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Car that runs on nothing but water unveiled in Japan. No gasoline, no battery recharging and no emissions.

Posted by PCLatest newsSpecial ReportWorld newsSaturday, March 26th, 2011

Japanese company Genepax presents its eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water. The car has an energy generator that extracts hydrogen from water that is poured into the car’s tank. The generator then releases electrons that produce electric power to run the car.  The electric powered car can run on any type of water (you can even use tea and soda…etc).  The car can run for an hour at about 50 miles per hour  on just a liter of water; about 2 cans of soda worth.  Genepax, the company that invented the technology, aims to collaborate with Japanese manufacturers to mass produce it.

Unlike other electric cars, the Genepax car does not require that batteries be recharged and has no emission. The water electrical generator is located in the back of the car and when water is poured it is then broken down in order to create electricity to power the car. Imagine what such a generator could do to the oil industry, the nuclear plants and the electrical grid.


That story broke in 2008.  Today Japan is producing hydrogen fueled cars – theHonda FCX Clarity.  Combine the technology of Genepax with the technology of the Honda FCX Clarity and you have a full production vehicle that uses no gasoline.  No gasoline combustion means zero emissions.

In 2010, it is reported that there are a total of 50 FCX Clarity available for lease in the U.S with a target to have 200 available world-wide.

The Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell-electric vehicle has been chosen to be the pace car for the opening race of the 2011 IZOD IndyCar Series, from 25-27 March 2011.  This is the first-time a hydrogen-powered vehicle will pace an IZOD IndyCar Series race in the United States.

Propelled by an electric motor that runs on electricity generated in a fuel cell, the FCX Clarity’s only emission is water and its fuel efficiency is three times that of a similar-sized petrol-powered automobile. The FCX Clarity’s performance and acceleration are comparable to a 2.4-litre, 4-cylinder engine with an EPA certified range of 240 miles. The compact and powerful Honda V Flow Fuel Cell Stack allows for unprecedented spaciousness and a futuristically stylish, low-slung design and spacious interior.

Since the vehicle’s unveiling there were nearly 80,000 people around the world who expressed interest in owning a FCX Calrity.  80,000 people who won’t be buying any more gasoline once they take possession.

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This is so sad but I can believe it. Back n the 80's and early 90's, we had a scientist who invented this. I was eagerly following his story then all of a sudden he disappeared. I was so disheartened to find out, that no less than the president at that time told him that the country had obligations. Aside from that, he was getting death threats and was forced to flee the country and sold his invention to another Asian country. A big loss for us:(
I remember that too Didi, and it was a big disappointment to hear he had disappeared. But the big oil industry, also framed DeLorean with a similar invention. So sad how greed and money gives power to a few bad apples to harm the good ones.

There are even better inventions that this,  that provide free energy, without destroying any water.   The inventors have also been silenced and the projects shelved.


Such a waste!  All so the elite can have their evil profits.

There have been so many inventions on cars being able up to run 500 miles on a few gallons of gas, but the big oil industry keeps either threatening to shut companies down or kill them on the skewed idea that they need to protect the interest of the people. Our interest is for cleaner air, no emissions, no MTBE, and away with toxic pollution.
There is a move called the "Green Beautiful" I think? A French movie abot people from another world come to Earth, they also look human so go un-noticed and show the people that they meet, how to be in touch with the Earth again and tell them that they used to be the same way until they simply said no to anything that harmed the Earth or anything living on her!   No Pollution, no poisons, no waste!  The consumation of products stopped and a better life began for everyone.
Yes, I recall that movie, it was banned in the U.S! But, you can watch it on youtube.
That was a good film!  Why would they ban that in the US? It was also banned in France!  They don't want people to see that they can have a better world without materialism. It also makes them loose their power.
80,001....I would have bought this car...forsure! I have been researching a car that originated in France but an Indian car company bought it an it runs on AIR...yes air. I think it is called the Air Port? You can google it ( I know I hate to use google too) I heard that GM bought and put out of business electric train cars (trolleys) because they wanted to make gas buses be the norms in cities. So once the electric trolleys were gone they made gas busses and bought interest in rubber companies so they would have a monopoly on tires production too and the rest is history. I often wonder if there is a timeline where they did not win and the world used electricity to run cars etc and did not depend on oil, what kind of world that would be????
A better world Amy!

Thanks for the links to the Air Cars Karen.




Nobody should cow tow to the elite!  there is nothing elite about them!  They are murderous thugs and as such should be arrested anywhere and everywhere that they go!


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