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Origin and History of NESARA:

NESARA is an acronym for the proposed National Economic Security and Reformation Act, a set of economic reforms suggested during the 1990s by Dr. Harvey Barnard. The bill was never passed in Congress (actually I don't think it even got introduced) so Dr. Barnard decided to post it on the internet. Then, sometime in the mid-90s, along comes a woman with an internet screen name of "Dove of Oneness". She hijacks the bill (figuratively speaking) and adds some bizarre "spiritual" and "ET" trimmings to it and starts promoting it as the thing that will save the world just as soon as "The White Knights" are able to out smart the Illuminati and clear the way for a big announcement to the world at large.

I was curious about this and almost started to fall for it until I noticed a pattern in the "progress reports" that she posted. It was the same 3-step pattern of announcements that I'd noticed with the so-called Ashtar Command stuff from Sheldon Nidle. It went like this:

Step 1: Big announcement about some coming event on a given date. In the case of the Galactic Federation of Light (Ashtar) it was the big ET landing or a spectacular showing of Federation craft in the skies. In the case of NESARA it was the big public revealing of the NESARA bill or maybe the great White Knights were going to have an important meeting with the President. The point is, the event (whatever it was touted to be) was going to give us all a reason for great joy and celebration.

Step 2: The date comes and goes and the big event doesn't happen.
Step 3: Another announcement but this time it's in the form of an excuse as to why the event didn't happen. The "channeled" excuse (for both NESARA and the Galactic Federation) usually went something like this:

"Dear Ones, we know you must be disappointed that [insert event] didn't occur as planned. We are also disappointed as we had invested much time, love and energy into what we hoped would be a successful event. The negative influences now in positions of power in your beautiful country and in other countries around the world are more powerful than we had imagined. They found out about our plans and implemented measures to disrupt us at every turn. But rest assured that you are loved, you are precious to us, and we are not giving up. Have faith and know we are here for you."

Then some time passes (maybe weeks, maybe a month or so) and pretty soon the next big announcement comes (Step-1). The plans have been worked out and the event can finally take place. Yippee! Of course it doesn't happen and then comes steps 2 and 3. And it goes on and on, just like Blossom Goodchild's big Galactic Federation non-event in October of 2008.

So who was "Dove of Oneness"? Her real name was Shaini Goodwin, a former student of The Ramtha School Of Enlightenment. Ms. Goodwin was eventually charged with defrauding an elderly woman out of at least $10,000.

The latest news is that Goodwin passed away in May, 2010 ( Whether that's true or not I have no idea. But what made me roll my eyes is that her death is being characterized as a heroic sacrifice. The claim is that destructive earth changes were close at hand and the only way to stop them from happening was for "Prime Creator" to come to earth. Apparently Prime Creator was just sitting around waiting for the signal which, of course, was Goodwin's death. Here's a quote from the article:

"Hers was a mission that cost her life on this plane but most certainly an ending she was willing to endure and a price she was prepared to pay, knowing it would signal the Prime Creator to finish the mission as written should the hierarchy fail and she were to die.  Upon Dove’s death, the Prime Creator would appear, stop the earth changes from occurring and remove all male hierarchy from this universe vigorously and immediately.  These actions did take place and we all stand ALIVE today because they did."

So, if you're reading this right now, you have Ms. Goodwin to thank.

Now someone calling herself/himself "Blue Star the Pleiadian" has reinvented NESARA with a whole new twist. This time around there's no mention whatsoever of anything having to do with the National Economic Security and Reformation Act. Now, miraculously, what used to be an acronym for a proposed economics bill has morphed into the name of a "spiritual" entity, the "great Mother".

My guess is that whoever is behind this new version of NESARA is betting that people just getting their feet wet in the "New Age" movement will be so taken in by the sugar-coated messages of this "Great Mother NESARA" that they won't bother to do any research on their own to find out any background of where this all originated. Here is what "Blue Star the Pleiadian" has to say:

"NESARA is the great MOTHER; it is she who assists in deciding what needs changed here on this planet. It is she who has long awaited her timeline to enter here. It is she who is the  true voice of We the People.  All the true NESARIANS need to step forward and bathe themselves in her glory, rebirth in her glorious wake, for she is here for you, one and all." (

More from Blue Star the Pleiadian here:

So why am I posting this? The reason I'm posting this information is because, after years of involvement and participation in the so-called New Age community, I've seen so many scams come and go and I've noticed that a great many people who are attracted to the New Age concepts seem to be ready to accept just about anything that promises peace, love, light and eternal bliss. We'd all like to acquire peace, love, light and eternal bliss but a lot of what's being offered as such is really just something someone made up and is passing off as "Truth". The problem is, many who think of themselves as truth seekers don't bother to take the time to investigate the facts behind the alleged "truth" that's being offered to them.

In the pre-internet days it was pretty difficult to do such investigative research. But there's really no excuse anymore. The internet, with Google and other search engines at our fingertips, has made the task much easier. Even in the New Age the old axiom still holds: "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

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Carolyn honey, it is good to see you again! ((((( HUGS ))))))

Yup, you are right, Gary. I have decided I am not holding my breath anymore and

I am not giving any energy out about it, or any of the messages being "channeled".

Are we really so alone in this Universe that we have to make up shit just to get by?

What a pathetic world this is!

Y'all are welcome. It was just something that I felt needed to be brought to light. Speaking of "light", I didn't even mention Sheldon Nidle's 1996 "Photon Belt" non-event. As far as I can tell, the earth didn't beam into the 5th Dimension in 1996. But I'm sure Nidle has a perfectly good explanation for that one, too.

He does.

ah, what an interesting game!


from how i see it, people in this world have become so  weary,  and deeply  wounded by the current economic  and  patriarchal system. Instead of healing their wounds themselves through inner work, in their desperation, dis-empowerment, and lack of confidence, people are expecting and longing for someone else from the outside  to come and cuddle them and heal their wounds.


Its hard to imagine what we've become. We  easily fall into the balmy words: "love" "light" oneness, etc.  Are we that alienated, alone, and so desperate that when somebody comes along telling us how much they love us, how much they care for us and our future welfare, we readily believe them without using our innate guidance system?  I observed this simple dynamic playing among people on Earth. For example, a very desperate, low-self esteemed woman in her loneliest moments dreams for a Prince charming to come and rescue her from her distress. A man comes who senses her "wound" takes advantage of her weakness and tells her all the things she have been longing to hear. Since she have been coming  not from the point of personal strength but from a weakened stance, she is needy and clingy, becomes emotionally and psychologically dependent which easily allows the man to string her along. A co-dependent, unhealthy and unequal relationship dynamic ensues.


Back to the cosmic play room. Seeing the wound, or the break in these people's aura, playful entities come and play them; play with their susceptible and wounded emotions, lead their expectations, trick their minds with visions, etc. I think these entities, GFOL/FOL are having much fun watching the show...


What to do? develop the self, inner work always and you'll attract only high caliber players to match your  caliber. And the game will be much more fun and high-level.


I think this video makes a good description of this:

this whole NESARA things has 'bothered' me for a while.. but more intuitively that concrete knowledge so thankyou SO much for putting this together .. it makes total sense to me and joins the many scattered dots.. ;)) thankyou  .. Blessings  Sarah


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