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DECEPTION PROJECT pt34 - ancient pyramid technology, crop circles & the language of light

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I would add the fact that believing without asking questions is called DOGMA, and dogma is what have kept humanity enslaved for thousands of year. Believing blindly, or Dogma, is the most dangerous attitude someone can have.

And where is the problem with questioning things? If someone is truly loving and they are saying the truth, they won't be angry, they will be compassionate. And they will patiently explain what is happening, with love and they will demonstrate it, which is the most important part of it.

It's time to wake up and start asking questions.

Ok then, even if they do explain, do you believe them? Obviously not. If you read the other sites where mediums are channelling, entire evenings and afternoons are given over to Q&A.

Go and read Micheal Quinsey's site.

Don't worry, I did spend some time and read about it. You are obviously taking about the GFOL here. I have to say that the first time I read about it, I found it quite interesting, but there was a little something in me that felt wrong, but I didn’t pay attention and ignored it. And for a while I was reading with some interest, until a point where my feeling of “there is something not quite right here, but I can’t put my finger on it” was too strong and so I stop reading the messages from the GFOL and Ashtar for a while. And then later on I made more research about it. I was interested in channeling for a long time and even channeled for a little while.

Let’s go back to the GFOL. The problem is that they pretty much never demonstrate anything, and many things they said did not come true, so we can already raise a flag here. It is easy to justify and talk about the bad guys to justify why it didn't happen. It is easy to say words of love, but as I said the most important part is demonstration. If you know anyone how lives with someone that manipulates them or was manipulated in the past, you know that they use words of love, but their actions do not follow. Even worse, there are those that do loving actions one day, and are nasty the other day, which causes lots of confusion. They always have a good reason to justify what is happening. And as long as you do what the manipulator says, everything is ok.

And even though I did not personally interact with the GFOL, I met 2 people that had direct OBE interaction with them. One who is saying they are good and blindly follows what they say without asking questions, the other is saying they are not who they say they are and as long as you do what they want, they will indeed be loving, but if you don’t do as they say, they can be nasty, and so their love is conditional. This is more than enough for me to raise my level of discernment and raise more questions.

The reason why I don’t believe them is for many reasons. First, because of my inner feeling, and also because I made some research about the origins of humans, of who we really are. When you know who you are, you don’t need an outside source to “save” you, “save” the planet, or temporarily “take us off planet” during earth changes. And I don’t care if I die, this body is just a temporary form, and I’d rather die here organically, as I was born, than submit to a hierarchy that is off planet. The soul is eternal anyway. I also made lots of research about what is going on behind the scenes, and also on ET contacts. I can’t say that I found the truth because we never know, but I found more than enough information to be aware that there is a good chance that they are deceiving humanity. Maybe they are not, but that’s what my gut is telling me, and it is not based on fear, but on information, experience and discernment.

Michael Quinsey is one of the guys that these unknown beings work through.  You cannot take anything he says as truth.   He may believe he is speaking the truth, but he is not.

My thoughts exactly. They would understand that in a planet of deception, that people have a right and a duty to ask questions.  



The best policy is to always question, until we can get away from this Duality world.  What a day that would be!  :-)

ChewyBees, I do not believe it is because if Maryann at all that Colleen left, and I do not support your personal attack on Maryann. In fact, it was obvious in the last comment that Colleen made, that she thought that your comment

"I'm not sure why you keep coming back to this group.  It obviously is not your cup of tea.  What I do know is that you are more than willing to tell anyone and everyone off that operates outside of your box. "

was addressed to her. She probably is sensitive and took it personally. The only person responsible for Colleen is herself, there is no good in blaming others.

It's sad that Coleen left, here is what I had to say to her last comment that she deleted:

"Well I agree with you, I don't agree with the idea of Chris Thomas that angels are Velons, I read pretty much all of his book, and while he is saying interesting information, he cannot demonstrate it 99% of the times. And what was suppose to happen didn't happen and so we can question his source of information. I know he his saying what he thinks is the truth, but he can be wrong like all of us. I was not referring to Chris Thomas here.

What I am saying is that angels come from scriptures, or the Bible. And so let's talk about Biblical angels. And the Bible was clearly based on knowledge that is much older, as we can see that it resembles to the information available in the Sumerian tablet. There is a clear connection there. And in these tablets, they talk about "angels" or fallen angels. Or beings from another dimension if you would like. Does that make them benevolent or malevolent? My take is that it is very easy for interdimensionnal beings to say they are angels by sending messages of love and calling themselves angels. Not only they know about the information that is available to us, they can read our mind.

But that also means that some benevolent entities, or guides, can say they are angels because it is what you believe in and their idea is to help you. And so, to avoid shaking people belief, it's much easier for them to say that they are angels than starting to explain dimensions and their true origins, which is irrelevant and can confuse you. I think that is why the information about angels varies a lot.

The only way to know what are the true origins of the biblical angels is to meet one personally, and ask him to show you the true history of their origins and finding evidence that supports their claim. Otherwise it is just a belief. Believing in what is in the Bible without any demonstration is Dogma, and that, to me, is the dangerous part. It is dangerous because one can interpret the information in different ways, and so it is subject to the interpreter.

And so my questions is more about the idea of the biblical angels, but for some people, an angel is a being that is there to help them, and that I have no problem with.

And an opinion is only an opinion, you don't have to take it personally. And so I also wish the best to you and I hope I will still see you here, because the more we talk with other people, the more we can learn from them, especially if their views are different.

Much love Colleen!"

@Chewybees I object to your personal attack on here. I don't know the lady in question, nor what she has said or done. But your words were full of bitterness. This is not the kind of thing I wish to see on here, it's disruptive and unhelpful.

I am not trying to do anything, but give another angle to a belief system that could be seriously wrong.  Can you honestly show me that what you see as holy is actually holy, guaranteed?  What if you are completely and utterly wrong?  You will be lost if what you held to turned out to be the exact opposite.   Show me something that is concrete!  You can't.   All I am saying is that you show some caution.  Don't blindly believe in anything. The only thing that you can say for certain, is that we are multi-dimensional beings, who are a prize for what ever is causing all the evil in the world.

I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. Most people that are working with angels or archangels have NO IDEA where they are coming from, as it seems we have no idea where we are coming from as a race and who we REALLY are. They read a book about angels, some things did resonate, and they went on thinking it's great and they are here to help us. Well some people used to think the same thing about religions. Make a research on the origins of the so-called angels, ascended masters and the GFOL, chances are you will be surprised by what you'll find. Looking only one side of a coin is a very good way to be deceived, and as long as you don't take the time to be centered, look at all the available information without any preconceived idea, you can't make a decision that is wise.

Saying that information infects people mind is not really true. Maybe it applies to you, but information is information, that's it. What we do with it is up to us. It's not about spreading fear, it's about knowing what is really going on, and the best way to make up your mind is obvious, it is to have as much as information and sides of the story as you can. So yes maybe you will come across information that is inaccurate or that raises fear, but going through that is good because afterwards your discernment is better and you don't follow hype or mass movement.

Let's make an analogy with the earth. Let's say nuclear energy. People have been using it for a while to get energy and power, thinking that it is a clean source of energy compared to coal or other fuels, because they believed the first pieces of information that they came across and because it came from "official" sources. But if they would make some research on the origins and on what nuclear energy actually is and what it involves, they would realize that this is far from being a good option for boiling water. Same thing about GMOs, same thing about so many things that are being sold to the public as being good, and if you don't make your own research and try to get all sides of the story, you are screwed unless you are lucky and you happen to find the real information at first sight (that would be INCREDIBLY LUCKY!!). Of course Angels and GMOs are different, but here I'm referring to the principle, the general idea.

I don't blame anyone here, it's just that we were born in a society where we are told what to think, no to be free thinkers. We only receive bits and pieces of information and so we base our decisions on what we think is the best. So you can continue to think what you want, and choose what you want, you have free will.

And I'm not saying that all forces are dark, just that we need to get through the facade, and not be naive. Much love.

Have you ever met these beings?  what do you really know of them, what you have read?  You cannot accept that you could ever be wrong!  This is blind faith and that will lead to beliefs being shattered! We can trust to nothing!  I don't like this situation any more than you Maryann,  Human Beings want to trust in the reality of their world, but we are rapidly discovering that the truths we held to dearly for so long, have turned out to be lies!   This is not the kind of world I want to live in, but feel free to trust in whatever you like.  You are responsible for your own life.  I wish I could say I am wrong, but honestly, I can't.

I started watching the first video, but stopped because this is all fear based stuff.I don't give this stuff the time of day.What we need right now is love and forgiveness on this planet.


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