what is it you’re being nudged to do? That is your greatest guide.


The voices may be loud that tell you to do otherwise. They may be voices that seem to have a lot of power, voices threatening you if you don’t do what they’re saying to do. Or voices saying, “We are the authorities. We have the power. We have the knowledge. We are the ones who know!” It may be voices of people in certain positions, be they in churches, or spiritual organizations, or government, or business, or law enforcement, or media, or news, or your scientific world… Who knows who it could be who is telling you, “This is what is the right way. This is what you need to be doing. This is what everyone is saying you should be doing.” That can be challenging, if that is happening.


It may be your family. It may be your friends. It may be many people around you who are telling you, “No, no, you have to do this. This is what everyone else is doing. This is what will be the best way. If you do what you are saying you are going to do, it is going to be very bad.” And you will have a choice--whether you listen to your inner guidance or whether you listen to what the voices around you are telling you. My recommendation that I am offering is to listen to your inner guidance.


This does not mean that you necessarily block out what others are saying. You may choose to block it out, and that may be the most valuable course of action for a period of time, perhaps even an extensive period of time. But it is not always the case that that will support you. It may be valuable to hear what others are choosing, to hear the point of view or the logic, the reasoning that others are offering. But then take that back within yourself and judge that against what you are feeling, what you are experiencing, what your own knowing is, until you come to a place of clarity, a place of oneness, where it is clear to you what you are choosing, based onyour truth, your inner truth. No one can tell you what that is. That is for you to know.


There are things that can support you in connecting with that. The more that you are able to live in your heart, the more simple that will become, and the less you will be confused by ideas of your own or ideas of others, the less that you will be pulled in seemingly opposite directions in the world of duality that your mind tends to support. As you are able to stay in your heart more, as you develop a practice of staying your heart, as you implement tools that help you to stay in your heart--these things will all support you in being able to hear your inner guidance, being able to know what your truth is and know when you have come to that point of “Yes, this is what is right for me. This is what I choose.” So being in your heart is one of the greatest supports for that.


It is also supportive to be with others who are doing a similar practice in terms of being in their heart, in terms of listening to their inner guidance, wisdom, direction. The more that you are able to support yourself by surrounding yourself with like-minded people, the easier it will be for you. This is not always possible, but to the degree it is possible, it will help. That surrounding, of course, can happen in technical ways such as connecting with people through the internet, by phone, whatever it is that allows you to make that connection and have support from others.


There are changes ahead. At this time it is not necessary for you to have information about what those changes are and how they will occur. That kind of information often tends to distract you from the pertinent process of staying connected to yourself, of listening to your own inner guidance. It is again a way of potentially pulling you out from that inner process. So it is not necessary to know that at this time, just as the caterpillar does not know its future.


I tell you, and you may sense this, you may believe it, or you may simply hear it as my words… I tell you there are many, many beings who are supporting you in this process who do understand what is happening, because they, themselves, have gone through this before you. Truly you have gone through it yourself but you do not remember. But because you have gone through it yourself, there is a remembering in the core of who you are, the essence of your being… There is a remembering and a knowing. That will help you through to your next level of becoming and evolving in God.


There are not a lot of words at this time. Know that we are with you, that we care tremendously for you, that we applaud you and are grateful to you for your dedication to this transformation. And that we are energetically holding your hand, being here with you, supporting you, loving you, and being part of the process. There are so many more beings here participating than you know of. And you are so much further from being separate and alone than you could ever know, at least more than you could ever know for now.


And so with that, I bless you, I love you, I embrace you from my heart. I have not more to say that comes up for me at this time. I would like to hear your questions. What is it that you wish to know, especially about this great life process that is underway? Are there questions that you wish to ask?


Question: How do we maintain a sense of compassion, not just for those we perceive as being downtrodden by the present system of politics, economics, and so on, but to have compassion for those who are the movers and shakers of the present system, and realize that they, too, deserve our compassion because we’re all part of the same process of change.


Lord Melchizedek: There are different levels of realizing this compassion. You see, ultimately you will realize not only are you all part of the same process--you are all the same being. So really you are asking, “How do I have compassion for myself,” because these others are not different from you. If you are not having compassion for these beings, it is because you are not having compassion and love for those similar parts of yourself.


That is the most direct way, to connect with the parts of yourself that they are simply a mirror for. What is the part of yourself that is controlling you, that is not listening to you, not allowing you or supporting you to be the best that you can be, but rather saying, “I’m in charge and I’m telling you it has to be this way or that way,” or perhaps even worse… to connect with the parts of yourself that are dominating, are greedy, are using power to control, are belittling and harming other parts of yourself. That is the place to start.


That is one approach and it is a very valuable approach. But it is not always the most accessible approach, so there are other ways. It is not always easy to see yourself in all these myriad forms. It is a protection device to not see yourself in ways that you do not like, or perhaps that you judge as harmful, as not supportive, as not evolved, whatever it is. You may not have direct access to these parts of yourself, so there are other techniques, other avenues. It is always a possibility to pray for your heart to open in compassion to all--those you sympathize with and those you don’t, those you can relate to and those you have a harder time relating to. You can pray for your true heart, your true compassion, your true love to open up to these. It can help to understand where they are coming from. That often helps to make the bridge of compassion. It can help at times to understand that if they are causing pain, they themselves are in pain. They also are learning lessons, just as you are learning lessons.


The ultimate lesson is that it is not necessary to do this. It is not necessary to even be concerned about this. That is not the same thing as being glib or non-compassionate. At some point, even in the midst of being compassionate, you are just carried elsewhere and this does not become your concern anymore. You trustthis process as completely of God. You trust that it is all God and you do not even need to fix it or change it. There is a fundamental release that happens at that point.


You might realize that these are all parts of yourself, and suddenly you don’t need to do that anymore. Or you might realize that these aspects that seem to be other than you are learning their divine lessons and are no more separate from God than you are. You don’t need to do anything to reconnect them to God, because all is in God. But it is not an idea. It is a total realization. At that point, the reality of God becomes so strong, so bright, that it becomes your reality--the light, the brightness. It is not yours anymore to try to change, to try to be compassionate even. That is a different reality that somehow recedes, and your new reality takes its place of simply being the light and manifesting in whatever form is given to you in any moment.


Question: I hear you saying, “You don’t have to fix it.” Is that something I need to learn, to just let it be, to accept it and love it. Am I trying to fix it?


Lord Melchizedek: It is like a Zen koan, in a way. As long as you have the consciousness where it appears that you have to fix it, then that is your work to do. But at some point you will realize there is no need to fix anything. At that point you will be relieved of that impulse, even of the thought that it needs fixing, and you will be moving beyond it.


What is presenting for you in the moment is always the perfect thing for you. If it is presenting for you to be engaged and to serve with your energy--your physical, emotional, mental, energetic, spiritual bodies, in whatever way--that is what will support you the most in your growth.


Ultimately it is all a game of growth. Do you remember that game from your childhood called “Chutes and Ladders,” where you took ladders sometimes and then you went down slides, all to get to the goal? You had to be on the track you were on, but ultimately it doesn’t matter what track you’re on. When you get to the next level of consciousness, you will see it as a game or a non-necessity. But as long as it appears to be a necessity, so it is.


The things that can help you to grow in this expanding consciousness is to meditate, to listen to your guidance, and to stay in your heart as much as you can. Those three things are the three biggest things that support you and move the process forward more directly.


You will most likely notice, as you continue in this path of transformation into a higher level of consciousness, you will most likely notice that your questions become fewer with more space between them. You have less of a need to understand from the mind. This especially correlates with the process of trusting your own guidance. More and more you will trust the process and you will trust your connection to the process. That will be sufficient. You will not need to ask or answer all the questions in your mind. Indeed, they will not arise in the way they have in the past. Your mind will become more and more at peace and at rest as a general state of being, as its ongoing, default position. When called upon, your mind will spring to action and will support you. But it will not be necessary for you to be engaging it continually. This will be a help in freeing up your attention and energy to do the real work of transformation.


If there are no other questions, I leave you at this time, but I do not simply leave you. I leave you with my blessing, which is an activation at the heart to strengthen you, to support this process, to have it quickened at the perfect rate for each one of you, and to allow you, in the most benign and the highest way for each and for all, to continue your transformation. Know that the Order of Melchizedek is blessing you, holding you in light and love, supporting you in all the ways that we do, and thanking you for your choice to do this, to make this transformation at this time, in this way.


And so I go in love and blessing and gratitude. To the highest good of all, I AM Lord Melchizedek.


Copyright 2012 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved. Please visit my OV page ( for more information and to contact me for permission to share. Thank you.

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