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There is not much proof one has for cover ups and  govt conspiracies simply because everything is kept under wraps. When an insider speaks out without producing any form of proof other than the memories one has of happenings one remembers over the news then what can one do? Believe him? There is no way to refute or proof what he has to say.

Best to just listen and make up ones own mind.

ICAACT was given an exclusive interview with Dr. Barrie Trower, a true British gentlemen and hero, who has spent many years fighting for humanity.
After the meeting our respect and admiration for him rose to new heights.

During the two days of interview, we touched on many different topics, but the main theme was the abuse of microwaves as a secret and covert stealth weapon, that has been around for at least 50-60 years. This type of weapon has taken many different forms over the years and it is still used in many different types of targeting, even to the point of death around the world.

We started the Interview with basic knowledge about microwaves and how they influence the human body and mind. From there we went on to cover Dr. Barrie Trower's long career, and finally we went into their abuse of microwave weapons and what can be done to protect against them.

The Interview was filmed on May the 1st and 2nd, 2012.

More of the Interview with Dr. Barrie Trower to come at:


The stuff they talk about is downright scary. Imagine having a peaceful protest and being zapped by some wave that gives you cancer? Imagine someone "waving" a crowd into intense rage from a distance.

As much as I don't want to know this, I feel its good to know it so one can stay clear of the waves by avoiding situations that attract them. We will also know not to try and reason with cops and government servants as some are already under that control.

Until we are gods we will still be influenced by these machines. So better to keep our heads down while we are gods in training.

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I just viewed this a couple of nights ago. It has upset me so much to know this has been unleashed on the public. It is a crime against humanity to use technology developed that could actually heal people by use f frequencies which is something I practice through Brainwave entrainment and meditation and use it for harm and nefarious motives. I wept watching this. 

I hope someone posts responses and suggestions on how we can counter balance such activity.

I still remember the ridicule of "Tin Foil Hatters"

I never wore one but now I am beginning to see the merit. We know from Cooking that tin foil keeps Microwaves out.

Thanks for posting this Eugene, such evil can only come from people possesed by evil entities. David Icke has been talking about this for a long time. The truth is coming out but at a snails pace, due to the control system.

I like to think of the awakening like a wedge that is being hammered into a crevice, with the truth being the hammer that will break open the corrupt system shattering it into tiny pieces. More and more people are coming forward with the truth and that is what will acheive the success that we so yearn for.

As long as we don't feel helpless about these revelations we will be Okay.

Like Icke teaches. This world is illusion and we can rise beyond it with love, then nothing can effect us.

THis interview compliments Milton William Cooper who wrote the book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE. The government assassinated him in Eager Arizona. I bought the book in 1991 and a Rear Admiral in the Navy told me about this in 1977. How interesting this is all being revealed these days. Always the light reaches the masses sooner or later.

Definitely and once it is in the light of awareness our desire for something else will begin to affect it. I remember William Coopers death. He was also an insider.

Hahaha! Snerbert

I had a Gourmet microwave that I gave away to someone for Xmas. I do believe it changes biology on a quantum level. I was also warned by standard doctors that it contributes to Gall stones.

A glass of dark red wine is absolutely healthy and helps to get sleep going LOL

And they say there is no evil,well i beg to differ,Now i believe this to be true,what can be done about it is the  question,I hurt so bad for our fellow man,why,why do they need to control us,

hugs Helen

Oh Helen.

No need to hurt. We don't die really. In all infinity this is but a fraction of the experience we will have and whats more, we will actually be grateful we had it because then we will really know it through experience.

They feel they need to control us because they operate from the lower plane of existence. When we move to the higher planes we become so far removed that they cannot affect us.

Dear Eugene

What A beautiful answer,teach me how not to fear death,for although i know we are eternal,i have terrible fear of the dying moments from first hand experience and this has haunted me,

Have you any suggestions on how to rid onedelf of this fear?

hugs Helen

Sorry Helen, I am not Eugene but I am moved by your question and feel inspired to write to you. I think that if I had the same fear I would research near death experiences people have come back to share. For me it is not death I fear, it is living a life of pain and disease I fear. I do what I can to be as healthy as I can be. When the time comes for my death I hope to slip into that different dimension peacefully and full of love.

Clint Eastwood made a movie recently about returning to life after death, named Hereafter. I would start there and then read books by people who share their experience.

Much affection to you.

Dear Paula,

First thank you so much for your kind words.

It is not after death i fear as i am a hypnotherapist and have studied after death extensively, I have the movie the afterlife and  so many books on the subject,my research is full on ,i like you, fear the illness and the dying moment,i am haunted by the death of my brother and my mother also my brotherin law who drowned in his own blood in front of me,they say your soul leaves your body at the time of death but Paula, He  was there right up  to the bitter end and the terror in his eyes haunt me as i felt so helpless to help him in anyway,, telling your love one its okay does not work when they are drowning in their own blood,

This fear to me is a deep sense of dread,there must be someway to get off this planet alive;';;;smiling,have a beautiful day and may blossoms of peace always surround you my friend

hugs Helen 


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