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"Is not the sky a father and the earth a mother, and are not all living things with feet or wings or roots their children? Hear me, four quarters of the world ... a relative I am. Give me the strength to walk the soft Earth, a relative to all that is ... all over the Earth, the faces of living things are all alike." ~ Black Elk, Oglala Sioux Holy Man

"Everything the Power of the World does is done in a circle." ~ Black Elk, Oglala Sioux Holy Man


This is your home to share the love within, for all of the Creator's Creatures.

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The Look Of Love





A seven minute film documenting the rare white Spirit Bear of BC's Great Bear Rainforest. The Kitasoo Xai'xais First Nation in partnership with environmental groups and the BC Government created the world's only Kitasoo Spirit Bear Conservancy.



Short video about the peril of the "Spirit Bear" or Kermode Black Bear and the one place on Earth that it lives, The Great Bear Rainforest along the pacific coast of Canada.

Both hunting and commercial fish farms pose a serious threat to this unique animal. Learn what you can do and who you can contact to make a difference.


Published on Mar 14, 2012 by WAYDESWORLDHAWAII


The HONU, our Sacred Aumakua.

There has been a considerable amount of disrespect given to The HONU, The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle...The NA AUMAKUA by some Tourists and Locals. I wanted to put this video together to make all of us AWARE once again that we must Honor and Respect this graceful and beautiful Endangered Species, not only because few exist, but also because of the Deep History they serve in Hawaiian culture.

If there is one thing we need to always remember is look, don't touch...swim with them, not against them. Keep your distance and do not get too close, NEVER TOUCH, FEED or HARASS them!

NEVER UPSET THEM and only swim with them for a few minutes at a time. If a Honu has beached itself only take a few pictures at a reasonable distance then move a greater distance away to observe them in their natural environment.

These Honu come into the shallows to eat so lets not disturb them for long periods of time. When they come onto the beach they do so to relax and sleep for hours. ..Again, respect them and give them space to do so. These beings feel comfortable around the locals and tourists because many of us respect them and their space. For the Honu to continue to swim with us and rest on Hawaiian beaches they must trust us. As long as you take these steps I mentioned these amazing beings will continue to allow us to be in their presence. If you follow them for too long and harass them in the water they will be afraid of us and not come into the shallows to eat. If we touch them, try to pick them up or make rude gestures around them while on the beach it's a CLEAR BREACH OF HAWAIIN STATE LAW and you can be FINED and PROSECUTED for such. PLEASE, respect our sacred Aumakua. Pass the spirit of Aloha on to the many HONU green sea turtles you come in contact with may it be in the ocean or on the beach. Thank them before you leave each one you come in contact with for allowing them to let you swim or be near them. They Trust you, Please don't break that trust. This is the Aloha way. Enjoy everyone , Aloha Nui!


We Forgive

World Animal Day, Every Day.

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France

These puppies' mother was hit by a car, leaving them all alone. But this amazing man came along and promised her he would take care of them. Not only that, but the mother actually helps him...even from death. Beautifully done.

Video taken from and the sole purpose is to help spread it.

An Unexpected, But Adorable, Rescue of a Baby Squirrel


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