One Vibration

One Vision - One Vibration


by Tsanti (Apache Holy One),
Maria Yraceburu




Maria Yraceburu begins:

We are on a precipice being challenged to soar free. When a baby eagle is first thrust from the nest, it falls. The parents fly next to it, encouraging it to extend its wings and fly. The Winds of Change bring this moment to humanity’s consciousness during this energy cycle. Allow others to support you, and support others as the transmigration into what will become unfolds with the first lessons of the Wolf Star, Maia — first sister in the Pleiades and all color variations of red.

Kwantiva, with his huge wings, was the first of the Dragon Children to have been seen in the sky May 31, 2003 over Wizard Island at Crater Lake, Oregon by Elders of the Klamath and Silezt Nations. He is the messenger of the Wolf Star Sister.

This particular dragon of the HeartFire Initiations, klo’bijii il’jooni, asks us to make the conscious choice to evolve. He assures us that we are protected by the sturdy framework of the altering magnetic grid. The wings of this dragon overlay three time dimensions, however, to become ‘a way’ of the ripples in energetic fabric, we must honor the past and seek the beauty of the present.

Many prophecies tell of thousands of Rainbow Warriors awakening by looking into Kwantiva’s eyes.

As the histories of the world progress so does the earth legacy held within our genetics. Humanity’s evolution to higher consciousness has been inevitable, as many tribes tell of the return of the wingged serpent. Now, through a series of ritualistic actions we are guided by Kwantiva into self recognition, prophecy triumphs and we utilize our personal power.

Humans turn their thoughts from limitation as an uncontrolled force to place these contractions, and life experiences, within the realm of discipline which now seem to pen human destiny. Kwantiva, being the personification of humanity’s hopes and fears, now indicates areas where potentials are to be worked on.

The Wolf Star’s children - dolee mas’ts’ilsoose - are keepers and trackers through special ceremonies and wolf medicines. Theirs is the responsibility to gather, develop, maintain, and teach the knowledge of loyalty, protection, security, ability to keep up to date intelligence on the surrounding environment, to function as part of the group while maintaining ones own individuality, Wolf, and the environment. They carry the strongest essence of the 1st World of Love in World History.

==> Maia according to Greek Mythology - grandmother, mother, nurse, great one - Eldest and most beautiful of the sisters; a mountain nymph in Arcadia. Also known in split apart as Ursa Major

Horse Energy Cyclic Prayers - May 27 - June 11, 2010
Energy of Horse cycle 2010:

There is a calling from deep inside that is pulling you into vision, an inner wisdom that requires the sacrifice of fear in service for the good of all. Put things in perspective and stay connected to the harmony of the whole. Protections and compassion are offered to build the bridge. Speak your truth, express harmony and balance. Move through fear. Find the joy and there shall be no fear. Give gratitude daily and the miracles will appear.

Prayers for cycle

Paradox force of Creation, Shico’ye’lii, soul path forward. Walk with pride and
humility… thus ends soul sickness. Astral medicine imagery… family as
thought… land as thought… All That Is thought…

Diyi dihyu Nakia, Power up Rainbow Serpent. We are never given more than we,
together with our higher power, can handle.

Diyi dihyu Hada’didla, Power up ThunderBeings. We are content. We deserve to
be content. Life helps us to recognize the value of contentment.

Diyi dihyu Eo’to’to, Power up Grandmother Bear. We don’t look for love, we just
give it. It blesses us ten-fold.

Diyi dihyu Dolee’atee, Power up Little Ones. We take this moment to look back at
last year. We are moving forward. We continue to do so.

Diyi dihyu Tuma, Power up Thunderhoof. Stormy days freshen the air we breathe.

Diyi dihyu Kachiñas, Power up All Seeing Ones. We see Spirit’s meaning in our
lives. We gladly accept what Spirit has to teach us.

Diyi dihyu Itzá, Power up White Tail Eagle. We are in control of our attitude.
This moment in time is what we longed for.

Diyi dihyu Nohwizá’yé, Power up Ancestors. This energy holds a special promise
for us. We are in harmony. We share with others. Our courage strengthens
others, and others strengthen us.

Diyi dihyu Yusn, Power up Giver of All Life. The past is gone. This energy is
full of possibilities. With each breath we take, we are aware of the strength at

Diyi dihyu Esonkñhsendehí, Power up Changing Mother. A new set of experiences
awaits us in this energy. And we perceive them unfiltered by the memories of a
painful past. Self pity cannot cage.

Diyi dihyu Echicasay, Power up All Our Relations. Our journey in this energy
flows out of yesterday’s energy, and tomorrow’s too. We savor each moment and
we are ready for the next.

Diyi dihyu Klo’bijíí, Power up HeartFire. We let our healing shine it’s light in
our lives. Our Shadows flee away.

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by Maria Yracébûrû

13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire Represents the Native American
Evolutionary Expression of the Soul's Quest for Spirit

In this place, on the great Wheel of Life, new ideas and concepts challenge views of reality. But just as our grandparents could walk around a "horseless carriage" and kick the tires, just as Columbus could sail to the New World without falling off the edge, so we are able to test these new concepts and determine whether or not they belong in our reality. All we need is an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to take time for discovery. Then we know directly.

We are lightening ourselves as we make the transition of evolution. This lightening occurs as we cast off our weights and burdens and as we expand our limits to include a closer connection to our Higher Selves. This is the true meaning of "enlightenment," which is no longer for the few, but is a fact of life for all.

Some regard this time in history as "the End of Times" - the ending of our world. To the Tlish Diyan and many others, it marks the new beginning for humanity and the planet - the Fifth World of Peace. We are in transition, moving into this place - gradually, step by step - through the 13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire. As we each make a leap of faith into our new awareness, so does the Changing Mother's vibration become higher.

The physical body is surrounded by several energy bodies that most of us cannot see. Each body is surrounded by the next, similar to the layers of an onion. We each have an emotional body and a mental body, among others. These bodies are interconnected, and changes in one body cause changes in another. Much dis-ease is caused by emotions which has been held in the body for an extended period of time. For example, when emotions such as anger or fear have sustained themselves for a prolonged time, an imbalance is created which will ultimately have an effect on the physical body. As these imbalances are corrected, our vibratory rate increases, as well as our awareness.

Each one of us has a spiritual name which is associated with our Higher Self or our spiritual essence. Native Americans believe this name reflects our true essence, and carries the higher vibration with which we resonate in higher planes of existence, such as during Dreamtime and Spirit Flight. This name holds a key as to your true identity and purpose.

Know that our world has changed in the last few years, largely because we ourselves have changed. Our Spiritual Guides know why these changes are occurring. If you wish to know firsthand why something is changing, then all you need do is open yourself, and quiet yourself long enough to hear. Then, think about what you have learned. Develop this skill of connection - ask specific questions and you will receive specific answers. The Universe and all those we are connected to in the Universal Family are trying to give us information; all we have to do is listen.

If you can meditate, or Enter the Silence, at the same time every day. Your mind and your body will then be receptive to meditation at these times, and you will be able to move into the Silence easily and quickly. Remember you are forming a habit - a habit that will change your life forever, but one that only takes 21 days to establish.

The Ancients taught concentrating on breathing while in the Silence. Do not use any extreme breathing techniques. Simply start by slowly taking one or two deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your nose. Breathe in all the way by letting your abdomen expand, filling your lungs completely. You will be amazed at how the simple act of conscious breathing can rejuvenate and refresh.

Accessing the strength and power you need in life's lessons is always but one breath away. You can simply breathe, state the intention of your quest and the answer will flow to you. You can say something like, "I, (state your name), am a Child of the Universe, and co-creator of my reality. I ask to be shown the actions that are for my higher good, and the higher good of All My Relations. I ask that these actions be demonstrated to me in signs so blatant that even I cannot mistake them. I am grateful for your guidance, and your truly loving support. Aho!" Once, I asked for a sign that I was proceeding in the proper manner in this fashion and it snowed within 2 hours in the San Francisco Bay area where I lived. So, be focused and believe that you will receive your answer.

Keep a record of your progress. Make this process as easy for yourself as possible. Keeping a record insures that you can look back and see that you are gaining ground in what may appear to occasionally be a very strenuous uphill climb. Looking back on where we've been helps us to avoid going there again, in terms of our more difficult lessons. You will be surprised how many answers you can find just looking back on your own thoughts and experiences.

Proceed with stretching and exercising your own connection and psyche at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Everyone grows, heals, evolves at their own rate. We cannot do it for another, only ourselves - then we can be an example to others, supporting them as they walk through their own fears and joys of self-discovery. Each day will bring variations of emotions. The longer you walk the Path of Beauty, the more you will find yourself automatically moving into the Silence to find your answers, even when surrounded by chaos.

The lighter you become, the more you recognize your own Higher Self emerging. The more integrated your conscious self and your Higher Self become, the more they will be able to join into a single consciousness. This is the goal.

by Maria Yracébûrû

13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire Represents the Native American
Evolutionary Expression of the Soul's Quest for Spirit

Does this transition in time so far seem incredible? Well, in case you are wondering, periodically, it does to me too. This place on the great Wheel of Life is more than just new ideas and information. It is about stepping over a new threshold of time and space. It contains messages that open the door to a whole new dimension of communication and life - the Fifth World of Peace. In fact, the truth is even stranger than fiction.

The Children of the Universe - our family, spiritual guides, and teachers - are collectively welcoming us to our home and to the dimensional frequency that will soon be the home of the Changing Mother, as well.

I thank you for the opportunity to share these words, and look forward to your reactions when you read the information that my Elders and guides have given to me to share. Please know that the power of love and Spirit assist each of us as we are absorbing the energy contained in the planetary and universal shifts. In addition, these guides are providing additional frequency shifts in our remembrance of true identity and purpose. The partnership between Spirit and Humanity strives continually to work hard while we walk this Earth plane, and therefore, is always working. So while you may be reading these words and hopefully enjoying the contents, Spirit is working in enjoyment with you, as you are experiencing your connection to Spirit and your original source.

What has always given me comfort were tradition, nature and spiritual connection which have been an important part of my life. These are the references which I was trained to throughout my entire life by my grandfather, an Apache holy man. When I turn to these sources for answers regarding what is happening to me, I feel blessed. The answers are simple to find once I enter the silence and connect to the my spirit guides.

For many this seems a truly frustrating time. I have heard such statements as, "I don't like what is happening to me, I didn't ask for this, and I don't deserve this!" In addition, most don't believe they have time to devote to spiritual connection and growth. I remember one of my students telling me that "This was not in my life description when I agreed to come here." However, as they feel compelled to devote more and more time to spiritual connection and finding out what is happening to them, the frustration and illusion of "no time" fall away. The answers begin to fall into place.

The messages that come from Spirit during our time of connection contain information and suggestions for helping us raise our levels of consciousness and improve our patterns of behavior. Frequently, the suggestions made are the opposite of what we have learned as an experience of the Fourth World of Separation - a time wrought by dysfunction and illusionary fear. What is so surprising, though, is that when we implement the suggestions made by our spiritual guides, they always work! We continually engage in positive results.

Events are occurring all around the world designed to alter the perception of Humanity because the time has arrived for each individual to seek out their own connection. Spirit has positioned beautiful experiences of communication in our paths that will help us strengthen our modality of connection - faith.

You may be stunned by the result of your partnership, as you might never have believed Spirit would actually respond to your attempts. You may also be curious as to just how they will accomplish this shift in perception. Give them the chance by asking their guidance, receive openly, then proceed to follow their instructions as they provide information to you.

It is about this time that others of like mind will begin to enter your life, and for some reason, you will find yourself sharing your experiences with Spirit. They will have experienced simi liar things to what you describe, and a Circle will be formed - a Circle of support and sanity reinforcement, if you will.

Spiritual Guides impress upon us the importance of Sacred Law and responsibility. They also teach us how important it is not to interfere with the developmental paths of others. Their advice is so convincing, in fact, that the information coming through overcomes any doubt in its accuracy, and stimulates us to look at our own soul's path. These guides never appear to us to prove their own existence or to enforce negative thought patterns. We only have the words and the physical evidence that come through us and manifest around us, as well as our own intuition, upon which to rely. Many wrestle with pangs of doubt before they are convinced that the guidance is pure and not a trick of the ego. What finally precipitates this decision of faith is the accumulated number experiences that occur. In actuality, only one fourth of most attempts by Spirit are received.

In this period of transition, we have a partnership that promotes increasing vibrational frequency. This partnership is comprised of some very dedicated, wise guides who understand the principles of energy. They are also skilled in the Sacred Laws of the Universe, as applied to discovering remembrance. This occurs most commonly in intuitional whisperings, meditation visions, dreams, day-dreams, and deja-vu experiences. It is the co-creative changes taking place that make the differences between the Fourth World of Separation we have left behind, and the Fifth World of Peace we are birthing.

by Maria Yracébûrû

13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire Represents the Native American
Evolutionary Expression of the Soul's Quest for Spirit

Look at those people who are nice and gentle, who cannot do enough for you, or give you enough love. Increase those people in your life; draw them to you. You have heard the expression, "The meek shall inherit the earth." It means that power is expressed through humility. Truly powerful people have great humility. They do not try to impress, they do not try to be influential. They simply are. People are magnetically drawn to them. they are most often very silent and focused, aware of their core selves. They know everything in the outer universe is simply symbolic of their inner worlds. They are in charge of their destinies, and often have around them many people who seek them out for advice. People feel recharged and regenerated by their contact. They do not try to convince anyone of anything; they only invite and offer. They never persuade, nor do they use manipulation or aggressiveness to get their way. They listen. If there is anything they can offer to assist you, they offer it; if not, they are silent.

Clarity in a spiritual sense is an alignment of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies with the spiritual self. It can be accomplished through various techniques. The aura can be cleared by techniques of energy balancing, so that you can work on clarity with your mind. The mind is one of your most powerful tools. You can create clarity through visualizing and working on your aura. Linking the spirit to the mind can bring more clarity than any other step. If you want clarity, ask your soul to give it to you. The spirit has the answers, and a connection to the flow of energy in the earth plane that will bring you abundance, love and peace, and anything else you are asking for.

There are no exceptions to the contract you have with Spirit; it is an agreement with your higher self to appreciate, validate, accept and support who you are at this moment. It means living in the present time. Many of you look back into the past with regret, thinking of how you could have handled a situation in a higher way, imagining if only you had done this or that, things would have worked out better. Some of you look into the future to make who you are right now inadequate. The past can assist you if you remember the times in which you succeeded, creating positive memories, and the future can be your friend if you see that in picturing it you are creating a vision of the next step. Do not make yourself wrong because you have not yet achieved it. It is important to love who you are now without reservation.

Sometimes the hardest thing of all is saying "no" to someone in need. If you constantly pay attention to people in crisis, you affirm that the way for them to get your attention is by creating crisis. If you want people in your life to respect and honor your time, teach them by rewarding them when they do so.

Freedom is important if you are to bring the light of your soul into consciousness. We live on a planet of free will, where we learn about action and reaction, cause and effect. Earth reality is based on choice. No matter what situation you are experiencing in your life, whether you THINK you have freedom or not, you have made a choice to be in that situation.

Many of you are moving ahead rapidly. You have been on an accelerated path of growth so that you may heal and teach others. Some of you, such as authors and writers, may be years ahead of the mass thought forms, as it is necessary for you to be in the flow of the times when your writing comes out. Not everyone is experiencing the same transition at the same time.

Some of you are helping people over and over, feeling frustrated. You may feel obligated, as if there were no way out except to listen to their tales of woe, wishing that they would get on with their lives. If you are helping people and they are not growing, then you had better look again to see if you are indeed helping them, or if they are capable of receiving the help you are giving them.

If you do not know what your path is, you can create a symbol for it. Imagine that you are holding it in your hands as a ball of light. Bring it up to your heart, then into your crown chakra at the top of your head, and release it to your soul. Very shortly, it will begin to take form. You will find that at just the thought of higher purpose you will begin to magically and magnetically rearrange your day. Suddenly friends who took your time will no longer look so interesting, as you bring in new friends and change the nature of your friendships with old acquaintances.

by Maria Yracébûrû

13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire Represents the Native American
Evolutionary Expression of the Soul's Quest for Spirit

All is removed from the anguish of existential. Agony is not necessarily theistic. Rather does it come from a radical sense of fear of being. It is not precisely living that causes the trouble, but limited living. Humanity, when the world did not end on the eve of the New Millennium (2000), was faced with the possibility that we might actually create our own destiny. This moment in time, gives centrality to the birthing of the Fifth World of Peace as a well as to the remembrance of all of humanity. It sees the ultimate ecological union as a total indwelling of Spirit in humans and humans in Spirit and All Our Relations existing in harmony on the sacred Changing Mother in accordance with Sacred Universal Laws of Balance. As for the paradox that all is one and not one, the answer is an energetic principle: In the realm of identity, union differentiates. When I am most united with Spirit, I am most myself. It is in union with All that I find my true self. Incredible paradox? Yet the Trinity within is described in some such way. And does not the principle that union differentiates apply also to human bonding and interpersonal relationships? In the deepest and most loving union with one another, far from losing ourselves we discover our deepest selves at the core of our being. if this is true of human relations, it must also apply to the most intimate union of all: That of the Sacred Parents with their children.

There is a growth in the understanding of the realities and words handed down. This happens through the healing and an extended philosophy of compassion by those who treasure these things in their hearts through the intimate embrace of spiritual things they experience. Growth in understanding comes from the mystics within each of us, living the Sacred Laws. I believe this is a path being chosen more and more frequently today.

By now my reader is surely anxious to learn more. But unfortunately external evidence is minimal and little can be said. No doubt the best way to know is by experiencing the wonders, where, if anywhere, the style is the Spirit. No one has succeeded in describing this discovery of Self, though many attempts have been made; nor do we know to what place this path may lead. So successful is the humble desire to remember. This is collaborated by Spirit's lessons, which, moreover, indicate that humanity is evolving.

Take courage, now, try to understand yourself. Do you think you are someone special, or that you deserve Spirit's love? Is your heart not continuously aroused by the attraction of Spirit's love and the sound of your inner child's voice? The Shadow of Fear will suggest that you rest on your laurels. But be aware of this illusion. Do not be deceived into thinking you are anything less than a responsible co-creator because of your great calling. With Spirit's love and guidance, you do all in your power to live up to your calling. Far from being conceited, be all the more humble and grateful when you consider your service in the scope of All That Is. Spirit has lead us to sweet meadows to nourish us with love, strengthening us to press on as to take possession of our heritage on the Changing Mother.

Now you say, "How shall I proceed to think of Spirit as it exists in All My Relations?" To this I reply, "I do not know."

If your thoughts recall any pleasure of Spirit, past or present, and if you rest in it letting it take root in your heart and become your motivating passion - then you will know. The answer that comes will satisfy you perfectly.

Let us then consider the virtue of humility so that you will understand why it is perfect when Spirit is its source.

The humility engendered by this experienced knowledge of Spirit's love I call perfect, because it is an attitude which will be retained throughout eternity. To sense Spirit's immense love is to have perfect humility, a virtue I am convinced is necessary in this life.

by Maria Yracébûrû

13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire Represents the Native American
Evolutionary Expression of the Soul's Quest for Spirit

Generally reincarnation is interpreted to mean that there is an existence of individuality, which dies and is reborn in the form of animals and humans and various superior forms of consciousness. Do the Tlish Diyan believe this? Yes and no. When I would ask Grandfather Ten Bears whether our individuality survives after death, whether we return sometimes again to life here and whether we are the same in our future forms of life, Grandfather answered with a picture drawn from many of our ceremonies. "When families gather an ember is taken from the Great Central Fire to ignite the individual family fires. As the designated time of ceremony approaches, the Great Central Fire is extinguished. With the beginning of ceremony, embers are brought from all individual family fires to once again ignite the one Great Central Flame. Life is Ceremony." What can one reply? Yes and no.

From the Tlish Diyan and the living life belief system of the ancient Quero, come the most ancient concepts on life and the universe. The origins of these concepts are contained within the legends of time, and the philosophies they engendered are themselves the history of evolution process.

In early times, the Quero wandered in migration, activating power points, aligning the magnetic grid through ceremony. Wherever they saw the possibility of helping someone, they did. Whenever they saw the opportunity of sharing the integral truths of Tutuskya, the Great Wheel of Life, they did. Whenever and wherever they could lead someone away from the illusion of Fear's Shadow, they did. When preconditions were not adequate, they sought to create better preconditions. When night fell, they would stop where they were to ask the great Changing Mother if they could spend the night; when they were hungry, they would ask one of their animal or plant relations if they might feed their hungry. They dedicated themselves entirely to sacredness. They detached themselves from Fear - from the belief that they were separate and alone. Most important of all, they detached themselves from their own egos. In this way they were particularly courageous, for the greatest cause of unhappiness in the world today is the constant clamoring of the selfish ego that is not aware of the universal life around it. Those that cannot rise above themselves and identify themselves with the totality of All Our Relations - who are so paralyzed by Fear's illusion of worry and inadequacy - separate themselves from the benefit of harmony, knowledge and energy around them. This pathological state of ego was also renounced, and the Quero went from place to place - their entirely unselfish dedication making it possible for everyone who met them to feel something that very frequently changed their whole lives. It is not by accident that the guidance of Tutuskya, the wheel of the teachings of the Tlish Diyan, has been kept alive through countless generations of traditional caretakers.

Why are these teachings so relevant today? Because Tutuskya concentrates on one point with tenacity: the point of healing the fear of isolation, which is the root source of all lessons universal. Everyone is born with the despair of aloneness. If the manifestation of this wound is not physical, it is mental, or spiritual, but it is everywhere. And Tutuskya shows the way out of the pain of disconnection, it corresponds tremendously to a great need. This is why the Akicita (guardians) of the Tlish Diyan have kept this knowledge and connection alive since the beginning of myth and legend. I would like to make a parallel for you, to help you understand better this spirit of ancient Tlish Diyan. When Grandfather Ten Bears had decided to die, he called his grandchildren together. There was reminiscing, but also there was projection of our future responsibilities. Once this task was complete, he rose from his chair on the porch of our canyon home, kissed us all goodbye, and went to bed to sleep in the eternal sanctity of his precious mother, the Earth. And these were his last words: "Continue for the generations." This powerfully vital dynamic way of life changes completely the intellectual and spiritual panorama of existence today.

In the first experiences of Tlish Diyan, seekers try to express an unceasing flow of uncontrollable energy going around in circles from which there is no end. They try to express what is inexpressible based on the metaphors of Tlish Diyan legend which illustrate concrete examples. So there is the wheel, a circular thing, which turns around and round and its circumference has no ending. This symbol of the wheel is used to express the path of illumination, when we discover the truth, the teachings the early Quero called Tutuskya, meaning "Wheel of Life." The Quero referred to the Wheel of Life which they saw and understood, and then set in motion the wheel of teaching. The Path of Beauty as it was called.

A revolution of the Wheel of Life takes place when we begin our path. We stand with our feet on the circumference of the Wheel and walk a spiraling path inward toward the central point of wisdom. We are enmeshed in the moving Wheel but we, ourselves remain without moving, our position in the midst of all the forces of the Changing Mother, in the center of the directional energies of the circumference, and powers of the universe. The Wheel moves forever around us, who are subject to all these forces which run through our bodies every moment of our existence. The eight directions and universal elements continually cross through us, again and again, first one and then another. The Wheel of Life is a continuously changing field of forces in which we live, and it is a dominant characteristic of the cosmology conception of Tlish Diyan. The only part which never changes is that Great Central Fire of All That Is.

by Maria Yracébûrû

13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire Represents the Native American
Evolutionary Expression of the Soul's Quest for Spirit

In working with your dreams, either alone or with others, remember that your own personal symbology must be recognized and addressed in the implications of each particular dream. When viewing dreams for the purpose of expanding intuition and self-knowing, hold rational, critical judgment at bay while exploring the emotional and intuitive levels of the dream. Try an exercise that is useful in evoking the flow of inner images, and allowing yourself to observe the images without interpretation. By working with a partner you also have the added advantage of being able to give each other feedback and discuss your responses to the images that come. Take a few minutes to become centered and quiet. Be aware of your breathing, and notice any physical sensations you might be feeling. Notice thoughts that are floating through your mind. What do you imagine your energy field looks like right now? Now, give your partner your full attention. Without talking simply look at one another and notice how you feel being together. Close your eyes and picture your partner. If this person were an animal, what would they be? If this person were a plant, what would they be? If this person were a landscape, what would they be? If this person was a body of water, what would they be? Can you see your partner as a little child? Can you see your partner as an old person?

Okay, now share, but make no effort to interpret that which has been seen. Your symbology may not be that of your partner's, and these insights may be completely insignificant for them. Allow them to voice their interpretation first, then discuss it.

You can use this exercise in other areas of your life, following your own heart's interpretation.. Say in business, where you are frequently called upon to make decisions on the basis of incomplete information - use your intuition and symbolic interpretation. It is your ability to arrive at a correct decision for you combined with a willingness to take risks that determines the success of your endeavor.

When your mind is empty, free from preconceptions, intuition has the space to unfold. Intuitively one knows that change and growth mean letting go of the way things have been, yet it is difficult to let go of an attachment to the familiar, no matter how unsatisfying it is. This is part of a normal resistance to change. One can become attached to what feels safe and familiar and be reluctant and sometimes afraid to let go, not knowing what's next. Perhaps you have had the experience of holding on to an unsatisfactory personal relationship from fear of loneliness or simply not knowing what you would do without the other person in your life. One never knows for sure what will happen when a relationship changes. One may be happier or unhappier, or both. Yet intuitively you can be aware of what is best for your growth and development. Intuitively you may know what you need to do, yet be reluctant to act on it until you can rationalize it satisfactorily. Often the need for a rational justification takes the form of feeling that one has to explain it to someone else: "What will my parents, children, friends, colleagues say if I am unconventional?"

When you are considering possible courses of action, take time to relax and envision yourself as you would like to be five years from now. What are the qualities you would like to develop in yourself in the next five years? What would you like to be doing five years from now? Where would you like to be five years from now? Write down everything you can think of which would give you a detailed picture of yourself as you would like to be five years hence. Sometimes, when you think about the future you may not be sure about what you want for yourself. If this is the case, try this:

Relax and quiet your mind. Be aware of your breathing and let go of any thoughts and feelings that come into your awareness. How does it feel to be you right now? Imagine yourself at a crossroads. Look around to see what sort of landscape you are in, and back at the road you have traveled up to this point. There is a sign here indicating where the different roads lead. Read the signs and see what they say. Choose one of the roads and follow it wherever it leads.

In wrestling with this kind of decision it is useful to get into a state of deep relaxation and visualize yourself two years hence, having chosen one of the paths. Notice whatever spontaneous images emerge. Then repeat the exercise and visualize yourself two years hence, having taken the other path. You may find that you have a different feeling about images that emerge. This may still not indicate a clear preference, since there may be positive and negative aspects to both - and variables for which you can not see. However, in allowing your unconscious to participate in the process by means of imagery, you may be able to make a clear choice with confidence and certainty, with a sense of knowing what is the right choice, regardless of whether you can justify it or explain it in rational terms. You may not know until later why or how you were led to making a particular decision.

Always keep in mind that projection is the unconscious process whereby you see in another person something you do not wish to acknowledge or accept in yourself. Projections can be either positive or negative. Often when you admire someone you are projecting your own undeveloped potential onto that person, such that they appear to have all the virtues and assets you lack. Conversely, when you dislike someone, the person you dislike most probably has characteristics which you have repressed or disowned in yourself. Sometimes projections are generalized and pervasive. The less willing someone is to take responsibility for one's state of mind and acknowledge being its source, the more one's perception is subject to distortion by perception.

by Maria Yracébûrû

13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire Represents the Native American
Evolutionary Expression of the Soul's Quest for Spirit

The first creation of All That Is was the Giver of All Life, the male aspect of energy, and Changing Mother, the female aspect of energy; from whence all life sprang. The bonding of their balanced energies within the Sacred Lodge of the Heart signifies the union of spirit and physicality, bound eternally together by the Rainbow, the symbol of harmony and balance. Regardless of which direction we may look, we find sky and earth fused as one on the horizon. The physical earth, and sky or mind (spiritual) must function together to produce new life - ever evolving. All things are conceived first in thought before they become physical expressions or manifestations. This is the meaning of the line we recognize as the horizon. Therefore much physical pain, dis-ease, or negative energy, was first conceived in thought before it appeared in the body. To cure or treat a person, a poor crop, or whatever the need, one must of necessity establish a harmonious rhythm with all energetic forces. "Let the wind carry my voice to the four corners, up to the sky, and down to the very center of the Changing Mother."

This is sacred knowledge, handed down from one generation to another, that has been pushed aside and forgotten in the busy-ness of modern society.

We have been instructed to embrace the directions of the earth as caretakers, emissaries of good will, to tell people to remember always to be grateful to the forces of Spirit and Nature, to be of integrity and generous of heart, and not to sit in judgment of one another.

Every religious philosophy contains merit, and the Native American has our spiritual heritage in a mingling of history, mythology, prophecy and symbolism which has been sacredly preserved and perpetuated with the aid of ritual, story, craft, embellished with a wonderful poetic imagination. Humanity was fashioned as the younger sibling of creation, the Native American believes, and our responsibility for this endowment is to share with, and care for All Our Relations. With this awareness, the self-actualized human traces upon the ocean of energy those traditions of the living spirit embodying All That Is of Life, wherein every thought forms a precious seed of ancient wisdom which has been carried down through the ages for one that understands manifestation in a quickening force.

Even as radio, which is an instrument of human manifestation, can pick up the fine vibrations from out of the ether and translate them into meaning, why should not we, who are much finer instruments, fashioned by the Sacred Parents, clear our channels like the Ancients, and register the greater and more subtle vibrations?

In life, let us be explorers and pioneers, when first coming in contact with others, let us discover that the prerequisite for communication is the ritual of respect and compassion. With understanding of spiritual implications let us extend a hand of friendship and confidence in All Our Relations.

By celebrating all life, we as well as All Our Relations, become more familiar with the mannerisms and patterns of each directional energy of the Creative Source. Thus a state of symbiosis, or subconscious partnership, unfolds and develops between humanity and All Our Relations. When we are on our path searching for answers to our life lessons, it is therefore natural for us to become compassionate with All Our Relations, and enter into the spirit of even the root or animal, so feeling the movement of evolution within each.

by Maria Yracébûrû

13 Sacred Mirrors of Fire Represents the Native American
Evolutionary Expression of the Soul's Quest for Spirit

Kato'ya's Return an excerpt from the soon to be released Dash' Shiheka'- I Will Show You Things.

Today, as I contemplated Kato'ya's Return, I became dimly aware of a swift, bright buzzing sound near me. The sound moved farther away. Then it darted close, a ruby-throated hummingbird was hovering curiously in the air in front of me. The light of the late afternoon shone so strongly through the bird's delicate feathers that it seemed transparent, like a tiny rainbow.

I had to smile as the tiny winged-one swung gently back and forth, oscillating in the air. It's humming enveloped me in a delicate bubble of sound and I could almost feel the air driven by its swift wings. All the while, it studied me curiously with its black eyes.

I gazed into the darkness there, aware of my Siberian husky gliding soundlessly through the shadows. With a sigh, I closed my eyes and beheld a vision of the most beautiful, vivid rainbow I have ever seen. The arc of shimmering luminous colors remained ever present as I moved through it. The mist of the red surrounded me and my physical body became completely relaxed. Then the red dissolved into orange and I became healed. The orange blended into yellow and I was immersed in the sensation of devoted love I witnessed all those who shared my life as happy and whole. The yellow became green, the green of grass and the leaves, the nurturing force of the Sacred Parents' power and the vital force rippled through my being. The green softened into blue and my balanced ego ran to embrace my inner child, and together we witnessed the birthing and manifestation of Humanity's dreams. The blue then blended into indigo and higher self joined balanced ego and inner child... the completion of my trinity within. The indigo then faded to violet and the power of All That Is bore me up into the vast Medicine Bowl of Eternity. I felt light and calm and filled with radiant light.

I became aware of my breathing as the dog rubbed up against my leg. Opening my eyes, I felt peaceful yet very much alive. A tremor of excitement moved excruciatingly slow down my body, radiating to all parts of me, then moving straight to my heart where it lingered and ignited a soft, sweet fire-a sensation I have known many times before, one that takes root deep inside of me and blossoms like a summer rose.

There are many colors in the rainbow, and most of us have heard the prophecy, in one form or another, of the Rainbow Warriors and the Fifth World of Peace. Through this prophecy we have been taught that with spiritual support the Rainbow Warriors-people of all colors and faith-will join together, eventually establishing a long and joyous reign of peace.

Many indigenous traditions have held similar versions of this prophecy. From the Return of White Buffalo Calf Woman in the form of Miracle, the white buffalo calf born in 1994, to the Return of Kato'ya in March 1998, signs or omens that foretell the fulfillment of this prophecy are becoming an everyday occurrence around the world.

The Tlish Diyan legend of Kato'ya's Return sharply mirrors the Toltec legend of Quetzalcoatl, the Mayan Ku-kulcan, and Con-tici of the Inka. This entity of light, by whatever name you use, was a teacher of love whose lessons to Humanity spoke of spiritual strength, connection, honor, mercy, and kindness. The teachings embody the love and unity of people who merge their hearts and work to fulfill the prophecies of peace and harmony.

As was foretold by the Apache Prophet, Nochaydelklinne, and the historical legends of the Tlish Diyan, Kato'ya's Return has indeed come to pass. On March 21, 1998, a celestial sign marked the moment of activation between Earth and human consciousness. A cosmic snake constructed from the alignment of Mercury, Saturn, and Mars-forming the head-was followed by the Sun, Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, the Moon, and Pluto-at the root of the tail. The cosmic serpent was headed toward the Pleiades, marking this cycle of time as an awakening of inner connection to the unconditional love of the universe. As these planets moved across the heavens, many began to tune into planetary interconnection and an understanding of Humanity's intimate connection with our own inner wisdom.

According to the legends of the Apache Tlish Diyan this began what is known as the Thirteen Sacred Mirrors of Fire. This is a process aided by forces throughout the universe in which healing, recognition, and self-actualization occur-what New Age people have referred to as Ascension.

Each of the Thirteen Sacred Mirrors of Fire is an awakening of spiritual and genetic records that we carry within us concerning our evolution. This period contains thirteen cycles of purification, learning, and preparation, with each lasting the equivalent of one solar year. It correlates with the well-accepted time frame of approximately 2012 as the projected year of Enlightenment.

The entire path is a journey of exploration, discovering the truth of where experience lies. We are opening ourselves to what is unique and throwing off the illusion of limitation, and evolving an outer resonance connected to the mysteries of the universe.

The Thirteen Sacred Mirrors of Fire are situations created to assist us to know ourselves as complete and healed spiritual individuals. The process is a quest that delivers us into the wonder of the Fifth World of Peace and Illumination.

I am honored to be able to share with you a few of the keys to unraveling the mysteries contained within the Thirteen Sacred Mirrors of Fire that my grandfather provided to me over thirty years ago. Keep in mind each Sacred Mirror cycle is approximately one year.


by Maria Yracébûrû

Ancient Ones, Keepers of Knowledge, guide my heart and bless my tongue with words of hope and love. Ancient Ones, may I speak only with reverence. Hear my prayer, that others remember, Sacred Law. Chajala Nakía, Healing Snake of the South, be my inspiration. My dreams guide me. I take my first step toward the Dream Reality.

I have sympathy for those in fear. I have compassion for others' lessons. Chajala Hada'didla, Healing Thunderbeings of the South West, fill me and infuse me with your glorious radiance. The power of healing is mine. All of today's opportunities are easy, because I choose so.

I build my life on Tlish Diyan principles. May it be a good building when my work is complete. Chajala Eo'to'to, Healing Bear of the West, send forth in a blaze of glory the declaration of my triumphant emergence from the restrictions of all physical limitation. I need never go back again. I am spared that. My destiny lies in the future. I am certain it brings all that I desire, and more. I realize that past days have ended. I face each new day, the coming twenty four hours, with hope and courage.

Chajala Dolee'atee, Healing Little Ones of the North West, I, who have known ignorance, bigotry and injustice live to be a shining example of unconditional love and pure intent. The patterns I weave with my life are complex, full of intricate detail and knots. I go at my own pace, taking one stitch at a time. It is the perfect fit for my overall design. I take my lessons in stride. I accept what comes as part of Spirit's plan for my spiritual growth.

Chajala Tuma, Healing Buffalo of the North, who has been an inspiration and sacred overseer of many of my incarnations, a deep breath invites the inner strength to move through me. I feel the exhilaration of Spirit's power. I know the excitement of growth and peace. I feel that Spirit's power is mine. I am able to face anything through that power.

Chajala Kachiñas, Healing Master Teachers of the North East, liberate me from any limitation that keeps me from fulfilling my highest good. I am never given more than I, and my higher power, can handle. The flow of Spirit comes to me through many channels. I function on the spiritual plane as well as on the material plane.

Chajala Itzá, Healing Eagle of the East, who has been my teacher, guardian and protector since time immortal, the lessons of love increase my rapture. I dwell with Spirit at the center of my life. I keep that inner peace at the center of my being.

Chajala Nohwiza'ye, Healing Ancestors of the South East, fill me with the desire to know and experience the hidden wisdom of the ages. A deep breath invites the inner strength to move through me. I feel the exhilaration of Spirit's power. I know the excitement of growth and peace. May I be a help to discouraged people. May I have the courage to help bring about what the weary world needs but does not know how to get.

Chajala Yusn, Healing Giver of All Life from Above, universal teacher and bearer of truth and wisdom, be my inspiration. Depression must be coddled to maintain it. I choose to move beyond it, by kicking it off my train. I enjoy the results. May I be used by Spirit to lighten many burdens. May many souls be helped through my efforts.

Chajala Esonkñhsendehé, Healing Changing Mother from Below, infuse me with all the healing energy, love and compassion of your wondrous nature. I am grateful for my lessons today and know all is well. I reach forward and upward. May my character be changed by this reaching upward for the things of Spirit.

Chajala Pinu'u, Healing Higher Power of Myself from Within, I endeavor to personify hope and inspiration in my manner, speech and actions. When I am uncomfortable with certain people, and the feelings don't leave, I consider what might transmute the energy. I open myself to the way and ask to be shown the steps necessary. I am patient. I accept the limitless and eternal Spirit. May this Power express itself in my life.

Chajala Bidáá, Healing Higher Power of the Light of All That Is, for whom I feel such great affinity, guide and sustain me in my quest for truth and creative powers. How great is my influence today! I go forth feeling love. I choose to ? it guarantees an enjoyable day for me and everyone I meet. I will not be held back. I let Spirit lead me forward. In my heart beats the Beauty Way, pulsing with each breath I take. In my thoughts burns the Eternal Fire, Spirit's light to show the way. In my soul is the Sacred Way, the power to obtain lies within. Heartbeat of Esonkñhsendehé, Fire of Yusn, Power of Bidáá, my connection is strong.
Daaiina, and so it is.

The way we look at things, the foundational perspective we have grown into, is what dictates what world reality is. If we are fearful, fearful situations are what we see playing out in daily life. If we chooe to look at the inspirational, life affirming events in our society, then life becomes lighter, more positive. If enough of us begin to grasp this concept, then we heal our world and peace becomes the energetic paradym for future generations.

naakai ts'ilsoose - Maria Yraceburu
Bless you Margaret :o)))


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