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IS THERE A HEAVEN was my original discussion question.  Only a couple of people responded.  Those responses were very much appreciated. 

It's important to me to read/hear others reasons for believing in Heaven.  I don't know how to generate interest in that topic.  Am I supposed to be sending out invites or ads? 

If YOU were to die tomorrow where will your spirit go when it seperates from this earthly vessel?

How did you come to your conclusion?

Please share any personal experiences that led to your knowing there is a Heaven.

Please help me research this topic.

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<Heaven is here, where I am, where you are. You create your reality. Do you have heaven in you? Then you will see it around you too.That is my personal belief.>>>


Even if I could live my life so it is filled with beauty and happiness I can't control the lives of others and their life contracts.  Many people are quite literally beaten down by life's circumstances that are beyond their control.  If your children are suffering mental illness (example) and their lives are miserable because of it, how do you look beyond that to call this life heaven?


If I can go thru life's great difficulties and come out in the end with a positive attitude, filled with gratitude that I can still see beauty in this world and others I don't feel like that is heaven.  The idea of another incarnation is just exhausting in itself.


If I think of this life around me as heaven (is this what you meant Eugene?) then where are my deceased loved ones that I desire to be with?


Tied to this is the teachings of Ramtha. What we call heaven is the 5th level from here.


How do you reconcile two seperate statements?

1. Heaven is here, where I am, where you are.

2. Tied to this is the teachings of Ramtha. What we call heaven is the 5th level from here.


Thank you for your responses Eugene and helping me learn and sift.

In all cases it comes from you.


You cannot enter or realize the 5th level if you don't have the mind or the resonance match.


You also cannot realize the heaven around you if you do not have a resonance match with it.

The OP asked views of heaven. I gave two. I agree with them all because we live in a multi-dimensional universe where all versions of reality exist.

It is possible to see heaven in everything. But first we need to know that we are immortal beings. We have been since before the universe was here and we will be after the universe is gone. ALL of us including that mental character in the wheel chair. In that incredible infinite length of time (or no time from another perspective) you decided to dip into earth gross physical reality quickly to have a life experience in some way shape or form. Or a few for that matter.


You also chose to forget that you made the choice because how can you experience it completely when you know its made up?


When you feel bad about people that died and have misery then you are over identifying with gross physical so much that you forgot where you came from and what you are. If you lose power over anything. If things beyond your grasp or sphere of influence cause you to feel bad, then you need to review how you look at reality. Losing power is not helping anyone. Feeling bad is losing power.


It sounds rather calloused I know. And yet I feel so much compassion for those people and the ones who morn them, while at the same time i know it is not as bad as it appears.

I like this thread. Many mythologies are used to say the same things.


Chewbit's version of heaven is in my view the Golden age or 4th 5 density living.

Did Jesus say densities? No he was talking to simple folk so he used simple mythology to get them to understand, see , visualize what he wanted them to know.


How do we perceive anything? Quantum Physics and Biologists, neurologists agree that we live in a multi dimentional universe and we can only see 1% or less of what is really happening around us.


Imagine that.......

So from all 100% that is happening you "tune in" to the part you want to see because you can only see 1% If you choose to have it where happiness is then you might say you found heaven. You can choose to see the man without legs as a sufferer asn attract more suffering to you.


Or you may choose to see his immobilisation as an opportunity he chose for this life in order to get him to slow down in life for once and read books or something and attract more opportunity to you. The more you see it as such the more you "tune in" to opportunity.


In effect you are in a sea of reality possibilities. Choose what you like and go with that. DR Wolf one of the Quantum physicists said "There is no out there, out there. Its all in here!"


So heaven is not really a "place" The higher you move up from 3D the less "place" you can have. You cannot use your memory knowledge and experience of a 3D reality and try to relate it to a non 3D reality. So in this regard one might say that the word  heaven points to a mythological description for a state of consciousness.


So every one who uses the word heaven will have their own mythological picturing of it depending on who they are, what they want it to be, and what they were taught.

Once again because we create, it can be a place exactly like we thought it would be. Just like quantum particles that behaves exactly like each individual thought they should.

Kate in line with your desire to get more credibility for life after death I want you to consider this article I wrote on it a few years back.


Logical conclusions about life after death.


What happens when we die? Some people say that life after death is just a belief we made up for ourselves to give us consolation. All religions promote the idea of life after death to the extend where most of them demand that you sacrifice this wonderful opportunity of life that you have now for some unknown reality that you can earn after death. Besides that there has always been some witnessing of Ghosts and paranormal activity through the years and the evidence is  too compelling to move aside.


If you believe that it is your fate to only become worm food one day and to fertilize and push daisies up in some cemetery one day then I can assume that you believe that your consciousness resides in your biology and nowhere else. Thus when you die and your brain dies you are obsolete right? But what would you say of the people who left their bodies during operations? Some of these people even left the very rooms they were lying in and witnessed happenings elsewhere in reality. This definitely proves to me that they were there. They witnessed something but their body was not with them at the time. So from this you can draw a conclusion that consciousness does not really need a body to be conscious and thus will remain so after leaving the corporeal form.


So logically I can say that there is life after death. It might not be life as we know it today but it definitely exists. So logically I can say that your consciousness chose to have an experience called life in corporeal form and hence you incarnated into a loving womb and here you are, contributing your uniquely wonderful fragrance to this beautiful tapestry of life. And now you consider the probability of life after death.


Why would that concern you? Could it be because someone put the idea in your mind that you need to sacrifice your current moments of life to prepare for after you died? Now this does not make logical sense either. Why come here in the first place then? Does it make sense to believe that you came from heaven to live a life preparing to go to heaven? It makes more sense to say you came here because you wanted to be here. No other reason. You wanted to smell the flowers and go “ouch” when you walk into a wall so you can know through experience what it feels like.


Yes there are ghosts and yes you will live forever as you have lived before you chose this experience and yes your deceased is waiting for you in some afterlife but what are you going to do today? You are here now. How can you make your coffee taste better in the morning? Is that not more appropriate? This is our playground. We applied and we got drafted and we entered the gates and wow! What an experience. Lets enjoy the living daylights out of it hmm?


We can concern ourselves with what to do after death when we get there. Until then we can suck the marrow out of life here in physical bliss.



The reality of everything is that it "is"


In the "isness" of everything you can give it any meaning you like. I have a diagnosed paranoid friend who sees things to fear in everything. She is forever getting panic attacks.  Then I have adventurous friends who enjoy the challenges in everything. They are forever looking forward to the next challenge in order to win it over.

Fear? Challenge? is a matter of perspective but who has more power in this situation? Who is better to cope with life between these two views?

The one is whimpering in the corner and the other one is alive on her feet saying "Bring it on baby!! You want a piece of me?"

This world is a pure miracle. If you can realize that its an illusion and such a wonderful one because it seems so real to us then you would agree with ACIM when they state "There is nothing but miracles."


Then I also remember the words of Neale Donald Walcsh's God in "Conversations with God"


See it as an illusion (that it is)

Decide what it means (to you)

Deal with it as such.


So dangerous or benign. Its your choice. If you thrive on fear and the energy it creates then you might choose to make everything visible through a fear tinted lens, and scare people. It is my mission to bring light. Not darkness. In a reality where everything is what you make it, I choose to make light.


Then I also believe in balance and I bless people who choose to believe and live with danger because in all my 44 Years of life my positive outlook created a positive reality for me.  So bless those who balance my blessed life out with negative fears and creations.


People die. That's a fact. I only know of a few ascensions but all the rest I know did not make it off this life with their bodies. They die. All of them. How they die is up to them. Up to choices they made on experiences they would like to have before they came here. No "ordinary" person gets out of this life alive. 

LIFE/DEATH is the same thing. To choose life is also to choose death because you cannot have the one without the other, and in time even those ascended beings will have to give up their bodies too. When we all enter the oneness.

The whole universe breathes in and out and one day all this will be non existent when God (for lack of a better word) rests in silence before the cycle repeats itself.

In the physical universe we can get hurt yes. Illusion of same resonance can "hurt" illusion of same resonance. When I walk into a wall i go ouch! But when I sip a Pina Colada I go AHhhh. When I have an orgasm I go AAHHH. When I love and embrace what I love its so fulfilling and beautiful. But all of that including my body is simply an illusion.

It is my playground, my illusion I co-created with all of you to be here and have this conversation right now. Eventually none of this matters. How many people died? The tears we cried? We will be grateful for having the experiences.

See 'reality' with your soul and it does not appear so frightful anymore. See it with your ego (that wants to live at all costs) and its a scary place.


I did not choose the dangerous place for this life. Yes I live in South Africa where the other races outnumber the whites 50 to one and they do want to kill us. And yet it happens to other people. Those who chose it. I did not choose that.


I go to places where everyone thought I would get killed in a day. I am blisfully unaware of that. But if they want to kill me they can have my body. Its only that. A moment in eternity in corporeal form.


So in service of the universe I choose light, I choose to spread light and create light as far as I go because to me that is goodness. It makes me love life and I am sure it serves others as well to turn from the darkness they believe and thus create, to lightness.


All that being said? We also love diversity. So the fear mongers and war mongers are just as welcome, as long as the slower resonance still sustains them. There are many ways to live life and my way is simply another way.


I love every aspect of life for without it, the other aspects would not be in existence either. Hot will not be without cold. Or put to put it in mythology. When you love God you love ALL of God because everything IS God. To negate a part of the ALL is to close the door on yourself by saying that part of God is flawed or NOT God. Its impossible when everything IS God, to seperate a part out and call it evil and say its NOT God. But in that ALLness I will be where resonance matches mine. In my resonance match there is very little to fear.


I can type forever on these subjects but I think I said enough. I love you all and thank you for creating an opportunity for me to say what I said in this post.

Thank you Peter

Its not always moonshine and roses but we do our best to maintain it. I do not go looking for it but I really love using an opportunity to bring joy and optimism to other people where I find them.


Thanks to TV and News media there are a lot of those opportunities. If everyone stopped looking "out there" and dealt with "what is" at home inside and close to them, they would be a lot more happy.


If everyone did that we would have a collective happiness so strong that the "bad" things stop happening.

I want to thank all of you for your posts, insights and inspiration.



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