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In the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture collection, Young Living has gathered the 12 most significant oils found in the Bible. Did you know that there are 188 references to oils in the Bible? This message is a brief introduction. If you would like the FREE report: 120 Uses of the 12 Oils of Ancient Scripture Kit, just click here

Ancient Secrets of Scriptural Essential Oils
“Along the bank of the river, on this side and that, will grow all kinds of trees used for food. Their leaves will not wither, and their fruit …will be for food, and their leaves shall be for Medicine.” -- Ezekiel 47:12
The power and mystique of fragrance have captured the imagination of both men and women for centuries. Spices and oils became an integral part of the Hebraic culture in Biblical times. Essential Oils… the missing link to modern medicine…were used to anoint kings, leaders, and the Christ Child. Frankincense and Myrrh (the gifts of the Christ Child) are now being documented by European doctors as the most powerful “natural health insurance” in modern society. These healing plant oils are the life blood of the plant! Now you too can access the power of essential oils and learn the Secrets of the Ancient Scriptures.

The Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection

Many botanists believe that aloes were derived from sandalwood, one of the oldest sources of incense known to man
Modern Uses- Help for cystitis and urinary tract infections and is particularly good for skin care especially for acne, dry, and cracked skin. Also beneficial toward menstrual problems, sleep, respiratory infections, and nervous tension. In traditional Indian medicine it is valued for its anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-infectious properties.
For the Mind and Spirit- This oil can be used for clarifying and stilling the mind, creating space for inner unity of body, mind, and spirit. It is know for its tranquil and calming effects on troublesome souls

One of the oldest know spices, cassia was an ingredient in the holy anointing oil and the incense that was burned daily in the temple
Modern Uses-Antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, and an immune system builder

Cedar was an integral part of two Biblical purification rituals- one for lepers and another for those who were impure from touching a dead body
Modern Uses- Used as an insect repellent, also for hair loss, acne, dandruff, eczema, fungal infections, and other skin disorders. Also helps improve symptoms of circulation and joint mobility failure, and is a great decongestant for the respiratory system.
For the Mind and Spirit- It can enhance deep sleep and emotional releases. It can clear the mind and brain. It helps relieve nervous tension and stress-related conditions.

The cypress tree is renowned for its durability. Some Bible scholars believe cypress may be the "gopher wood" used to build Noah's Ark.
Modern Uses- Improves circulation and supports the nerves and intestines. Anti-infectious, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and strengthens blood capillaries. Also acts as an insect repellent.
For the Mind and Spirit- Helps to convey a feeling of cohesion and stability. Useful in relieving anger, irritability, and stress related conditions. Spiritually is helps in times of inner turmoil and transition.

Because frankincense symbolizes divinity, it was one of the three gifts given to the Christ child.
Modern Uses- Expectorant, antitumoral, immunostimulant, and antidepressant
For the Mind and Spirit- Has the ability to relax and revitalize at the same time. Excellent treatment for nervous tension and nervous exhaustion. Its fragrance increases spiritual awareness and promotes meditation.

Ancient incenses included spices or perfumes with lovely fragrances, but were not complete without the earthy odor of galbanum.
Modern Uses- Helpful for abscesses, acne, asthma, chronic coughs, cramps, indigestion, muscular aches and pains, scar tissue, wrinkles, and wounds.
For the Mind and Spirit- Helpful for emotional balancing and nervous tension, Galbanum is called a sacrificial fragrance that allows for the shedding of old ideas and attitudes.

Branches from the hyssop plant were used during the exodus from Egypt to dab Hebrew doorsteps with lamb's blood as protection from the plague of death.
Modern Uses- Has been used to relieve anxiety, arthritis, asthma, respiratory infections, parasites, sore throats, and for cuts and wounds. It can strengthen the lungs and help prevent the recurrence of colds and flu, and ward off infection.
For the Mind and Spirit- Hyssop is distinctly invigorating for the mind. It is used for poor concentration, short-term mental fatigue, and chronic nervous conditions. Traditionally, it was considered an oil of protection of one's space from evil spirits.

It is fitting that myrrh symbolizes suffering, since it is produced by slicing the bark of a myrrh tree, so that the precious resin oozes out and hardens into drops called "tears".
Modern Uses- It is anti-infectious, antiviral, antiparasitic, hormone-like, anit-inflammatory, soothes skin conditions, anti-hyperthyroid, and supports the immune system.
For the Mind and Spirit- Used for emotional releasing, myrrh affects the nervous system in a gentle, calming way. It can be used to instill deep tranquility, inner stillness, and peace.

To the ancient Jews, myrtle was symbolic of peace and justice.
Modern Uses- Very mild oil so it is good for children's coughs and chest complaints. It is soothing to the respiratory system and acts as a decongestant. Good for the sinuses, and symptoms of the cold and flu.
For the Mind and Spirit- Helps control and release anger and frustration.

Like frankincense and myrrh, onycha is a resin and was used in various religious ceremonies.
Modern Uses- Can be inhaled for sinusitis, bronchitis, colds, coughs, and sore throats. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties are useful for dermatitis and skin wounds.
For the Mind and Spirit- Has been known to relieve stress when used in massage oil.

Rose of Sharon/Cistus
Anciently, the gum that exudes from this plant was collected from the hair of goats that had browsed among the bushes.
Modern Uses- Has been studied for its effects on the regeneration of cells. Helpful toward respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, lung infections, coughs, and rhinitis.
For the Mind and Spirit- Has been found to be calming to the nerves and elevating for the emotions.

Hebrews & Romans used spikenard in the burial of their dead.
Modern Uses- Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, deodorant, relaxing, and as a skin tonic. It is helpful for rapid and irregular heartbeat. Aids in digestive acts so therefore helps nausea, constipation, and intestinal colic.

"There is Treasure to be Desired and Oil in the House of the Wise." --Proverbs 21:20

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Wonderful information, thank you Pam!

love and light


Glad you enjoyed it Paula! Wish I could share the aroma's with you too! :-)

Interesting article, thanks for posting it.

I use Frankincense in my sacred room, that I use for my Distant Healing Events, as it is also a purifier.

Sending waves of love


Absolutely Marlene! Young Living has a new Frankincense  called "sacred frankincense"....even more uplifting and spiritually enhancing!
I have never heard of Onycha or Galbanum.
Great, you learned something new! I love it when that happens! :-)


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