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LaRouche Webcast: June 27, 2009

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This has to be one of the most unenlightened and unloving attitudes of mind and heart regarding Reality
that our Creator would have us waken to. To call our beloved leader insane is out of character with
the Christed heart that we truly are. This man is projecting his own insane darkness onto a Beloved brother, as God would have us know him, that all it is. WHERE IS THE LOVE? To equate Hitler and Obama as
identical truly totally insane!
I don't know Maryanne Moon, as Obama is connected by birth to the Bushes and to Kerry! Obama is just like Hitler in the way he is a puppet of the dark ones that tell them exactly what to do! People were duped into voting for him, thinking that they would get change, but he is far worse than Bush!! At least you could laugh at Bush, but this guy is not dumb yet he is playing a very dangerous game! All his policies will lead to mass Genocide just like LaRouche said in the video. Look at the police state that is forming around you. it is only one step from goose stepping!

This is deadly serious. Some must fight, (Resist and fight back) and some must use love (Peaceful non violent action.) to try and stop them.

Can they beat up and arrest people who would offer no resistance? I am hoping that they would come to their senses and refuse to be a part of the brutality of the new regime! We will have to watch this space!

I am desperately sorry to hear you are deadly serious about this, Charles. Love , compassion
gentleness and calm are very creative attributes; anger suspicion and particularly feeling like a victim are absolutely un-creative and are instead destructive energies that have somehow taken hold in your psyche temporarily. Not a permanently chaotic condition, but worthy of a look at with a keen curiosity so as to bring to transformation. Anyone of the Ascended Masters
would behold you with great compassion and are praying that you will waken the Holy Child
within yourself where there dwells lovely crystalline particles that begin to vibrate into a new
Light. We ARE children of LIght, not darkness, anger and suspicion.
Hi Maryanne Moon! I desperately desire peace, tranquility and compassion, which I do have for my fellow human being, but when there are beings out there trying to kill us, it is hard to focus on these things. Can I just ignore what is going on? No, I can't. If you have a solution to that problem, I would like to hear it. I don't want to focus on these evil swines if I can help it.

I want to escape from tyranny, as does the rest of humanity. But we cannot go anywhere else as they are everywhere.

ACIM very pointedly states that "THE WHOLE WORLD IS YOUR PROJECTION" That means whatever you see "as separate from you out there" , you have projected from within your own being. ACIM is not an easy book to read, but it does get its point across with the Truth of Christ behind it. It's a powerfully channeled book by Helen
Schuchman, a psychologist from Columbia University, who herself said when she completed it, "I don't believe a word of it, but I know it's TRUE".
Charles, At the beginning of this video, it was interrupted briefly by a phone call coming in and then the video resumed, I thought that was strange. Did you get the same thing on your computer? I don't have skype and don't make phone calls using my computer. I've felt for a awhile that my computer is being monitored because I, like you, have spent much time educating whoever I can by posting controversial posts and I feel now that I'm being monitored.
You could be right on that score Starr! Because I have had many strange things happening with my computer, before there was always someone trying to hack into my pc. But my security software always stopped them. They can be such jerks (those that monitor people!) as they could be doing more useful things like stoping the evil from happening in the first place and getting rid of the elite!!! Royalty especially!!!

So long as you have good security software, they can monitor, but not interfere too much. Don't use Norton!!!



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