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These other members of the Illuminati and Freemasons do not know the ultimate endgame of the 0.02% of the 1%!  Those very few at the top know that every single one of their supporting members are going to perish with the rest of Humanity, unless we turn things around and get rid of these dark entities at the very top and even then, it is going to take a lot of work for the human race to be ready in time to face the energy coming in.  Without the Dark Cabal, we have a small chance of making it, with them, we have no chance at all! This is why they must be destroyed now.  Not even their underground bases will save them and the Head of the Rothschild dynasty know this!  Time is running out.   The Freemasons and the  Illuminati can save themselves and humanity, but only if they turn on the Rothschilds, Royals and those at the very top!


Expected Cosmic Events in 2012 by Pane Andov

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Wow.....I didn't think this could happen, but it's obvious I am wrong. I will begin 

meditation immediately. I do not want to see this planet destroyed, or any of

the life upon it.

Though this expansion is meant to happen, we are supposed to be ready for it.  But, the Dark Cabal are Tipping the Scale towards our own destruction and of course theirs too!   The walk-ins can just leave the physical body, while their illuminati and Freemason supporters die along side us as our Mother Earth Burns. The only way to stop this from happening is for the Illuminati and the Freemasons to turn against the Heads of the top of the pyramid.  (They must Turn on the Walk-ins before they themselves are destroy alongside us.)  I can't see the Illuminati and Freemason members turning on their betrayers!  People do not have the same reasoning abilities that their forefathers had. This is intentional to stop them ever turning on the Walk-ins that are in fact the Archons spoken of in many Texts.  We will go all together, while those rotten evil Archon walk-ins just leave the physical and jump to their own dimensions and avoid our fate! 


The majority of the Idiots within these Secret Societies will continue supporting the Archon walk-ins right to the point of their own doom.  You can't reason with programmed machine minds like theirs.


What I can't understand is that the benevolent ETs won't Intervene because of some lame excuse that they do not want to be baby sitters to Humanity.  It won't be necessary as all we need is the chance to revolt against the dark Cabal and we can put things right from there.  We will also be able to evolve, so do not need any baby sitting!!

Charles, I totally agree with your thinking. This planetary race of Humans 

have NEVER been shown how to evolve properly....the early races that\

seeded humanity on this world were very co-pendant and never really "fixed"

their mistakes. If they were really interested in our well-being, they would

get their asses down here and at least SHOW us the way and remove the

negatives that are keeping us hostage. We as Sovereign Souls, NEVER asked

to be controlled by drugs, mind control techniques, subliminal messages, etc.

I am totally with you on that Victoria, So why are they not helping us to a point at least?  Just enough so that we can begin arresting the dark cabal?  That is all we need!   They can't care that much about us if nothing gets any better. we face as a physical species, oblivion!  Is that what they want?

Then we truly are alone in the universe if we can't count on anyone out there.

Charles, I hear know that there is really no such thing

as death, right?... you are Eternal. Your energy is eternal. I personally

do not desire to be on any more 3D worlds...there really is better in

the Universe, trust me on that one! Only the old, 3rd dimensional plane

is going away. 

Only physical Death, I know that life continues at other levels. :-)  We should not accept the end of this world.  Mother Earth has the right to exist.

But Charles....maybe this is how earth is initiated into a 

higher dimensional frequency. It SHOULD have happened 

naturally, but we are still captives, and so is the earth.....

this blast of energy isn't going to hurt higher dimensions...

at least I don't believe it will....only the 3rd dimension and 

lower will be destroyed. The Cabal of dark entities won't be

able to survive this energy.

Earth will still be here!!! The planet isn't going to blow up....

it will be like pealing off a layer of DEAD skin. everythng and 

every body of the lower dimensional energy frequencies will

be GONE.....the earth will exist, and her residents, just in a

higher level.. you see? Don't be afraid.... I have a feeling

this will all be ok in the end.

I hope that is the case Victoria, as the Earth and it life forms should not suffer because of a few Greedy, twisted and demented Bloodlines that don't have a human soul.

That is why they have to be taken, removed, deleted, or imprisoned where they can do no more harm.

Talk about false prophets! 

I have seen false prophets in my time, like Dis-information artist, Steward Swerdlow, though he speaks a lot of truth, he adds the disinformation he wants you to swallow. 

there is non of that with This guy Pane Andov.  I feel he is totally genuine.  If he is beling lead astray, he doesn't know of it.


I would have to ask, what it is about this guy that you think is false Star flower? 


What a Star (child) for finding this. Appreciated AND it makes sens;e that I have been pushing hard in one direction without much progress (for a shelter for my family) and not hard enough for the Individual/Earth shield of global co-operation. I have always believed that if all the people on the Earth saw Nibiru heading our way that the Collective Mind could divert it. I also believe that short of cataclysm the current crew on Planet Earth will never learn to team up, hence Matthew 24 suggesting all the tribes of the Earth shall mourn is about where we are at.

So Andov gives simple hope: team up for love and co-operation .... and survival :o-) Stop killing and start loving and meditating. And suicide jockey consciousness won't help either! We have to see this one through to the end and anyone who jumps ship will definitely miss the boat in consciousness terms.

As for me and my household .... love light and laughter .... cos we're the LLLs Angels :o-)



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