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I wanted to share this on Crop circles group but it would not post so I decided to make a new discussion on it here.

From my latest learnings of Keylontic teachings and the LAW OF ONE and also the teachings of Dunvalo Melchesedeck I see a great relation between the sacred geometry in crop circles and Mer Ka Ba teachings.

Can you see a spinning crystal like star in this image creating a vortex? A pentagram over a pentagram making ten points in total. Turning in opposite directions. This is strange in comparison to the six pointed star we often work with that consists of a triangular pyramid upside down (female) merging a triangular pyramid standing straight up (male).

 Something similar but not quite like this one.

Now when you look at sacred geometry you can see how many of these shapes fit into crop circles.

Some call this a "Metatron cube" as they imagine the multi dimensional cube that Archangel Metatron uses to clean your energies when you ask him to.

You can also see a grid over mother earth behind him and this is what we learn from Keylontic teachings.We become one with her,through her and strengthen her through doing these meditations as we strengthen ourselves in the process. Energetically.

Merkaba: A key Construct in the Manifestation Sequence

One of the key constructs in the Transduction Manifestation sequence is the Merkaba field. The Merkaba field is made up of counter-rotating spirals of energy. They can be considered as the primal lungs and circulatory systems of God-Source, breathing primal currents into (via the clockwise, base-electric, male spiral) and out of (via the counter-clockwise, base-magnetic female spiral) manifestation with harmonious precision. In the MCEO teachings we are given the scientific mechanics of the Merkaba construct and its precise, ordered relationship to other constructs within the manifestation-transduction sequence (including our DNA templates and physical bodies).

Merkaba Mechanics A key to understanding Ascension

MCEO teachings are ascension teachings. The MCEO teachings give us an unparalleled Science of Ascension in terms of the original, organic Divine structure of the Angelic Human and in the context of Universal structure. A short introduction is outlined here:


Ascension is a Bio-energetic process by which we progressively expand into dimensions higher in frequency and return to unified At-Onement with Source. We learn how manifest experience is played on the stage of dimensionalized fields of existence.


Dimensions are differentiations of consciousness. The particles within each dimension/ frequency band are made of the same stuff (units of consciousness) but they have different attributes (spin rate and angle of rotation). We learn that merkaba fields (by virtue of their own spin rates and angles of spin), communicate to the tiny particles of consciousness, telling them the attributes (spin rate and angle of rotation) that they are to exhibit. Merkaba are therefore fundamental structures, creating dimensionalized existence within Creation.


When an individuation of God-Source experiences itself in a certain set of dimensional frequency bands, we say it is phase locked. Temporary phase lock is intentional and part of the organic design of manifestation. Inherent to the organic human design, is the ability to consciously release oneself from dimensionalized phase lock. Just as Merkaba fields are the energetic organs by which we are kept in manifest dimensionalized phase lock, they are also the tools by which we can release ourselves from phase lock. They enable us to move (which in reality is to expand) into the next set of dimensional fields of existence and progressively ascend. Not all Merkaba teachings offered at this time achieve this positive outcome and this is why there is such an emphasis and thorough detail given on Merkaba mechanics within the MCEO teachings.(end quote) 

Doing Merkaba meditations are simple enough when you use your imagination and take your time, but it does wonders because as Drunvalo says "It is a science and therefore it works all the time every time" regardless of weather you know the why and the what behind it. In a basic meditation I just turn pyramids.

ALIENS I assume are preparing us for times to come by showing us this. The Katharic grid around our bodies protects us from the "three to four days of darkness" supposedly at Dec 22 2012 untill Dec 25 in which we will blank out and reset for 4th or 5th dimension. Keylontic teachings say that we will fall apart energetically if we don't strengthen out Katharic grid trough  MerKaBa meditations.

I believe we will be fine but knowing how to do this simple technique might come in handy during this time of change.

 This last video is a sort of meditation on its own.

There is a lot more to say on this subject but I leave it open to discussions for now.

Warm regards

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WHen I wake up at night I see these sparks all around me and feel the spinning. It is really cool. Also I feel the presence of entities who are weaving this. But I feel in my daily life quite vulnerable and that my field isn't very strong. I hope that will shift with the shift. The preparation has been a long time coming!

Thank you for the news and the videos.

Thank you for telling us and its quite interesting Deborah

Some people hear sounds that others do not hear like humming or choirs singing. I believe the strange sounds heard on earth in forests and places also have to do with portals opening into other dimensions.

Dear Eugene,

Thanks for your post and pictures ...videos....


Its a pleasure Sohniben.

I was lucky to find these good videos. It says it well.

Thanks Eugene for posting this. Very timely! Blessings

These meditations are so simple. Just thinking about them creates the result. I thought people should know this in time LOL

As you put it.

Hi Eugene a lovely post ...thank you for taking the time to share it with us.

Love's blessings to you ♥ Carol

The pleasure is mine.

And love is the stream where all the energy comes from.

Thank you Carol.

Glad you liked it Mark. We have a lot of crop circle posts in the crop circle group.


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