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Electrical zappers 'We won't call it a cure"

We won't call these electrical zappers a cure. We will just use them and have a much happier healthier and less complicated life.

Zapper evidence and the medical establishment

Posted by Ametrine on February 8, 2012 at 10:43pm in OR' GONE - EN' ERGY
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The so called health authorities are becoming increasingly belligerent when it comes to any alternative product whatsoever. This prohibitive activity is inversely proportional to the general health revolution that is taking place worldwide. People are taking back responsibility for their health in increasing numbers and turn away from the standard answers that conventional medicine is giving to almost any problem.

A leading supplier of orgonite healing tools, orgone zappers and crystals
Orgonise Africa Round letter 06 Feb 2012
Dear Friend of Orgonise Africa,

Again and again we are asked if our zappers will cure this or that disease which puts us in a dilemma. Under the increasingly draconian rules of the international "health fascist" regime of FDA and their BIG PHARMA SPONSORED consorts, it is allowed to put neurotoxic artificial sweeteners into food and still call it organic, but not to make any claims of medical benefits for any product "unapproved by the relevant authorities".
Lately a distributor of good old cherries had to feel the brunt of this regime when he claimed what everybody even slightly educated in natural health knows: That cherries help with joint pain and inflammation...
In other words: Selling a product like the zapper is fraught with some delicacy.The so called health authorities are becoming increasingly belligerent when it comes to any alternative product whatsoever. This prohibitive activity is inversely proportional to the general health revolution that is taking place worldwide. People are taking back responsibility for their health in increasing numbers and turn away from the standard answers that conventional medicine is giving to almost any problem.
Funny enough, the paradigm is the same misguided one we observe in toxic agriculture that is destroying our soils and habitats.
Slash - burn - poison
is the trilogy that best describes the approach of the establishment to the problem of dealing with living beings. In the case of medicine read "Operate - radiate - medicate". The motto of any effective alternative medicine could better be described as"poison out - good stuff in" or "detox - feed - regenerate".
Alternative medicine is largely based on collective experience, not mechanistic science and not double blind studies with huge budgets.
It is not necessary to prove that Valerian tincture has a soothing, calming effect and helps to find sleep while being pretty harmless in terms of unwanted side effects.
It's been used for thousands of years.
And yet the Health Nazis - pretending to act in your interest and for your safety - want to apply the principles that have been established to test synthetic and potentially highly toxic drugs on pretty much all foods and nutritional supplements as soon as someone goes out and claims any health benefit whatsoever.
So we have decided to not claim any general benefits. The only thing we can do is point to individual experiences that users have reported and that we deem truthful.

We can also report the research that has gone into similar devices by people like Hulda R Clark, but also independent clinical research on the effects of weak electric current.
We can draw our conclusions and speculate as long as we do not make claims.

Maybe some day in the future we might have the funds to conduct large comparable studies, treating people with so called AIDS (a difficult story that) with zappers and nutritional therapy a la Tine V/D Maas as compared to the orthodox remedies such as Antiretrovirals. I would however have ethical problems with giving anyone Antiretrovirals. If we don't get killed while doing it, I'm sure the results would be overwhelmingly in favour of our approach.

The ridiculous notion here is that toxic or better deadly medicines like Nevirapine got approved on slim statistical odds of 2 or 3 more survivors than the untreated control group. Then in some cases it was even shown that fatalities (deaths) were wrongly attributed to the untreated group. So the so called "science based medicine" taht is always upheld like a magical mantra by the defenders of orthodoxy is largely based on fraud. But when a single person who has already been given up for dead by the medical establishment dies despite the best efforts of a natural healer, the healer will have difficulties to stay out of jail. Being a conformist doctor is equal with a license to kill as long as you follow WHO approved protocol.

Nuff of this? OK, let's go then:

Why we make zappers
With our personal discovery of orgone came our friendship with Don Croft. We had one of his Terminator zappers in 2002 and when a friend of ours was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid, we lent it to her. Wonder, wonder, the cancer was gone within 6 weeks. In fact the eager oncologist who was pushing Norma to have the thyroid removed (slashed) couldn't detect it any more. We had started making orgonite already, first for our own gifting and then started offering it on the Internet.
We asked Don if he would mind if we built a zapper along the principles of his terminator model. Don agreed and in fact enthusiastically supported our project from the beginning, even correcting some flaws that our models initially had.
The principle of the orgone gifting movement has been "open source" from the word go and that's probably the secret of it's persistent growth and continued survival.
Within our community there is a fine balance between respect for someone's invention or contribution and the general availability of all the principal ideas for copying.
Old paradigm free energy inventors often got economically destroyed, socially isolated, bought out or even outrightly killed because they believed in securing exclusive intellectual property rights etc. They were still trusting the system and felt entitled to enjoy the full financial benefit of their lifechanging inventions of which they were rightly convinced they could change the fate of humankind.
They were of course naive and their bad experience with the system was necessary for the new generation to adopt open source principles.
The orgonite movement now rests on so many shoulders that it's impossible for the system to root it out by killing or otherwise incapacitating one or the other proponent.

The same can be said for the orgone zapper even though not to the same extent.
Thanks Don, for sharing your experience and knowledge with us!

A zapper is simple
There is nothing mysterious about zappers. Hulda Clark was not the first, but the most widely read scientist who propagated pulsed direct currents as a cure for many diseases. Our friend Dr. Kizito, a Ugandan doctor trained in sports medicine in the then Soviet Union, told us that the Soviets were regularly using zapper-like devices for wound healing and tissue regeneration.
But even in South African bush lore, experienced safari hands would tell us that they knew from experience that snake bites could be treated successfully by zapping yourself with the jump start cable from your car battery.
More research was done even in the West, when in the 1990s several studies werepublished in the British Journal of Cancer, indicating a potential healing effect of weak electric current in several cancers of cancer, leukemia and melanoma.

Even mainstream scientists can discover the truth

Hulda Clark's impressive body of case studies as published in her various books, first and foremost "the cure for all diseases", serves as further support of our argument that theefficacy of zapping has been established in principle beyond reasonable doubt. Of course this will be disputed by her detractors and the FDA who drove Mme. Clark out of the US and forced her to continue her research in Mexico. But since when is brute force a scientific argument? Not in my book at least.
Small differences between the zappers normally offered as Hulda Clark type devices and ours are irrelevant in this context. For example the more orthodox adherents to Hulda Clark's ideas (she sadly passed away a few years ago) prefer a pulsing frequency of about 1000 Hz (pulses per second) while we run ours at approx. 15 Hz. Don Croft was the one pioneering this lower frequency and it seems to penetrate the membranes of the intestines much better than the higher frequencies. Quite logical when you think of the New World Order Army's ground penetrating GWEN "emergency communication network" that works on extremely low frequencies.

Why do they work?
People regularly get wound up on the frequency issue BTW, because it is very common tomistake the zapper for a frequency resonance device which it isn't.
Hulda Clark has contributed to that confusion although she says very clearly that any frequency between 10 and 30,000 Hz will be effective. (see for example The Cure for all Diseases p.14)
The working principle of a zapper is not based on any specific frequency that would resonate with any specific pathogen and kill it. That's the idea being so called "Rife machines", named after the late Royal Rife who discovered the principle of frequency resonance in parasitic organisms and used it successfully for healing. Royal Rife's research was valid but it's a different story altogether.
A zapper simply charges the body with electrons, whereby the skin seems to act as a capacitor.
Such a charge with electrons is called a negative charge or ionisation, which does of course not imply a moral judgment like when we talk of "negative energies" (totally different story, that).
It just seems that pathogenic or say parasitic organisms do not like this negative ionisation, just like they do not like an alkaline environment.
They simply shrivel and die.
That is even true for cancer cells that behave like alien organisms in our bodies.
But more dramatically, doctors in the US who have been using zappers (a courageous few) have reported how, immediately after first zapping small white worms were breaking the skin of their patients, fleeing a suddenly uninhabitable environment.
According to the CDC, the average American carries about a pound of living parasites in average. Isn't that disgusting?
The role of parasites in disease forming is totally under reported in conventional medicine and no attention is paid to their presence.
Dr. Hulda Clark saw parasites and toxins in their mutually enhancing interplay as the main reason for practically all diseases, with the toxins making the membranes in the digestive tract permeable for those parasites that traditionally never infected humans. Parasites in turn carry bacteria and viruses.

A zapper makes short shrift of these critters.

the zapper killed all these worms within minutes
Photograph of worms killed in the first few minutes of zapping during a colonic irrigation treatment

Of course those with a heavy load of living parasites or cancer cells will experienceinitial discomfort when zapping. That's only logical. Imagine one pound of "creepy crawlies" dying off within hours and releasing their load of viral and bacterial passenger organisms into the blood. That surprises some people who have been carrying all this stuff but been largely "asymptomatic" because their vital energies have so far been able to withstand the onslaught. One guy, who obviously has never heard the word "healing crisis" in his life, wrote me a letter saying the zapper had made him sick while previously he had been totally healthy. Honestly, a zapper cannot make you sick. How should it? It's just a weak current of no more than 9V in the peak. The only thing that makes some people feel sick for only limited time is the load of toxins the body has to deal with after the mass demise of unwanted blind passengers. Of course the bacteria and viruses also get killed quite quickly but that leaves the body with a lot of residue to eliminate, some of it pretty toxic.

That's where the orgone aspect of the zapper comes in: The killing of parasites can be achieved with any simple zapper, including our own little cost effective model. Theorgonite is not needed for that. Even the unnecessarily expensive frequency scanning models from some manufacturers will do that, even though they are in error about the necessity of frequency changes. Zapping is just such a robust concept, that it will always have a positive effect. You can even take your car battery, hold on to one pole and tap a finger on the other one. Simple as that.
Since that is rather inconvenient, we make zappers that you can wear on your body while doing other stuff.

The orgonite and other energetic components however are helping the body's self healing capacity and thereby considerably ease the potential discomfort of zapping. One could make the distinction here between "curing" and "healing". ("Curing" of course being a prohibited word due to the above mentioned health Nazis)
In that distinction, the elimination of parasites and other unwanted organisms would be the "curing" part while the regeneration of tissue and restoration of the body's full vitality the "healing" part. An orgone zapper is a lot more potent on the healing side while matching any common zapper model on the "curing" side.

Our own feedback that we get from our users is equally positive but surely qualifies only as anecdotal. It is however quite impressive.
You will find some testimonials here a lot more recent ones here and finally I invite you to read the reviews people have submitted on our Website for the El Silverado Orgone Zapper and the Standard Orgone Zapper.

I'll leave it at that for today. You know wher to get your zapper, right? Even nicer to know that our 3 popular models, the Simple Zapper, the Standard Orgone Zapper and theOrgone Zapper El Silverado are on special this week and thereby 20% reduced in price. Get one now and let us know if you are interested in reselling our zappers on your website or in your healing practice!
For resellers who wish to apply their own branding or logo we even make them in neutral unbranded mint green boxes. Just drop me a mail to discuss the nitty gritties.

See you at Orgonise Africa


Georg Ritschl and the Orgonise Africa team

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Permalink Reply by Ametrine 1 hour ago
Zappers for everyone!
We are not allowed to and will not make any medical claims, but:

Many users have reported amazing results from using our zappers.
Scientific research has proven the curative effects of weak electric currents in cancer in controlled studies.
Dr. Hulda Clark's lifelong research and practice has resulted in thousands of documented cases of healing from severe disease

Every person on the planet should own a zapper and use it as regularly as the ubiquitous tooth brush. I consider zapping as my first defense line against any disease. Since I started this whole orgone and zapping story in my life I have never seen a medical doctor other than my dentist and I feel great.

How and why does it work?
The zapper creates an ionised milieu in the body that is not conducive to parasitic organisms. So they die. Simple as that!
By parasitic organisms I mean anything from hookworms, large parasites to bacteria and viruses. A cancer cell is a parasitic organism and it's "positively" (doesn't mean it's anything good, this is meant in a purely electrical sense) charged whereas healthy body tissue is "negatively" charged (that's the good and healthy state). A surplus of electrons, electrically called a "negative charge" indicates high ether pressure.
Interestingly we find that negative ionisation corresponds with alkalinity in the body and in a Reichian sense with a good flow of orgone energy (chi)

The new science paradigm
We in the orgone movement are definitely at the threshold of intuitively grasping a new scientific paradigm.
We will increasingly learn to understand that different scientific and philosophical models are just metaphorical constructs that are trying to describe a reality that is beyond our comprehension.
All our so called natural laws are human constructs and allow predictability of outcome on a certain level of reality. They are not cast in stone. Often 2 theories are used to describe a different aspect of the same underlying reality as in the duality of wave or particle character of light you may remember from your physical science lessons at school.
So, one day we will understand that electricity and orgone are one and the same. Just different aspects or expressions of the same primordial energy. Nicola Tesla made all his groundbreaking discoveries coming from a very etheric understanding of electricity. Read any of his patent descriptions and you will notice that he used a totally different vocabulary than the one used today in electrical engineering.
Dr. Hulda Clark already noticed the connection between the pulsed direct current andReich's concept of orgone energy as she could not otherwise explain some of the phenomena she observed. Tesla undeerstood electricity in an prefereablyse, that's why it was so easy for him to grasp free energy and engineer it into functioning devices. The main restriction against having "free energy" devices all around us is incomplete or restrictive physical theory.
Just like artificially restricted language limits the scope of thoughts you can express or even think, (see George Orwell's 1984, one of the most prophetic books ever written) restricting the mathematical language of physics limits the possible scope of devices you can engineer.

In other words and to make a long story short: We don't really know why a zapper works. What we have are theoretical speculations to explain the positive results we are getting. The only thing we can say so far is: We see it working all the time and the good and often amazing stories of healing keep coming in!

Get one!
So, I think you should have one, preferrably an orgone zapper, because the orgone components strengthen the healing aspect so much. Sensitives who perceive the amplificationfields of people (aura) directly have consistently reported that wearing a zapper strengthens the auric field considerably. The aura becomes stronger, extends farther and becomes more luminescent. In order to achieve this effect it is recommended to wear the zapper for at least 30 minutes every day as the bioenergetic of your bioenergietic field is only achieved after 30 minutes. Luckily our zappers can be worn comfortably on arm or leg or even overnight in the arch of your foot. (my preferred zapping spot)
You can wear them while doing office work or other light chores.

Our zappers are easy and comfortable to wear
Easy and comfortable to wear

And yeah, there is a 10% discount on all our zappers this week. Also, if you are a health practitioner or have a website with compatible products: Talk to me about wholesale options! (just respond to this email) The special discount of another 10% for all orders over EUR 350.00 is till in place and for all products there are bulk pricing rules that reduce prices by up to 30% when you buy quantities. Check it out yourself. You can use the shopping cart as your calculator and even get the shipping costs to your destinations automatically quoted. There is no obligation to buy when you put items in your shopping cart. I'm saying this because I hate answering questions like "what is the shipping and discount for 10 Orgone Zapper Standard to Samoa?". Don't ask me this as you can easily find out yourself...

What to expect?
People with a high load of toxins or living parasites often report strong detox reactions. This can range from slight nausea to skin rashes or in extreme cases even small worms exiting through the skin. (disgusting, but out they must) Do not be afraid! Every cure that really works has to start with the elimination of the bad stuff. Sometimes I get these reports from people who thought of themselves as fairly healthy and they do not want to believe that it's their own toxic stuff coming out. Rather they blame the zapper for their (temporary) misery.
According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) the average American carries a load of approximately one pound of living parasites in his body. How can you expect all those to die off without feeling anything. Our body is however amazingly capable of regenerating itself and with the help of the positive orgone energy gets over this crisis very fast.

dead parasites killed by zapping
parasites killed by zapping with an orgone zapper from a stool sample

Parasites are largely ignored by mainstream medicine. Conventional diagnostics is difficult apart from taking live tissue samples (biopsy) which is very invasive. If you have access to one of the many bio-resonance machines (Scio, Quantec, Metatron etc) that are around these days, you can detect your parasites. Then after zapping for 6 weeks go back and check again: Most likely no more parasites will be picked up by the system.
But I will not promise you cure of this or that disease. Let's stay in the picture of the toothbrush: everyone agrees that brushing your teeth is good. We started that long before scientific studies were even invented, because it's so obvious. But despite brushing your teeth, you can get caries or paradontose if you eat the wrong stuff (sugar) or are exposed to extreme environmental hazards. So, let's not forget about nutrition and healthy exercise. The zapper can keep the level of kreepy craulies in your body low, but if you put a lot of poison in your system, you will still have problems.
The essence of all good alternative health protocols is: Bad stuff out - good stuff in! Simple as that.
If you are suffering from a severe disease like cancer, I definitely recommend that you go for Tine Van symptomss's nutritional detox regime on top of zapping many hours per day. I have published it here. Give it a try. Chemo and radiation will kill you faster than the disease itself. And don't panic when you get severe detox always. The junk must come out. And cancer sufferers have without exception collected a lot of junk before they even got the cancer.
A lot of people report more subtle effects as well. Don Croft, the inventor of this type of orgone zapper reported as one of the most amazing benefits that a lifelong mild depression that was alweays "tinting his outlook on life" suddenly lifted. Brain parasites cause depression.

Which Model to chose?
The simple zapper is a fully functional zapper but without the special orgone healing components. It will do everything that Dr. Hulda Clark talked about in her books. Since we use it as a driver unit for our pulsed crystals, components and for the colloidal silver kit, we have fitted it with a 9V DC jack, so you can run it off a wall transformer.
Read more about the use pulsed crystals (SP-crystals) here and here.
For your personal healing we do however recommend you choose one of our orgone zappers. They are identical in build, differing only in the metal of the skin contact electrodes.
Components of the orgone zapper diagram
Diagram: Componets of our orgone zappers

Different Orgone Zapper models:

The Orgone Zapper Standard comes with copper electrodes. This is a proven combination and the Zappere Zapper Standard is a very, very good value for money.
The Orgone Manyr El Silverado has .9999 fine silver electrodes. We started this on public demand. theny people like the fie etheric vibration of the silver (the "moon metal") apart from te potential benefit of introducing traces of silver into your blood through the skin. However, like the silver cutlery of your grandmother, silver oxidises and blackens on skin contact. This has to be understood and accepted.
The Orgone Zapper Eldorado has 24 ct. fine gold electrodes and represents the most uncorruptible metal one can think of in a zapper. Being our DeLuxe Model it comes in a nice pouch and a leather bag. Spoil yourself if you can!

Orgone Zapper Eldorado Orgone Zapper El Silverado Standard Orgone Zapper Simple Zapper
The choice is yours. Whatever you chose, start zapping now!

See you at Orgonise Africa

Georg Ritschl

Some more links regarding zapping:

The science behind zapping
More scientific evidence
Zapper FAQ
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Zappers and AIDS - The story of Nathan Kagina
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Tina V/D Maas's nutritional detox cure
The classical Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse

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