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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 15th July 2012

You are now entering the final stages of the removal of all that is dark in your world. Many more of you are emerging from the programmed control state. You are removing the block that was placed on humanity. You are, at last, enjoying the freedom that was denied you. Darling, shortly after my passing, I told you mankind had been interfered with. You understand fully now and are able to assist others with information regarding the realignment of the Atlas, enabling people to become the beings that they were designed to be. The Dark Cabal will put every obstacle in your way to prevent the awakening of mankind. They never wanted this information to become public knowledge. It is important to wake up to the degree of control exercised over you. Your news is controlled worldwide. They are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Newspapers just alter the news slightly to pretend it is authentic. This is done to manipulate and control your minds so that you are at all times ready and willing to believe whatever they tell you and you are ready to obey their orders. You are told it is the "law" or a "statute" that you must obey. Just who decided this in the first place?

The people should come together and agree what needs to be accepted. There are "laws" being created every day that you are totally unaware of, until, of course, "you break the law". Governments should be elected by the people for the people, not for the benefit of the banksters alone. You live in a world of plenty, but it is not being shared by all. Stop allowing yourselves to be manipulated. Refuse to see the divisions that were created to enable conflict to be manipulated. You are entering a period of recovery where you are expected to take personal responsibility for your actions when you no longer act like sheep. Be able to face yourself in the mirror and be proud that your actions harmed no man; that you dealt honestly and honourably with all who crossed your path. Forgive the insecure who pop up all the time. They see threat or offence where none was ever intended. You each have your own path to follow and you will be guided on it.

The corrupt are floundering as time is running out for them. They will be given an opportunity to redeem themselves, to change their ways. Some will accept, others will refuse, and will be removed from the Earth. Revenge is NOT what we are about. It is is a product of the Cabal. It is third-dimensional thinking. You need to rise above all that is third-dimensional. Please do not waste your valuable time and energy demanding arrests. You are encouraged to do this to keep you in the third-emotional state of mind. It is time to move forward to your new beginning, a totally new way of living life on planet Earth that will bring joy to all who dwell on it.

There are many good and honest people who are stepping forward to share their truth and experiences with you in an effort to bring all the good people of the Earth together. This has not happened for thousands of years. This is what you came on Earth to do. We can see it all coming together nicely. Race or creed must not be a barrier. The human race must come together as one. Those amongst you who are not human should return from whence they came. Their deliberate destruction of your planet and humanity will take a little while to repair. Every assistance will be made available to you to restore your planet and humanity. As the Cabal made its plans to destroy humanity, we too, made our plans to restore life on Earth to the quality once enjoyed in ancient times when life was lived to the full. Love prevailed and freedom was enjoyed by all.

I assure you that things are moving forward. The Cabal will never admit it. They want to keep you in the dark and under their control until the last possible moment. Some of them are endeavouring to move away from the dark. They are beginning to see how evil their plans are and they want to be rescued. Many of them are so evil that they cast a shadow of darkness wherever they go. They can no longer hide their evil intent. It becomes more evident every day, and they are having difficulty holding their shape as more of you become aware and alert.

Mankind has had so much to deal with. His body was altered, his history manipulated and changed out of all recognition. He has been in a wilderness of confusion for 2000 years, but HE HAS SURVIVED ALL THAT WAS DONE TO HIM AND HE IS THE STRONGER FOR IT. HIS NEWLY ACQUIRED KNOWLEDGE HAS MADE HIM FEARLESS. Such is the 99% that will come together in harmony to move forward into a future that can only be dreamed of at this moment in time.

We have come a long way since I passed to Spirit in 2004. We in Spirit, see the full extent of the great awakening. It is indeed a joy to behold. Our grateful thanks go to all who have assisted as every effort is important in the great scheme of things. It has been a great team effort. Together we can move mountains; and we will . . . nothing can stop us now.

I would like to extend my grateful thanks to all who donated to The Montague Keen Foundation. Veronica has carried the cost for eight years. Now, more is expected of her. She needs to travel to take part in various events and to visit other organisations, etc. It is important that the message gets out and is available to all. It will take a load off her mind in these difficult but exciting times.

Look to the future. You have a wonderful future ahead of you. Forgive those of a lower vibration who have created havoc in your lives. They are to be pitied as they have never experienced the joy of love or the wonderful sense of belonging that love, alone, brings to your life. "Make love, not war" should be our motto!

Onward and upward we go, my love, on the most exciting journey in the history of the universe.

Forever your adoring husband, Monty.



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Although these messages relay a sense of positivity, they can instill complacency. Its understandable that we like to feel that everything is being sorted out for us. This message encourages us not to put our focus on the fraudelent banksters and not to seek justice and demand their arrest. This does not sound right to me. People have taken their own power back now in Iceland because they fought for justice and jailed the corrupt banksters. From what I can gather the spirit world does not interfere with our destiny. Its all about free will and we have to sort out our own mistakes and issues. We would not learn anything if someone were to step in, wave a magic wand, everytime something went wrong. However awareness is growing, which is great, and that in itself is empowering. Its not going to get any easier for those working with a darker agenda because their game is being exposed more and more.

I am with you Paula.

This message sounds like Ole Monty has been in Lah Lah land to long.

As much as I want ot believe all of it, Ig guess I am waking up and still have'nt gotten over the shell shock of the last 2000 years yet. Turning the other cheek does not sit well with me until I know that it is all over.

Lock and load everybody, Monty has inhaled to much "Heavens Gate Fumes" This is far from being over and I have a big giant axe to grind with a bunch of creeps who have held us in bondage for a very long time.

We love you Monty, but there is no way we are buying into this "Hait Ashbury Concert" without solid confirmation that all is well on the western front.

Nobody is ever going to put me to sleep again without checking with me first.


I am not having any of it yet.

" Give us Justice and Freedom or give us Death"
 For real this time.

I almost feeling like cursing out loud on this one.

LOve everybody, but that don't mean that I am just going to roll over for these monsters and play dead unless I am trying to catch them in a cross fire first. They all have a lot of answering to do, and I want to make sure they fess up and not end up getting away on some space ship to another planet to "F" up another civilazations existance.


We all want answers and accountability for what has been done to our ancestors and us and there is no way that we will rest until we know that everything that helps us to be free and stay free has been done, so help me God.

Can't rest until its over.

NO way.

I'm also with you, Reginald and Paula.  These evil force will not capitulate until they are vanquished.  Then they should be dealt with swiftly with justice and perhaps with temperance for the truly repentant. John

For a while I have felt Monty's messages have been corrupted same ole story line .....

never gives any real info anymore like he did at one time ....maybe we have become the

wiser to these channeled articles....go within we know sense what is coming and real

reclaim your power  ESPAVO  ancient Lemurian word

Thank you Monty. I would like to know some more about the Irish and how they are involved in the redemption of Humanity.

Thanks John.

We have all been put to sleep thousands of years ago because we always wanted someone else to lead us. Time after time I read in many different history of how the people wanted a leader to lead them. THe problem with that is that once we hand our lives over to someone else to lead us, they start to think that if we don't have the desire or wisdom to lead ourselves, then someone will always be ready to take advantage of the situation for us, at a price of course. Time after time after time we have made it possible for many leaders to take total advantage of us for a very long time. I bet that when we miraclously get rid of these financial gangsters, we will all want someone else to lead us again. Are we perpetual sheep ? Is that what it is ? We are just dumb blind mindless sheep who will go for just about anything as long as it has fun and entertainment attached to it, or a nice dinner or all expense payed trip to Cancun ? Maybe the next time around we will go for a new oki doke concept like free houses or free cars even. NO matter what spin we put on it, we all need to be a lot wiser in the future. We need to be wise from this moment on when it comes to us living our lives and stop buying into every little gimmick and trick that is weaved into our lives to get us to react a certain way. A good rule of thumb to live by is that every gift and every wonderful thing that comes into our lives has the potential to become a Trojan Horse if we are not careful.

Above all,    "All is not what it seems" to learn this one little rule, is on the road to real freedom and justice.

Dear Reginald,

    Wow! Your last comment really gives me a lot to think about.  We must be approaching an important crossroads in our civilization when comments like this make such a deep impression.  I was reading in a recent article that the people of this planet have had two major memory wipes between the time of the ancients and now.  Maybe that has something to do with the sheep-like mentality.  Also what about the concept of forgetting our divinity when we're born into this plane? Do you think ascension might restore some of these forgotten components?

                                                        In Love and Light,


Only time will tell if what Monty says is of value.  I don't agree with letting Banksters off for their Crime syndicate ways.   We can never be certain where these channelings come from, but their is always some truth in what is being said, we just have to work out what is the lie that they could want us to swallow.  Forgiving the Banksters could be it.  I would say, let the banksters experience what it is like to live in abject poverty,  let them experience starvation and disease with nobody offering to help them.   They need to see what they have done to humanity to get an understanding of what it is like to not have the essentials in life to live.

If we let the banksters off of the perverbial hook, what is next, we may not like. We are not being let off of the hook for all of the debt that they loaded onto our backs thru trickery and deceit. We are not being let off of the hook with any of our financial responsibilities that we now find have been viciously loaded up on our consumer carts in an attempt to make us pay for their mistakes and greed. We still carry the entire weight of their total financial sins. When did we start to live in a world where one group is punished for another groups mishaps ? Let them off ? I agree. Let them off on the farthest planet from the sun and give them all a pick and shovel with dull blades like they have done to us for ion's sounds like a beginning to me. 2000 years ago we crucified a man on a cross and tried to blame everybody else for what happened to him. The only logical thing that we could think of at the time for doing such a horrible thing to him was sya that he died for our sins. Christianity ran that tale thru a thousand different rabbit holes until this fictional fact ended up in bibles and the world has not been the same since. Imagine him looking down from his cross and someone asking him why he thinks they crucified him ? Then imagine him being so overwhelmed by pain and disbelief, that he screamed out to the heavens, " Father ,forgive them, fore they no not what they do". I for one would have blown up the entire Roman Empire if I had the power that he supposidly had and then I would have gotten down off of that cross and said to everyone that this is not a good way to treat people or animals or any living thing, but then again, I am not Jesus. Mankind can be glad that it was not me up on that cross, or everything would have turned out a whole lot different for them. We are the only species that thinks that we hvae this God given right to destroy anything that we want in the name of us learning some kind of lesson, at the expense of the entire cosmos if we could do it.

We are essentially a species failed or should I say that only some kind of dynamic quantum DNA adjustment is the only thing that can save us from ourselves. There is no way that we would survive another 5 years at the pace that we are going. SO we must be some kind of failed experiment who is going back to the lab for a complete redesign, because the present protype of mankind is a complete mess.  I think that we know how to do good things, but somehow bad things happen because we are not intelligent enough to be able to see that the good things that we do may lead to bad things later. We are so messy because we think that we know, and the truth is that we don't know jack. Sounds to me like a major redesign is in order. I really can't think of what else will help us. The belief that Jesus dies on the cross for our sins is a wonderful thought indeed, but I think we think that dying on the cross gives us a free pass to screw up when we want to because christians have been taught that he died for our sins, and that kind of makes our screw ups premeditated and easier to commit. Especially when a holy man in a church tells us that God forgives us for our sins no matter what we have done. The banksters must have gone to the same church that I did when they where growing up because they act as if they have done nothing wrong and God has alredy forgiven them for what they have been doing to our species for thousands of years. I bet some of their ancestors where at Jesus's crucifixion, and thought they heard Jesus say "Do unto others, before they do it to you first", and we have been in a world of mess ever since.

I can forgive anybody for almost anything, but to have a group of bankers continusly commit crime after crime after crime to an entire planet for thousands of years is a bit much for me.

I would like to see them live off of the spoils of the Sahara Desert with nothing to eat and very little to drink for a few centurys, then maybe, just maybe I might feel a little empathy for them after the local people in the Sahara get to see the banksters living the way that they had to live for thousands of years.

Or maybe even air dropping them and their families into a jungle not yet explored and throwing them a butter knife and a pint of water from our city water source and smiling at them while we departed.


I want them all to live, so that they get a chance to have to live and suffer like we have done, and I would first start by moving them into a inner city housing project in Chicago and telling them that if they worked really hard and made themselves out of something that we would give them a hand up. Haha

Yeah right! we would give them a hand up like they gave those poor people drugs and guns to kill themselves with.

Or maybe move them all to the rural hills of Kentucky and give them a shack to live in with a meth lab 100 yards from their shack.

I can think of some very good solutions for our godlike friends who have raped countrys and stolen trillions from entire continents.

They better hope that I am not selected as one of their judges, because I have got some ideas  that will boggle their imaginations just like they have had ideas about us, only this time it will be them who get to ride the mare of steel.

Forgiveness is good for the soul, but horrifying unspeakable crimes against mankind is something totally different.

This is not the time for turning the other cheek. We tried that already, and we know that it does not work.

Turning the other cheek sets up people to become live stock and sheep for banker wolves to eat and get fat on.


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