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  • Shekinah and the Blue Ray Transmissions for all Light Bearers ready to receive The Ancient Sacred Technologies to activate your Divine Original Blue Print.
    [The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic
    code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the
    lost ray of the Light Worker.
    "Shekinah", a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is the Mother Goddess of Creation, the embodiment of God through the ascension process that carries the over lighting
    healing essence for the Blue Ray. The Blue Ray is
    the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays
    including the “Lords of the Blue Ray”. Together we give you these
    As a Blue Ray Being, you came to transform the damaged, mutated DNA of humanity, and set the stage for the other Rays to come. You were not recognized for your unique divine light and had to recognize it
    yourselves. It was tricky spiritual business as you were super sensitive
    beings, though you had the spiritual power tools to be victorious in
    your mission.
    For the last 100 years, the Indigos, Rainbows, Crystals and you, the Blue Rays, have been incarnating to create a vibrational shift to the higher dimensions. You, the Blue Ray Beings, are the overlooked and
    forgotten ones, and have been essential in clearing and setting the
    stage for humanity’s ascension. Because of you, Blue Ray Beings, Earth
    will be able to take her rightful place in the galactic and universal
    councils of Oneness and peace.
    "Thank you," from the ones that can't articulate your divine presence, all of humanity, your star sisters and brothers of light, and the sacred higher realms. "We are in constant praise and support of
    The Blue Ray Mission:
    Infiltrate the system in a normal capacity, always remembering who you are and where you came from, planting the seeds of peace, love, light and higher awareness. No matter how painful, long or arduous the
    job was, it was your mission and you had the spiritual tools, insight
    and divine light to see it through.
    Blue Ray Traits:
    Are frequently born between 1975 to 1940.
    Tend to be water and air signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra, with Virgo influences.
    "Transformers" - using alchemy, you naturally transmute lower energies
    Have similarities with the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Beings. Ultra sensitive, intuitive, can easily communicate with the higher realms. You have sacred knowledge and wisdom.
    Often mistaken for an Indigo.
    Very adaptable and empathic.
    Blues are more reserved and quieter than the Indigos and seem mystical in the way they look. Old souls may appear to be more ethereal looking or star born.
    You are about communication and expression through the creative arts and spirit. It is very important for you to express yourself. It’s part of your mission.
    May have taken many years for you to be able to speak up and be seen.
    Have blue in your aura or have lots of blue around you. You will also have violet to help with transmuting lower density.
    Work with Archangel Michael, Saint Germain, and the Violet Fire.
    Most are energy or spiritual healers as you wish to heal and help others.
    Are water types. Flowing, emotional, not static, and associated with the divine feminine traits and archetype. Music, sound, movement, dance and nature are very important to you.
    Learned how to hide your supernatural abilities and gifts, stood in the background waiting, watching, observing and always in the knowing.
    "The Waiting, Star Seed Time Line Encodement” – you, Blue, have been preparing for when events and an inner knowing will activate and reset your course to take a higher path. This activation will attune you to
    your core essence and will affect your career, hobbies, goals and
    Most of you were not born to enlightened consciousness, spiritual parents. You had to heal and transform much family, genetic damage, emotional trauma and dysfunction first.
    You feel connected to the terms Light Worker, Star Born and to Pleiades, Sirius and to the esoteric studies and the evolved races of Earth. Are more energetically aligned to Lemurians than to Atlantians.
    Have amazing latent spiritual gifts and talents that are not fully activated.
    Feel out of out place in your family, feel your biological family is not your true origin. Feel you are from the stars, another planet or evolved race.
    Are the peacemakers with your family and friends.
    Have great inner long-term persistence. You get to your destination.
    Very sensitive to foods, chemicals, the environment, noise and electricity.
    Need to drink lots of spring water that still has the life force in it, and be connected to the deva of water.
    Challenges for the Blue Ray:
    Escape tendencies, being in the other realms or being alone too much, feeling lonely and different.
    Addictions or addictive tendencies in earlier years.
    Chronic fatigue from always transforming energies or leaving the body too often and too long.
    Learning disabilities
    Difficulty and frustration in communicating.
    Were told: You were different. You're just imagining things. Get real.
    Can have entities, spirit attachments and negative thought forms come to you, because the Blue Ray transforms and shows them the light.
    Had genetic damage to transform.
    Are very adaptable and empathic, and therefore can stay in a dysfunctional relationship, situation or environment too long.
    Need to maintain energetic boundaries and awareness and learn how to stay connected in the body.
    The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive, empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms
    to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God
    consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.
    “Shekinah”, a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation
    that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.
    I copied this from (

    The Blue Ray Children

    The Blue-Ray children were the forerunners of the new root race, who were
    from the ‘mental’ plane of existence, whose color vibration was ‘blue’.
    They were the souls from the ancient land of Lemuria, whereas the Indigo’s
    are predominantly Atlantean. (A future subject later this year).The Indigo’s
    layed the groundwork for the Blue-rays, which enabled them step into their
    roles as teachers. The Indigo and Blue colors are very close in the color
    spectrum and this can be seen as a natural process of movement through
    subtle vibrations.Blue is the color of the throat chakra, there fore these
    children act as a voice, or use some kind of creative media in helping and
    teaching the world. These Children ‘evolve’ very quickly: “They are teaching
    others by the age of four or five. By the time they reach their twelfth
    year, the Blue Ones would be equivalent to an average adult who has spent
    perhaps twenty-five years as a teacher”. They also have telekinetic powers,
    a ‘knowing’ of their mission on Earth and many traits associated with all
    the other categories of Children.

    The following are characteristics of the blue children¨:

    1. Blue Ray Children have dreams that are highly evolved, and they begin
    dreaming and remembering dreams at a very early age.
    2. They have an affinity for languages of all types. Many speak more than
    one language, if exposed, by age three.
    3. They are determined, and at time can be quite stubborn (much like the
    4. They invent pretending games in which they take on the role of healer,
    using laying on of hands.
    5. They are drawn to water, more than any other setting. They often stare
    into space at length, especially when near rivers, oceans or even the blue
    6. They have an understanding of how animals feel and think. They explain
    this to others in a matter-of-fact – “Don’t you know?”- manner.
    7. By the time they reach their teens, many have a desire to go to other
    countries – often attempting to urge their parents to take them, or going so
    far as to plan their own trips.
    8. Their personalities seem to fluctuate between two extremes – from being
    serious, single-minded and focused (like the Indigo Children), to being
    dreamy-eyed and distant (like the Crystal Children).

    These children are voices for the new age of enlightenment.

    The Rainbow Children
    The Rainbow children have slightly different characteristics. Each of these
    will help you as parents give you further in depth understanding of your
    A so called problem child is often a sensitive child that is aware of other
    vibrations and unable to fit it to mainstream society. They or the parent is
    not at fault, but with greater depth and understanding of the different
    vibrational shifts each child enters earth with then a greater understanding
    we will all be able to incorporate into our world.

    Rainbow Children tend to have:

    have very strong wills and personalities
    be very high energy
    be very attuned to color and color vibrations around them
    have passionate creativity
    love bright clothing and colorful environments
    bubble over with enthusiasm for everything in life
    expect instant manifestation of whatever they think/need
    have healing abilities
    have telepathy

    The Rainbow Children seem to be here to implement the Divine Will, they will
    use their strong will and energy to build the new world on the foundation of
    peace and harmony the crystal children are laying down. And the crystal
    children are only able to lay down that foundation because the indigo
    children have already forged the path and broken down all of the old
    barriers! There is a pattern that is emerging within the soul groups of
    children that are coming into this world, and as we watch them, we can get a
    very good idea of where our world is headed.

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