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Google Shopping blocks all vitamins and natural products - glitch or deliberate censorship?

Sunday, August 19, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

If you have ever done any sort of comparison shopping online, chances are you have probably used Google's Shopping portal to pull up product information and compare prices. But if you live in the U.S. and try to use Google Shopping to buy vitamins, supplements, personal care products, and even many health foods, your search queries will now turn up blank, as Google has apparently blocked access to all vitamins and natural products for American customers.

Right around June 28 of this year, Google Shopping users first began noticing that search queries for many common health products like "vitamin C" and "fish oil" began turning up zero results, whereas before they would generate a copious list of vendors that offered these products, as well as corresponding price information. In the days and weeks that followed, these same users learned that vitamins and natural products in general were no longer showing up in Google Shopping.

When asked about the issue by several concerned shoppers, Google's public relations team reportedly gave vague and incomplete answers about why natural products are no longer showing up in its Shopping section, even though they are still showing up in Google's general web search area. Others with inside information claim that Google has quietly, without any announcement to the public or its venders, added vitamins, supplements, and other nutritional products to its "sensitive category" of products, which means they are completely blocked from Google Shopping searches.

In either case, Google Shopping users are now unable to search for nutritional products, which means it has become that much harder for the average person to access vitamins and dietary supplements online. And the venders that used to sell such products through Google's site -- many of these businesses had been paying Google to include their products as part of Google Shopping searches -- are now watching their businesses decline, as Google holds a significant monopoly on the product search and comparison market.

"Google publishes a list of products in [the natural health] category that are blocked as a matter of corporate policy in the public interest. So shopping results for (things like) steroids are always blocked," says the Healthy Chronicle, an online health blog sponsored by California-based supplement company "(But) we're talking about something completely different here -- Google is blocking whole categories of respected, brand-name products ... from online shoppers for no stated reason."

You can watch a video demonstration by that illustrates the problem here:

And if you are still not convinced, try searching for the following vitamin and superfood items in Google Shopping yourself. Note that several of these items are merely health foods that Google has blocked, and are not even isolated vitamin or dietary supplement products:

• Vitamin C
• Camu camu
• Coconut water
• Vitamin B12
• Spirulina
• Zinc
• Glucosamine

This is just a sampling of the many products that are no longer available through Google Shopping. And many other products, including some of the ones referenced in the above YouTube video from, will pull up two random listings that, once clicked, lead to a useless selection page with no actual listings.

Vitamins, natural products still show up in Google Shopping searches in other countries

Oddly enough, these very same products appear to be showing up normally for Google Shopping users in other countries. Individuals in France, Australia, the U.K., and elsewhere say that they are not having any problems pulling up nutritional and dietary supplement products in Google Shopping -- only American users seem to be having this problem.

Since Google does not provide live support over the phone, we were unable to speak with someone from the company to get an explanation. However, after reviewing Google's list of "unacceptable product categories" (, there is no official indication that vitamins, supplements, and other health products are prohibited from Google Shopping.

Meanwhile, if you search for things like Hostess Twinkies, Frito-Lay Doritos, and other unhealthy "junk" foods, you will pull up hundreds of search results in Google Shopping.

Glitch or deliberate censorship?

So what exactly is going on here, and why is Google refusing to plainly answer questions about the matter, or issue a public statement about it? And why is Google now quietly refusing the advertising dollars of a multi-billion dollar industry, which is being completely excluded from its Shopping module?

A vitamin vender who claims to have been able to reach a Google AdWords Specialist says he was told to contact Google's legal department at for more information. This department could not immediately be reached for comment about the Google Shopping anomaly, but the vender believes the issue stems from the European Union (EU)'s recent ban on vitamins and herbs, and Google's attempt to thwart potential trade sanctions by this socialist body (

Call to Action: Contact Google and demand answers

At this point, it is unclear whether or not we are dealing with a unintentional glitch in Google's system, or a deliberate censorship effort that seeks to withhold access to natural health products. So we are calling on all NaturalNews readers to utilize Google's "Give us feedback" portal to inquire about the issue:

Upon accessing the form, select the "Something is broken and I can't use Google properly" option, and explain that you are having trouble pulling up items like fish oil and vitamin C in the Google Shopping portal. Request that the issue be addressed, and also ask to have someone from Google contact you, whether by email or phone, with a followup.

Also, be sure to share this information with others, especially those who purchase vitamins, supplements, and natural health products online. It is important that we nip this in the bud as quickly as possible to ensure that our online access to the health foods of our choice remains uninhibited and uncensored.

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This is now so overt in your face censorship, this is how they are destroying natural health even further.


I feel that to overcome the censorship issues, the radio networks will have to perhaps take on some sort of work where they help businesses, who obviously will be severely affected by this very evil and cynical move,


thanks for posting will share this , am sure that many people will be finding out about this issue soon.


I hope that Alex jones will talk about this, after all he sells health products too!!!

I googled those vitamins that was mentioned and they came up, no problem. Maybe they sorted it.

I found that with Youtube especially it is becomming increasingly difficult to watch a video, the more controversial the topic the more one struggles to watch it.

Braindead entertainment is easy to watch on Youtube but try to see something about a govt coverup and notice the buffering is very short and if you let the video run and come back later to pull the tab back and watch it, it starts loading again from scratch

All these things are done to interefere with the truth......they are not being overt so much as covert, the aware ones , will easily see these things are done to make it really ahrd for us to see and hear the information.

The problem with all of this We all forgotten that was a time we didn't have computers And in the near future we may not have them again. there are a lot of signs that they may shut down. the sun may toast them. we may have 3 days or more of darkness we may have 6 months of darkness the lights my never come on again. what I'm getting at we are all like school children. take away their computers take away their calculators they will be stopped dead in thier tracks and wonder around in circles. YOU KNOW THE GOVERNMENT CONTROLS GOOGLE AND YOU KNOW THE GOVERNMENT IS CONTROLLED BY THE ONES THAT HAVE THE MONEY. AT A TIME WHEN WE SHOULD ALL BE LOOKING AT THE PAST FOR SOLUTIONS CALL NETWORKING. everyone is totally dependent on the internet someone with enough power and money that's all our side should be sitting up a worldwide network in a room a jew town in the united states in other should be doing this in their country to be able to identify people in your town that will have what you need for what you attempting to do there needs to be 1 international sign that everyone knows that can be put on buildings in cars flags whatever so,it all goes down you know where to go in who to talk to. instead of being busy setting this up were busy complaining about how they're taking more and more freedom from us. as far as google it should be handled like any other situation if you're taking our freedom of choice then there needs to be 10,000 laywers suing the s*** out of them. end of story.

Good thinking Harry.

I think it will happen naturally and it might be a blessing. Sometimes when the power is out II go back to reading and I found there is much more powerful inner change when reading a book than reading it on the screen.

 So the milling about might take a week or so and then we will establish new ways of doing things, Much more peaceful in any case.

I have a slow connection so I crash the ad before I even know what its about.

A Pentium 4   2.4 Gig but still using DDR1 Ram. Some of the first P4's that came out. It works well enough but our Wireless Broadband here leaves a lot to be desired.

Yes eugene In the ancient Secrets of sacred geometry He says this is happen many times before And I think 1 of the things he may be talking about Is win over 4,000,000 Myans disappeared at once. he says when it goes dark stay put do not leave your house in look outside there will be thanks appearing and disappearing from the fourth dimension he says do not touch anything that appears it automatically suck you into the fourth dimension if he's right some will go some will be left behind. I've taken photo reading and will soon do the program from australia the man who actually invented the process. when I finish the process I will start reading every book I can get my hands on because after while you have photographic memory. no matter how cool it is in the next dimension and no matter what to say when it turns into I would rather be here helping people imploding of somewhere else. NOTHING HAS EVER HAPPENED THAT WAS SAID TO HAPPEN ON HERE. the galactic federation, drake wilcox. which leads me to believe channeling is bs if tree is history I'll go with was written in stone instead of what people make up to sell books.NIBRUS Is the latest story They say nasa is cracking it And yes what's going to create all hell breaking loose. and it will happen in september. what I'm getting at here is I think we need to work on our mental abilities somewhere out there someone should have a technique where is you travel you can tune in on the mantle energy so good people and be able to sort out who to stay away from and who needs help. what does this have to do with the internet been taking away from us everything it will be the new internet. maybe know this make sense just something that came to me.


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