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Yes but love and forgiveness WITHOUT truth is DECEPTION. So it is very important at first to verify the authenticity and the truth behind something. For example, you can say to your friends that you love them and forgive them, but if within yourself you don't, not only you are causing harm to you for keeping grudges, but you are deceiving your friend that would probably not be your friend anymore if he had known the truth.

The reason why humanity is where it is at right now, it is because of deception, not because humans are not loving or forgiving. The human race is a very sweet, loving and gentle race, but we are born in an environment that is toxic and doesn't allow us to express our full beauty.

I completely agree Christine, instilling fear in people is dark by itself. For years my most basic knowledge given was always to ask for the protection of my guides and of the Christ Light before beginning meditations or anything related to my spirituality.

I now challenge all and ask if they are of the Christ Light.

From what Danny seems to be implying, I can no longer trust anything I am given. How do you discern the truth? I can only go by my intuition, feelings and previous experience which is how we all learn.

I learned all I know from reading, beginning with the books of Anthony Borgia, the Life in the World Unseen trilogy. Yes I took what felt right from that and went with my gut instinct.

If I have been deceived all these years, since the age of 14 when I read them, to now when I'm 53, how am I ever going to know the real Truth? We have to have something to build on.

I've read many books including the Von Danikens which I have to say I was not impressed with. Others will believe he is a man before his time.

I've found over the years that whatever sits with my inner being when I'm reading or watching, whatever 'sticks' and makes sense to me, is what I believe. That includes parts of just about every faith on the planet today.

I'm not in a box, I take what feels right and move on.

@Danny. I disagree that humans are sweet, loving and gentle. Scratch the surface and we all have animalistic traits needed for survival. Yes we can rise above that and use our brains but essentially we still have the most basic of instincts still in operation. Humans will still lie, cheat and bully to get what they need.

Simplistic that comment may be but look around you and you can see the results.

To end.  I hope deep within my very being that what these 'star family' are saying is true. I will stick my head above the parapet and be shot to prove it one way or the other. Someone has to make the first move.


First you CANNOT instill fear in someone else. They only thing you can do is put to light fear that was already present, even though it was not visible. And as humans, we all have fear naturally, and it comes from our survival instinct. As long as you don't look at these fears, you cannot transmute them into love. Saying that it is dark to do that is a judgment that only belongs to you, because dark and light, good and evil, is relative and not absolute.

You'll have to show me the law that prevents interdimensional beings to lie. You think only humans have free will? You think only humans can lie? Don't you think beings can say they are of the Christ light to fulfill their agenda? And what REALLY is Christ light anyway (I know what you are talking about, don't worry)?

Well, in fact it is true that you cannot trust what you are given from an outside source, at least not blindly. The only thing you can trust is your inner source, anything from an outer source should always be taken with a good deal of discernment, but with openness.

You have to agree that you can resonate with something one day, and a year later you don't. It certainly happened to you at least once! Why is that you can ask? Why would your inner self resonate with something that is not true? Well for myself I found that if you resonate with something, it is not because it is true, but because it is in my best interest AT THIS TIME, in the present moment. And so it is good to stick with it, and to follow your inner guidance. And so taking what feels tight and moving on is indeed a good attitude.

I agree, we all have animalistic traits needed in survival. And the problem is that we live on survival mode most of the time. When we are in love, we have absolutely no desire to cause any problem to anyone, the problem is when we live in fear. We live in a society that is fear-based, where people are divided and everything is about competition and division. We live in the worst environment possible, and still we are able to love one another and show compassion.

There was a time when the earth was like a garden, and it was called the Garden of Eden for a good reason. At that time humanity was loving, sweet and gentle, there was no war or division. Now how we went from a paradise to being really close to destroy the planet, and I can tell you that the forces behind that are not humans, but humans are responsible because they agreed and participated. And so we are responsible to bring the earth back to what it was, it is up to us, together, with our everyday choices and actions, to change to world.

That is so true Dany!   I really just want to live in a world of Peace, Harmony and Love!  What a wonderful world that would be to see!



That is just the nature of the world we are living in.  It is great to have Love an forgiveness in the world, but to not see the dark is turning a blind eye to the problems we are facing Christine.   The choice is always yours. 

Video three is nothing to do with fear, but is to do with important information concerning humanity and our early origins.



That is the point, they can show this loving side to lead us to their ultimate agenda.  It is obvious that terrible things are going on in our world. The deception is great everywhere you look.  Unfortunately this is intended to create confusion and mistrust.  We cannot function as proper human beings until we change to a much higher realm, so we can see through all the lies and deceptions.  I hope we evolve very soon, because we cannot go on the way we are.

I have seen some heated comments.  Let us try and keep things light and peaceful.  There doesn't need to be any blaming from any side.  We are all here to learn Forgiveness and Love. :-) Many Thanks everyone.


Peace and Love.



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