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IT'S IN THE US NOW. First cases of flesh-eating drug reported in AZ

Join us in our fight against these deadly drugs before it's too late!
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Don’t Use Krokodil
Krokodil is a street version of desomorphine (bath salts etc) , an opiate that’s 3 times more powerful and 10 times cheaper than heroin, and has become an epidemic in Russia. It’s so named because regular users develop gangrenous, scaly skin resembling that of a crocodile. it rots the flesh off its abusers turning them into real-life zombies. Krokodil is made with such toxic chemicals that it rots the flesh and bones of its users. WARNING: Extremely graphic images.
Now the drugs are finally here in America.


Krokodil: Russia's Deadliest Drug (NSFW)

Vice did a great piece on it here

Here are a few other sources:

Bath Salts, Synthetic Weed and Krokodil are apart of the Zombie Apocalypse we see now with the help of pills, alcohol and other drug cocktails. Why are bath salts and synthetic weed growing so much in popularity? Because it's controlled genocide like most other drugs. They are made in ivy league school and their objective is eugenics and population control. Notice the all seeing eye, angel of death and satanic images on the packaging?

Mephedrone and methylone, two stimulants commonly found in designer drugs such as “bath salts,” act on the brain much like methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, Ecstasy). According to recent studies, the two may be addictive, but may not have the same propensity for causing toxicity as MDMA.
Stimulants in “Bath Salts” Produce Effects Similar to MDMA

Bathsalts zombies: A year on.

Miami cannibal attacker was high on bath salts


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omg... the stun never stops!

This is the Work of the Cabal that has targeted Russia because it is against the New (Old World Order (Disorder)   Russia, China and another other nation that is against these zionist Parasitic Criminal Banksters!


The Cabal won't stop until it is utterly destroyed!  Any Humanity within these Sub-human group is long gone through interbreding with Psychopath upon Psychopath!  They have de-humanized themselves to become the Parasites that they are.  They operate from their R-Complex Brains, which has no Empathy with any other life forms!  They have truly become Sub-Humans in this regard.  I never thought I would ever have to say that about any group on the planet, but they have been persuaded to choose this evolutionary path!  It is sickening that a group of Zionist Sheeple have been lead  down this path by a small few Demonic Cabal.  They are the equivalent to having a species of Aliens from the movie Aliens running around on Earth!  They are as deadly to life on this planet as the Fictional Aliens!  What would a sane Military do with such a species?  If our Military were in their right minds and they were not controlled by Zionists, they would obliterate this psychopathic species from the Face of the Earth with no Exceptions.


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