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To SHARE, simply go to end of any blog or discussion, video, page or photo and use the SHARE links. You can also share any page of this site in it's entirety by using the SHARE buttons at the top of the networking toolbox in the right cloumn of all pages on this site.

I think more attention should be given to sharing.

(This was prompted by recent posts about Network Activity)

Some members in the past have complained that they have posted a blog or discussion and been frustrated that there have been so few replies.

The fact is, that on social networks, the only way people GET TO NOW about a post is via sharing!

Not many outside of admin sit and watch our activity list for the appearance of new blogs and discussions and this is the only place - except on the posters actual profile page and in the blog and discussion lists that these notifications appear. So it is very important that you SHARE what you have posted.

I realised how wonderful this function can be the first time I received an email from a member I didn't know - sharing and recommending a blog I had written. On inspection, I found that this member was not a friend of mine on any of the networks (but sent a request shortly after) and it was a REALLY GOOD FEELING to see that someone liked my
blog enough to share it with others and add a message further recommending it.

I and other admin members are constantly watching for new blogs and discussions on that we can share, because we like to make that good feeling happen for others, but we am only a FEW.

In my opinion, members should be encouraged to SHARE whenever they or see read something they like.

The author will appreciate you and so will all those who find the article interesting.

This is part of what "Social Networking" is all about :-)


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Yes, please never know who it might resonate with. We are here to support and assist one another on our individual and collective journey!

Hi Chris, was going to make a reply, but I think Pam summed it up with her post, so I'll just leave it at that.

Kudo's for the encouragement to share.

I post on facebook topic of interest and let the HS of those that are friends and family respond

I think the highest POVERTY in the world because of the evolution of a SOUL is in the 'POOR GOV'TS' thinking. This is why for centuries Divide and Conquer exists. The rich 1% take 99% for themselves and let the rest of the people suffer over crumbs they allow for their amusement. I suppose this is why we are in 3-D to learn to change this.  Yes, sharing and serving others is quite a lesson. Seems to me the poor will inherit the kingdom in the end. I always say GOD WILL have the LAST WORD!

Sharing is great and dong the best you can for others is always a positive.  Sharing and caring. This is not a rich or poor scenario.  Those if us in the 3-d are always learning.    The picture is much larger.  Do the best you can and keep on making this world better. Always be positive, help others, and visualize the best.

Sharing is power against the negative!Sharing is love , peace and harmony!  :-) Namaste!

Thank you Michael for encouraging the sharing. A friend started sending me pictures of the crop circles on OV--I was hooked--immediately became a Croppie, and the bonus was, finding this wonderful site (and all the great people on it) that I never knew existed--Love and Light, always, Dot

Good morning from Greece!...LOVE,LOVE,LOVE !!!:-)

I am a newbie, I wrote out my first blog sharing,.. with a photo and went to preview it, when I wanted to edit it, I lost the entire blog where did it go?  I didn't have the heart or time to do it ll over again. 

Kia ora Pat. Im looking into this for you.  I have taken to producing blogs in Word and then copy pasting into the ning platform.  I do this, not because the platform is unstable, but because our individual computers glitch from time to time. Something I have noticed is a 20 min delay on newly posted bogs.  If I post a blog and then go to editi it, it may show as not tbeing there. 30 mins later the blog appears.  The platform managers still don't beleive this is a bug. Working on it. ~♥~


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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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