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Dan C. Purser, MD
Dr. Purser has an extensive resume that includes practices in family medicine with an emphasis on women's health and preventative care of the body. One of Young Living's most popular speakers in 2009, Dr. Purser presented the important role hormones play in women's health and helped launch the new innovative product, Progessence Plus.
Notes from Dr. Purser's Lecture:
Low Progesterone causes:
1.  PMS (Pre-menstrual & Post Menopausal)
2.  Headaches
3.  Endometriosis
4.  Hot Flashes
5. Day & Night Sweats
6.  TMJ Disorder (90%)
7.  Insomnia
8.  Demyelination (Neuropathies)
9.  Lack of libido
10. Hair loss (thyroid too)
11. Increased Acne
Estrogen Dominence Symptoms
(these can be balanced with progesterone)
1.  Backache
2.  Bloating
3.  Bitchiness
4.  Bread
5. Uterine Fibroids
6. Excessive Bleeding
How Progesterone Benefits Women
1.  Cools arteries
2.  Prevents 98% of hot flashes
3.  Prevents 98% of day & night sweats
4.  Prevents 98% of PMS
5.  Prevents 98% migraines in females (estrogen for men)
6.  Improves Postpartum depression
7.  Aids in weight loss
8.  Decreases acne
9.  Elevates Mood
10. Stops 95% of TMJ inflammation
11. Makes you sleep
12. Heals nerves
13. Reduces & get's rid of endometriosis
14. Improves bone density
15. Improves libido
Just ONE birth control pill increases the risk of breast cancer 10X! (wow)
Progesterone P4
P4 DOES NOT equal synthetics. Synthetic progesterone is bad
P4 is NATURAL progesterone and is good
It is molecular identical to human progesterone in the human body and is created with Wild Yams thru a natural compounding process.
Our product Progessence Plus is:
Fully formed
Not Yam precursor
Pure Progesterone
Super micronized
Tinier - Better Absorbed
P4 is beneficial for:
Nerve Healing
Progessence Plus has a base of Vitamin E and contains the essential oils Frankincense, Copaiba, Bergamont, Rosewood and Cedarwood
Apply ANYTIME you have symptoms to
Rub on temples for headaches/migraines
Rub over carotid artery
Use whenever needed, enhances natural production
SAFE for young girls!
Hope this is helpful to you or maybe someone you know. It is a safe and inexpensive product. I tried it at convention and immediately added it to my order for this month. You can find me in my HAPPY PLACE of Progessence Plus! (smile)
Feel free to email me if you have any questions!
Blessings! PAM

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Just the titled of the discussion made me laugh. I was having problems with my feet of all things burning I had to put ice packs on them . So I googled and it stated this could be symptoms of MS or diabetes. I went had the test done came back okay , then my skin started to crawl all over felt like a horrible sunburn , painful to the touch to even wear clothes. So I called my sister in law and was telling her how I felt she busted out laughing and said, welcome to menopause........oh yipee!! So I researched the symptoms and joy some of the problems I am having is the worst case senerio. I don't have hot flashes , night sweats, the typical tall tell signs I would have to be a werido with burning feet and crawling skin. Funny story about my feet I got freaked out thought maybe since I was a witch in another life that maybe I was having burning at the stake symptoms reasoning my feet were on fire..........LOL you should have seen my husband when I told him THAT one!! Sometimes I even make me laugh for being so silly.

Yep, the joys of menopause! I am glad you brought this up Sally as there are symptoms too numerous to mention when it comes to this. The ones above are just "some" and the most complained about but there are many more, including the "burning feet"! Dry skin is another....seems like menopause sucks the moisture out of us everywhere!
I recommend women go and have their hormones checked and then proceed in the manner of their in natural!
Thanks for sharing Sally! We females and our "hormone" issues can be so entertaining to our spouses huh! LOL
Oh yeah and what is even funnier men too go through menopause , loosing leg hair becoming sensitive no limbo . Now he cries at what I once use too and I'm looking at him saying straighten up dude it's okay. He's the girl and now I'm the boy with chin hairs, mustaches, nipple hairs , belly button hair I'm turning into sasquach but hell my head hair is thinning. Him being cold all the time me warm for once in my life speaking my mind more logical in my thinking than emotional. Nature is funny doing a switch on us genders herbal didn't work on me I was literally having to take six tablets plus daily so had to be put on a hormone patch . For dry skin aveeno baby is the best even great on your feet my heels are so soft and I find eating more dairy makes me feel better too. I'm wondering if it's because of the hormones in it? So I'm wondering if the next phase is chewing tabacoo spitting telling dirty jokes and going to strip joints hahaha already don't like to dress up and boy did I use too. Now tshirts and shorts flip flops cut my hair as short as possible , I've gone fashion model for the klon-dyke magazine .....gonna be one of those silly days I see.

I totally relate to the dressing up!! NO MORE HEELS FOR ME and yes, short hair....LOVE my short hair!
I guess Mother Nature forces us into compassion for our counterparts! My husband had the nightsweats and yes, he is always cold! I just hope I never have hair growing out of my ears! LOL
send me an so that I can forward you some info!


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