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Standing Elk at the
Star Knowledge Conference held
in South Dakota, June, 1996

For a long time, many have suspected that the Native Americans, who for the most part have been relatively quiet, have known quite a bit about the ETs, and UFOs. Most have assumed that held within their sacred traditions are stories of visitors and sacred prophecies for our near future. Now, thanks to the courage of Standing Elk, a Lakota Native American and a UFO Investigator in his own right, a new type of event has begun in an effort to share the truth about the UFOs.
Having participated in the first of several conferences, and having a chance to get to know Standing Elk, I feel honored to consider him a dear brother in Spirit. Beginning in June of 1996 and continuing on into 1997, the Star Knowledge UFO Conferences are becoming known as one of the major events of our time.
I became familiar with Standing Elk, through various post about the first conference by Dr. Richard Boylan, who has been one of many incredible speakers at these events. It was a great joy to participate with my wife and crystal skull caretaker, Joke Van Dieten, in the first Star Knowledge Conference held in Marty, South Dakota in June of 1996. Since that time, my wife and I have formed a strong friendship with Standing Elk and his helpers and have felt strongly to do our part by sharing parts of this process on our own web site. I believe that Standing Elk's efforts to bridge the gap between the knowledge and contacts with our Star Brothers held by the Native Americans and that information being shared publicly by other researchers and cultures is outstanding and is another sign of the prophecy that humanity must work together for our future.

His path to bring this information out publicly has been most challenging but Standing Elk's dedication under diversity is commendable. Therefore dear readers, you will find included in this section of our web site a number of reports resulting from the first Star Knowledge Conference. As of the creation of this new version of the Star Knowledge Conference home page, the next conference is scheduled for June of 1997. We will try to contact Marilyn Carlson, the confernece coordinator and post times and schedules of this new event at some future date.

A-ho ... all the best ...


Star Knowledge Reports

Standing Elks Announcement for the Conference (Feb. 1996)
Report from Dr. Richard Boylan (Speaker)
Report from Robert Perala
Comments from Joshua Shapiro (Speaker)
Conference Summary by Anne (from IUFO)
Post Conference Developments/New Conference (R.Boylan)
Star Nation Symbols Defined (with Standing Elk)
Background & History on Symbols (with Standing Elk)

Star Knowledge Interviews
(Conducted by Joshua at the Conference)

Marc Davenport
Darryl Simms - Alien Implants
Jim Greenan - Int'l UFO Ctr.
Stand Elk, Conference Initiator
Chet Snow - The Future & Crystal Skulls

Spiritual Interpretation
of Star Nation
by Standing Elk

Note: This article is reprinted with kind permission from Wild Flower Press/Blue Waters Publishing (a member of our UFO NET Global Network). This article appeared in the September/October 1996 issue (Vol 4, Number 5) of Contact Forum. Please see at the bottom of this page how to contact the publisher and subscribe to this wonderful UFO-related Newsletter. The editor also states: "see related aritcles on page 6 (link to these other articles at the bottom of this page) in relation to the possibly of an extraterrestrial source for these symbols and the methods by which they have been translated."

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Chief Golden Eagle/Standing Elk I - IV

The videos were very informative, Aurora....thank you so much for sharing.....~~Peace be with You~~

Blessings to you sweet Shelly, I share the same experience, too. The Great Spirit is faithful. I also welcome you my sister to the Red Road. (((Hugs)))
(((Hugs))) of light and love, Charu and Nancy.
Chief Golden Light Eagle/ Standing Elk shares Lakota/Dakota understanding about the Divine Feminine.

Grandma Chandra and Telepathy
by Standing Elk ( written 10 years ago )

I will tell you a little story.

Last fall, we traveled down to Scottsdale, Arizona for the September Equinox ceremonies with Kachora. We did lectures first, then we all went out into the elements to retrieve the materials needed for constructing a sweat lodge. That night was a night full of Love, Light and much happiness.

The following day, there was a knock on the door. There was a beautiful lady standing outside the door, and she said hello, my name is Cat and then she asked me, "Do you know someone by the name of Standing Elk?" I said, "Yes, I'm Standing Elk".

Then she said, "My daughter wants to know who this Standing Elk is, because he kept her up all night playing his flute, singing and making her dance. She came to find out who he is." I asked her, "Is she with you?"

She said "yes."

I asked her to bring her in. In a few minutes she entered the house with this beautiful young woman. She carried her into the living room placed her gently on the couch. There she sat, so innocent and beautiful and she began "looking around" and feeling the spirit and atmosphere of the energy around her. She said, "I want to talk to Standing Elk!"

I immediately said, "I know you! You are my grandmother!" She said "Yes, Yes, Yes!"

She said, "I want to know about the Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator". I told her, "You already know them". She said "Yes, Yes, Yes!"

Then she asked me, "Why am I like this? I cannot do anything with my body, but my mind is perfect! Why? What is my purpose here?"

I told her, "You are to teach the Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator. The reason you are the way you are is because of the effect you will have on mankind. We are the ones that failed to communicate with the children, we don't have time for the children with the problems that you have physically. Instead we stick them in hospitals and institutions and let them wither away. We need to help the people understand that we can communicate now. Thanks to the efforts of your mother, Cat. She has opened the doors for the parents to learn that gift of sacred communication with their children."

She said, "Yes, Yes, Yes!"

That introduction was how it happened, and there was much more. Since then we traveled together. We talked, discussed, prayed, sang and danced the language of Holy Nations, the Stars Nations and the Masters of all Universes.

Chandra knows all Mother Earth languages. Any foreign or domestic language. The languages of the heart, body, mind and Spirit. She knows the languages of the Universe. She is a heart opener. If anyone has trouble with their heart chakra, bring them to Grandma Chandra. She is instant.

Chandra lectured at the Sedona Star Knowledge Conference. Grandmother Chandra has also lectured at the Return of the White Dove Conference in Laurie, Missouri. She was the Heart of the Conference. She was pure heart medicine. Everyone immediately fell in love with her.

If anyone is interested in the art of telepathy, the original language, the language of love, Chandra and Cat will be there to help everyone "Open Up".

Chandra is fifteen years old and had cerebral palsy from birth and she wasn't expected to live past five years of age. Thanks to her mothers LOVE and efforts, she has outlived the prophecies that were laid out by the Medical field. Chandra is approximately 4 ft. tall, maybe give or take a few inches.

Please make time for her in your life.

Chief Standing Elk sings a traditional song for Grandma Chandra.
Chief Golden Eagle/Standing Elk relays: BIG FOOT MESSAGE


Cultivates Purity, Innocence and Truth

Sasquatchitan. I am Chief of Sasquatchi People. You may think we are hairy and have big feet. Really this is not so.

I come to speak to you because soon, our people will come to you again. The reason we had to leave the community of human beings is because of their loss of this innocence, truth, and purity. For our race and the Laws of our race are based upon these three.

All true Star Nations practice innocence, truth and purity.

Our people did not want to leave the human beings. This is why you have seen us here and there. Your grandfathers and grandmothers who have grown through what you call “years” usually are those who have seen us, because the Earth Walk teaches innocence, truth, and purity. This is why the Elders are the Spiritual leaders.

Our people are ready to come to the human beings again, to live with you and to teach you many things.

First, human beings must purify. For when we see you, we see things that are very horrifying to us because we have spiritual sight. You must cleanse the cloud of bad spirits that surrounds you, the negativity, unholy feelings, and unwise thoughts. Not only do these dark clouds prevent our people from having relationship to you, it prevents you from having relationship with Spirit and having relationship with Mother Earth.

We will share some practices now that will help you.

First, within the Sacred Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, there is the power for your cleansing.

If you were to bury yourself in Earth and stay there for a day, you would be clean.

If you were to go and stay with Brother Waterfall for a day, you would be clean.

If you would stay under the Desert Sun for a day, you would be clean.

If you would stand in the Strong Winds of the Mountain People for one day, you would be clean.

The Elemental Peoples love human beings. They will do service at any time for you. Take Tobacco to them. Pray for their Nation and they will come to you with hearts overflowing.

Then, honor their gift to you by changing the way you think, feeling with true heart, praying for renewal with Creator and honoring Mother Earth with each footstep.

The way of cleansing for human beings is right outside your door.

Mother Earth and her peoples are glorious beings of Universe!

Learn to respect us!

You look to the skies for miracles, the miracles are here!

Open your eyes and see!

Mother Earth is a great teacher of Innocence. She is a great teacher of Truth. She is Purity embodied. Know your Mother! Most of you came from far away to be with her and to be with the Peoples of her Love.

We Sasquatchi are ready to join you in the community of Sacred Law, in True Heart. We will teach you how to step through those Portals of Time. We will teach you how to remember who you are, your starry intelligence and wisdom. We will help you learn how to be in balance with the Sacred World around you.

Our Peoples have adopted this Universal Law and its sign as the symbol of Our coming and as the energy of our Teachings. And so, you may call us through these ways.

First, we will check you out. We will watch you. We will see if you are ready.

Can you see the little signs? For the biggest teachings are little things. We will be watching to see. For, when you can respect that little pebble, you can respect us. You can respect who you are.

Purity. Go out to the Sacred Waters.

Innocence. Remember when you were very young and be that way.

Truth. Stop trying so hard to lie.

The Elemental Brothers and Sisters are of these Essences. They are Purity in form. They are single. They are True. They are unpolluted, they understand that they are the Keepers of Life.

Learn from Soil and Stone.

Learn from River and Ocean.

Learn from Fire and Lightning.

Learn from Wind and Breath.

They are so close to you that you cannot remember who they are. And yet, not one action that you take, could you do without them.

These Sacred Element Peoples will restore you.

And then we, Sasquatchi, will come and teach you the community ways of being in balance with Sacred Mother. Then your lifeline will be unbroken as ours has been from the beginning.

Mitakuye Oyasin
Standing Elk/Golden EagleChief/ChiefBlack Spotted Horse
Please meet this wonderful Lady
Bless you, Carol, it is a joy discovering our ancestry together.
Mitakuye Oyasin

Chief Golden Light Eagle visits the California coast and thanks the people for praying for the whales.


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