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These other members of the Illuminati and Freemasons do not know the ultimate endgame of the 0.02% of the 1%!  Those very few at the top know that every single one of their supporting members are going to perish with the rest of Humanity, unless we turn things around and get rid of these dark entities at the very top and even then, it is going to take a lot of work for the human race to be ready in time to face the energy coming in.  Without the Dark Cabal, we have a small chance of making it, with them, we have no chance at all! This is why they must be destroyed now.  Not even their underground bases will save them and the Head of the Rothschild dynasty know this!  Time is running out.   The Freemasons and the  Illuminati can save themselves and humanity, but only if they turn on the Rothschilds, Royals and those at the very top!


Expected Cosmic Events in 2012 by Pane Andov

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Many thanks JJ for your comment.  The wars must end!  The only way I can see that happening is to rid ourselves of the system that the dark Cabal has created over the centuries.  Take away their power to create debt based money and they fall apart and everything will go down with them.  It is time for the whole of humanity to awaken and prepare for the great wave that is coming!  If we can rid ourselves of these Parasitic Vermin once and for all, then the world will shine and it would be so much easier to ride the boat on the consciousness wave.  :-)

If this guy is a 'pane' in the ass; then only the enlightened ones can detect a false prophecy. False prophets like who/whom? NASA (never a straight answer) The Illuminati Cabals, the Banksters, the Governments ...... the list of False Ones who believe their own lies is endless. Ultimately, the God within is connected to the ONE and by dint of mediation and attunement answers will come. As for me I like caricatures and allegories as much as I like 'true' stories. If this Andov is upping the anti so-to-speak then so be it; it will get some to wake up who are still slumbering. ZetaTalk has been talking of major events for years, Cayce has been warning for decades (last channelled in 1985) of a Pole Shift. The Bible has been forever warning?

Andov's message ultimately is to love and meditate and plug in. We have to stop killing each other and murdering animals? Is that message too hard - methinks not :o-)

Keep loving; keep laughing - we chose this run :o-)


Syria is a case in point that we need to leave them alone, it is due to agent provocatuers from the America and Israel that are causing the problems there, the provocatuers are arming rebels that they have trained and paid to disrupt the current government in Syria.


If we can tell our governments to leave them alone and ask them to stop looking to start wars with other countries!  We must demand a decade of Peace from Israel, America, Britain and France, as these are the culprits that begin a vast majority of the wars across the globe. 

Watch CNN today. Real big stuff actually happening today in Chino-American relations and a ton of money in the balance. 

Charles, that is absolutely true! The people of Syria a good people.... I 

like them very much, and those American and Israeli bastards are keeping

many of them from receiving food, water, clothing..... its terrible.


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