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Dr. Michael Herzog Arrested By German Authorities – Sings Like A Canary !

Could this be the catalyst for these so called "imminent arrests" we have been hearing about ?


Please recall the winner-takes-all media confrontation between the White Hats Reports #35, #38 and #39 and a well known International Hedge Fund wherein Dr. Herzog tried to use a namesake as a front, hired some high priced legal muscle and used the well known fund to shield himself and his fraudulent activities for the beneficial interest of Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.

Well … two weeks ago, Dr. Michael Herzog was arrested in Germany following police raids on his home and the homes and offices of several of his criminal associates. As the circle widens, Dr. Herzog’s activities are creating major implications for all of the crooked political, banking and US Government parties that have assisted him. Herzog is now in deep, deep trouble and his associates will all follow in the same footsteps. How do we know this? We now know who they are from the reams of notes, transaction receipts, pay orders with instruction sets, and transcripts of Herzog and his associates illicit acts.

In addition, Dr. Herzog was detained for further questioning yesterday. The outcome? Dr. Herzog has a great voice and is singing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Bush, Ackermann, Dewhurst, Romney plus hundreds of people in the world financial markets, at the highest levels, in the agencies, past Presidents and elected leaders of numerous countries, our American Congressman and Senators are all named. Yes, it has been a treasure trove of names, places and events, including orders for physical violence up to and including termination for those that did not cooperate in the methods of the Cabal. The Bird is out of the cage and the cats hate the harmonious singing.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough to swallow for one week, selective high level members of the House of Lords were informed last night that Josef Ackermann has been taken in for questioning on numerous issues instigated by Merkel, and that large scale operations are now planned with cross border cooperation, as the Cabal’s International Network gets publicly unraveled. Greenspan is now the subject of ever more allegations and inquiries. Tony Blair’s Vatican accounts and his JP Morgan bagman role is now being assessed, as is his history of receiving Bush related funds. The net is now closing in on many of them.

Ackermann was sidestepped for a key Bilderbergers role. Now serious criminal investigations will intensify the focus on both he and Deutsche Bank. The Berlin Federal Prosecutors Office is focused on the trail of crime linked to Herzog and the immense scale of US Political Racketeering and CIA collusion which is emerging.

Herzog’s Berlin Court arrest is filled under Charge Case No. 83 Js 960/06. His arrested associates to date are Josef Birch, Case No. 83 Js 792 /05, address given as 34/36 King Edward Street, Darlaston, West Midlands, UK and Heinz Bosche, Case No. 47 Js 127/06.

We have information and belief that Birch supplied a false address and believe this is a Joseph Birch from Cornwall. In fact, it is believed to be Sir Joseph Birch, a well known Bush crony and associate, which we are now tracking, to help German Police and have him deported back to Germany. If this is the Joseph Birch we believe it may be, he comes with a long history of fraud, litigation and Bush connections.

In other significant news, it has been learned that Sarkozy needs to assist in the release of the Global Settlements to save his Presidency. Merkel needs it to save the Euro and EU model. If the EU goes, Germany’s industrial base will collapse.

We are continuing to unravel the web of criminal conspiracy of the international Cabal. Germany’s arrest of Herzog and associates is a major first step as it will lead investigators to the central, prominent cabal members in Europe and America. We have named just the first few. We will continue naming names, especially of those in the US through a series of reports that will be released starting next week.

White Hats Reports

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Star Flower. I am not saying Ben is wrong, in fact many times I believe what he's saying is spot on. Although my intuition says there is more, going on than meets the eye. Always has been, and that's the exciting part. I don't need to know if he right or  wrong to make my own decision about things. That's is why we live in the land of the free. You can choose what you want to believe, and please give me the right to be right, wrong, indifferent etc. in my beliefs! LOL

Amen! And Awomen!

Nice Star Flower, as well as clever. Have a good night!

I think this is just a diversion to stop us from organizing against this insidious agenda.  The parasitic tape worm that humanity is dealing with is about to kill its host and we are being shown a slight of hand while they prepare for the final death blow.  I don't like being pessimistic, but these in-human creatures have taken centuries to get humanity to this point, they feel that they can go no further with us before we awaken, so now they intend to wipe out life on this, our home world, which will stop us (in their opinion) from Evolving into the Next stage of our metamorphosis! 


The Chemtrails have started up again,  which leads me to believe that the whole thing is an elaberate hoax, that is happening on many levels!  If we don't place a spanner in the cogs of this monsterous machine, then it is literally all over.

They are timing things so they can get as much use out of us as is possible, before they pull the plug on us!  We have to become a mass of Human Rebellion before their final push!  It is the same demented parasites that where behind the Nazis, Napoleon, the French Revoluton, the Bolshevik Revolution, the American Civil war, the Opium wars and just about every other conflict the Rothschild dynasty have caused!  What are the Rothschilds?   You need to know where this evil comes from what is its identity, because unless you face that, you will not be getting at the heart of the matter.


The Nazis were a creation of the Rothschilds, just as the UN is and the IMF bank, the Federal Reserve and many others.  They hide behind a front that is virtually impenetrable, because people who do not know any better, defend it.  You can't speak out against it because it has been set up that way and nobody dares to speak out against it.  You will have to face it at some point, because if you don't, you are going to condemn humanity to exstinction!   Be clear about this!  Defending zionism is acquiescing to your own destruction.


You do need to know some history about the Khazarian Empire and what it was before it converted to Judasim.  Knowing this information may help you to understand that Israel was set up by the Rothschilds.  any genuine Judaic Jews that live there are seeing what is happening and beginning to speak out against it.

Even the brave Judaic Israelis that just speak of the Palestinian towns that have been destroyed since the occupation, are now being arrested and silenced!  Zionism is a creation of the Khazarians and is nothing more than a Terrorist  Cult that has taken root and is virtually untouchable,  The Anti Defermation League has been set up to defend what they do and silence anyone who tries to expose the truth about it!   Would Israel have been created if it wasn't for the Holocaust?   You have to begin asking questions about it as many revisionists say that the Jews were never Gassed in gas Chambers.  This was a deception to generate the sympathy that they needed in order to Steal the land off the Palestinians.  Palestine would never have been given to the Rothschilds without the belief in the extermination story, as world outrage would have prevented the takeover of Palestinian land.  I did looked into this, not believing in it until I actually saw evidence for myself. What I found did shock me and proved that the Holocaust was a massive hoax played upon the world. 


You all realize how far the Rothschild dynasty would go to acheive its aims.  There is nothing they would not do to us to fool us, control us or destroy us!  They have no empathy and see us as nothing more than dumb animals to do with as they will.  This is not a human trait!

Thanks Brock.

You have a very sharp mind also and we in OV need all of the good minds that we can get.

So stay with us and press many issues.

THe only way to have remarkable breakthrus is by challenging what we think that we know until it feels right in our minds to finish digesting small chunks of the truth.

It is a process that has been long forgotten by us because we where asleep for so long.

Now is the time and today is the day for all of us to awaken to a brand new mindset because something incredible is going on in this world and we are causing it to become a part of our reality because we are the few who are using our minds to bring forth the promise of all of the Sages from every belief and religion and legend.

We may very well be the children of the dream that is coming to life in a world that is changing so fast that those who rule it now.

Mind boggling.


Join the party Sheena Ann!

Thanks Reginald! Things a moving faster than I've ever seen them...been in the games for a long time now! I'm glad that that the elite are mind boggled! That way it won't sting to badly when we come and arrest their ass!

Here is something else you may be interested in, youtube  an urgent message to our military police and officials from we the people.


Its a video 10mins 06secs,  Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson, Whoopi Goldberg, i think 12 in all talking for the people,  now they mix with these senates and they must know something.


Sorry i can,t post but i will learn when my son comes back from his holiday


Happy searching. trying to spread what i find.



Victoria, if you are thinking that we are Ghost Busters or something, and we end up going theu this again, somewhere somehow.

I am going to suggest that on the next jungle trail, that you walk point for at least 2 or 3 miles.

I feel you need to walk point for a bit because right now you are so ready to do this again.

As for me, I am hoping that this is the very last time we have to be in this jungle called life on earth.

THis one trip totally wore me out.


Love and respect to you and yours.


hmm I would think soon something should manifest from this arrest

today I heard on the news Murdoch removed from his news empire --could this mean the news

hands will be untied and truths revealed?  second I heard that Obama passed a law saying no longer

can someone contribute to a political party and be annynomous , this will help to prevent back room deals , corruption the reporter went on to say that some of Romney's contributors have done so in the past working "AGANIST" the best interest of the U.S.  could these two tidbits of news be the baby steps we need to move in right direction --I think so here's to truth ,justice for all!!

Obama is trying to reverse Citizens United but congress voted against revoking it. We need a new congress.

Sally Jane, The Murdoch news is great!!! As for the other one. If one were to trust all the outlets these politicians get $s. and were able to have some accountability at the same time. I think that's a nice piece of fiction.I'd love to see it work, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it.


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