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Montague’s Message for Sunday, 1st July 2012


Nothing is politically right that is morally wrong.
Abraham Lincoln

Observe what your governments are up to. Find your voice: you do have one. Give reasons why it is not in the best interests of the majority to comply with their new demands. Governments should be answerable to the people, not the Cabal. There are many new 'laws' being secretly put in place, of which you are totally unaware. Until now, they have been very successful at hiding them from you. This can no longer happen. They are being exposed. They have no hiding place.

You did not expect the banking scandal, that has destroyed the lives of so many, to be exposed. Look carefully at the banks and those who support and defend them without regard to the suffering and hardship they are responsible for.

They were never set up for the good of mankind. Look at those who run these banks. They all come from the same background. Just what is this telling you? It is a concerted effort to destroy life as you know it. You stood by, when you saw your fellow man lose his home and his business. You did nothing. You are now seeing the take-over of your countries. Are you going to allow the destruction of your countries to happen before you take action? When will you find your voice. Will you stand by meekly and watch the vultures descend?

It is time for action, my friends. You are the 99%. Do not fall for the platitudes that are being circulated to lull you into a false sense of security. Minds are being interfered with; they can be manipulated to put out whatever information the Cabal chooses. A human being can be cloned in 36 hours: that is how advanced the Cabal are. You can never be sure that the person you are seeing is actually the person you believe them to be.

You cannot afford to make mistakes. The decisions that you make have far reaching consequences. I always told you that it would not be an easy ride. The 'people' you are dealing with do not have a conscience. They are devoid of all human empathy. You have only to look at your history to catch a glimpse of what you are dealing with. Every evil that has happened in your world was devised and operated by the Cabal. You need to wake up to the reality of what you are dealing with. You do not have time to waste. They utilise every second of every day, putting their plans in motion.

I have talked many times of the importance of LOVE. You must start with yourselves. If you do not love and accept yourselves, how can you expect others to love and accept you? Do not be influenced by the Hollywood version of LOVE; this was carefully planned to capture the minds of the gullible and create a false sense of reality. These same people control the banks, etc., and their end game is the destruction of mankind. 2000 years of planning has gone into the DECEPTION that you are now waking up to. They have had 2000 years to plan - you have 6 months to WAKE UP and take action; that should put it into perspective for you. The Vatican, the City of London, and Washington D.C., have but ONE VOICE. You are only waking up to this fact, now, at this late stage. They have conspired against you for 2000 years. They have left no stone unturned in their efforts to destroy you. This is a fact that must be faced and acted upon. When on Earth, I suffered because I refused to be part of "The Plan". I was able to face my transition with love in my heart and the knowledge that I had a clear conscience. You are only on Earth for such a short time, so it is important to get it right.

At last, you have scientists and doctors speaking out. They can no longer live with the distortion of the truth that they were being forced to present to a trusting public. These people take their lives in their hands to assist you in making valued judgements regarding the misinformation about drugs and medical treatments, etc. The change in Earth energies is enabling these people to speak their truth. They are coming to your rescue. Listen to them before you blindly accept what is presented to you as the norm. When students are not given true facts in medical school, how can you trust the advice given to you regarding your health problems? As students, they accepted without question all that they were taught. Always consider the natural medicines designed by the God of Love, so that you would not suffer illness while on Earth.

The Cabal want to "cull" the population. Have you agreed to this? No. Then take responsibility for yourself and those you are responsible for. It is your duty to do so. You are working towards peace and harmony for all men. We must not forget equality also. You came on Earth to make this happen. It is your project. It is time to get on with it. Veronica would tell you that I was a great one for "getting on with it". I never let the grass grow under my feet. You are living in the most exciting time in history. Enjoy the challenge. You know, in advance, that you will be successful; of that there is no doubt. Please share information and support each other. Together you are strong. Never be afraid to speak the truth.

Many of you are affected by the Energy changes. This, unfortunately, is unavoidable. Try to bear with it. Do not be alarmed. When the big changes happen, you may feel 'drunk' or as if under the influence of drugs. It is just your brain adjusting: it takes a little time to get used to.

My dear, your workload increases every day. More demands are made of you. It is not possible to reply to everyone. One day, perhaps, you may get help to cope with the massive number of emails. It is wonderful that so many are moved to make contact. We are truly grateful for their good wishes. A lot of good things are in the planning and it will not be long now before you see the fruits of your endeavours.

My dear, please try to get some rest. You are doing far too much. We used to have lots of breaks when I was the one doing the work; you, on the other hand, have not had one in the eight years since I passed over. This is not good for you. I share your excitement and I can understand what drives you, but you need to look after yourself. Please do it for me.

You must all be strong; confident in the knowledge that you stand for truth and justice for all.

My dear, I am with you always. Your adoring, Monty.





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As you said Charles, it is all coming to an end, and I think all of the illusions are ending with it also.

From what I am observing right now, there seems to be some kind of esoteric reckoning going on, and to be honest with you, our universe seems to know exactly what to do with all of this mess that has taken, as you say 2000 years to create. Personally, I think that corruption and misguiding the population of earth goes back much farther then that. My guess is 50 to 75000 years would be more exact, but who really knows ?

Yes my friend, it is all ending as we write, and a better question that I pose is this one.

Are we sure that what we are observing with the fall of one terrible controlling group, is nothing more then another illusion that is designed to make us feel safe, so that another controling group can take its place ? This is what I ponder, because ancient and recent history has taught me that nothing is at it seems. One illusion being replaced by another one that could be worse then the one that is leaving is what I am thinking about now.

The lesson that we have been taught this time around is that many illusions have the capacity to trick us and we need to be far more intelligent about what we think something is before we make the next move on the gameboard of life.

Hopefully, a very powerful Universal God is moving us towards a Source that will help us and not slaughter us again.

This is my prayer and I pray that our Source is with us this time.

Think and grow rich in every possible way this time around.

Hi Reginald!  I hope it is all coming to an end for the dark cabal.  I would say that they have been at this for around 200,000 years, but it was around 2,000 years ago that they have organised across the known world, destroying Shamanic cultures as they expanded.  1645 onwards, they have pushed up a gear and since 2001, they have pushed up yet another gear!    I only hope that the gentiles taken from the target population to aid the zionist agenda, begin to realize their lives are on the line if the dark cabal ever destroy us, the supporters will be wiped out next!   Only when this actually sinks in will we have any chance of ending their insane game.  The zionists will themselves be sacrificed for the endgame of the Rothschilds and Rockefella bloodline dynasties which aren't even human!  Their physical bodies are the containers that have been taken over by something that comes from the void.  The original occupants of these containers were removed long ago. The majority of these zionists do not know what they are really following, but the creatures that inhabit the Rothschild bloodlines (Including the Queen of England) will sacrifice even Israel to achieve their aims.

Zionists believe that they are the rightful rulers of this planet, while the creatures that inhabit the bloodlines believe that once humans can't be harvested for energy, wealth or food through wars, fear and hatred, then they must all be wiped off the face of the earth, including the zionists themselves.   We have all been duped by these entites!  They find it easier to occupy what best matches their wavelength!   Their perfect choice are Psychopathics, none empathics, hateful, greedy, selfish and violent people .  That is why they chose the bloodline of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellas.  (Ashkenazis)


This illusion must end! zionists and gentiles must see through this deception of those from the void!  Our very lives and this entire planet are at stake!   I hope something comes along to destroy the Archon's agenda and give a hard sharp kick to those other idiots that follow the agenda, but cannot see the true goal of those that they serve.




Thanks for the post Charles, I think Reginald said it all. I used to get mad about so much being done to we humans. I've learned recently  to rise above anger, to stay as positive as I can, that all will be well.It's amazing how fast the Cabal's dirty deeds are being uncovered and being brought to light. I'm hearing of a few that are waking up the past few days. Every one that awakens add power to our much needed  changes.  I believe millions will wake up at a fast pace from now on.      Thanks Again

Thank you Angel Irene Crim!  Not fearing death, stops you from holding on to fear, which in turn makes one stand up for what is right.  Humanity is awakening fast, I only hope it is fast enough to halt the Dark Cabal's agenda.  We can alter reality if our numbers are large enough.  Keep spreading the truth! 




Good point Reginald.  I read a while ago a scenerio that could play our during these times of people waking up.  So much has been surpressed that those controlling factions will release these technologies  curing dieseases upgrading our social network life for the betterment of all.  Yes, still an illusion because those that still enslave us on the mental and spiritual level still have reigns on us.  Yes, I believe too we have been misguided upon this earth for hundreds of thousands of years in different degrees...

to me monty's messages seem to repeat same message wondering if the channel is corrupted.

I believe that there is a message hidden between the lines Sally!    Though I cannot trust 100% to Montague's message,  I believe it contains a lot of truth.  But often the Dark Cabal gives us a lot of truth to make us swallow the lie that they have embedded within the truth!  The Lie hidden within the Truth of thrive is that they say that the agenda has nothing to do with the zionists or Jews!  This is the greatest lie within Thrive!  They also never mentioned about how Hemp could heal humanity and a few other things that they left out.


They had to make people swallow the lie. that is why the money was spent to throw us off the track.

Charles, I still love you brother no matter what. For years, I pondered why all of us are in the shape that we are in. I am still pondering all of the constant information that keeps changing from one dya to the next. You are a very learned man but some of your message has a intriguing tint of hatred. I am not disputing some of your information but our world is so full of hatred for different groups and I can't buy into it. One of the techniqies that have been used against all of us was for those in power to be able to convince generations that there is a difference between the races and creeds that we should be prejudice against each other because of the color of our skin or differences in religion or cultural differences. It worked, and here we are.

Think how many people of different races and cultural backgrounds have been kept apart because they bought into the race hypeing ?

Think of all of the people who should have been in a relationship with a person of a different race or cultural  background because they loved each other or where attracted to someone of a different race and would have been very happy loving someone from a different race or culture or creed, but because it was frowned upon by their racial group they lost the chance to be happy maybe for the only time in their life ?

What I am saying is that it is not what you are saying, but how you are saying it that may offend some people. The truth is the truth, but every Jew is not responsible for what one of the Rothchilds may have done to our world. I have in the past been a victim of group hatred, and the truth is that I have so many different racial groups flowing thru my blood that I can be any one of them at any given time. Haha

I am a mongrel of sorts and many races are part of my family. I know why the Irish dislike the Italians and why Brits dislike Scot's men or French people dislike some Spainiards etc... The reason that I know about all of these groups is because many of them are distant relatives of mine.

So when you use the term jew or cabal the conntations are felt by all of us who have very mixed blood.

I gave up hatred as a child, because I learned that any misfortune that I endured was mostly because of my own ignorance and I decided to do something about it. I educated myself and learned all of our shortcomings and it served me well. The biggest lesson that I learned was looking inside of myself and finding the root causes of what the real problem is. Although, what some of what you are saying may be true, look inside of yourself and I bet you will find me as I have found you.


Love is a lot easier to spread then anything else that I know.

Your brother from another mother.


Hi Reginald!  What I tell you about the zionists is nothing but the truth, they can't help but hate humanity, it is a part of their indoctrination from infancy to believe the lies that are fed to them!  They are victims of the Rothschild dynasty just as much as we are.  They believe that they are superior to everyone else on the planet, (There is no Superiority)  They believe all of the Gentiles are nothing more than beasts in human form and they believe they have the god-given right to enslave us all.  The zionist goon is only a means to an end for the Rothschilds, for they will sacrifice their own foot soldier zionist in order to destroy the world. 


What occupies the Rothschild dynasty and a few others, is not human,  It is extraterrestrial in nature and not from the physical universe.  That is why they don't care what happens to the Earth.  They can leave the human host Shell at will.


I feel the Pain that the Arabic world is feeling right now, especially in Palestine!  I am sick to the stomach seeing dead babies from Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq with their brains blown out or bullet holes throughout these baby's bodies!    I can't forgive so easily, nor can I ever foget what I have seen.  I being a mere mortal, can't turn a blind eye  to these atrocities.  I would want them to experience exactly what these bastards have dished out over the centuries!


You can see the hatred in their eyes as they beat, torture, bomb and shoot the Palestinians from their homes, yet if someone is outraged and angry over what they are doing, it is seen as hatred.  Would you be so forgiving and calm if you found yourself in the same situation as the Palestinians or the Iraqis?   You mistake my anger about the injustice as racism!  I have no anger towards peaceful people!


These zionists are not going to ever stop, unless we the people of this world stand up against them.   The fate of the Palestinians will ultimately be our fate too if we  allow them to continue. You know this to be true.  If this could be stopped by peaceful means, I would take it, but you are dealing with a vast majority of conditioned psychopaths that cannot yeld!



I virtually never hear much condemnation about the atrocities that they have carried out over the years!  It seems acceptable to the world for them to cause Genocide and Murder upon Palestinian men, women and children, but as soon as someone points this out, he is considered anti-semtic and a racist!   Nobody seems that concerned by what is happening around the world because one racial group has made itself Untouchable (through mind manipulation and propaganda)



Love hasn't stopped them,  Open your eyes brother, because these dis-possessed people will become exstinct before anything decent is done for them.

Charles, my warrior hearted brother, I know what you are saying is true. I have eyes and I can see very clearly with my third eye even better. Now that we know what is happening because we are all waking up, I want to try what Ghandi tried. I have tried war and it just goes into a vicious cycle back and forth up and down in and out brother against brother father against son daughter agains mother etc...

War and anger have a certain attraction to our human existence that seems to perpetuate more and more of it as well as anger and hatred also do.

Do you think that when any group of people are tormented by another group that they both learn a lesson from it ?

History does not show me any evidence of our ability to learn from the last struggle or strife that we endure. We seem to be locked into this belief of our reality so deeply that we find someone else to torment after the last encounter with its deceptive tentacles wrapped around our reality.

I believe that we as humans learn nothing from our past misdeeds and that is why Palestine and Africa and Burma and some parts of South America as well as North America some parts of East Asia and the West European countries are still working hard at doing what we do so well.

When will we all stop ?

When will we all get the message ?

When will we learn from this terrible behavior ?

Why have we not learned yet ?

The only thing that matters in this world is purpose.

What is our purpose ?

Why are we here ?

When will we stop all of the mistreatment of ourselves ?

Name and blame anyone and anything that you want, the truth is that we are still so primitive and backward, that we will continue to find a way to persecute each other no matter what else we do.


I said it before and I will say it again, we are our own worse enemy and have been for a very long time.

What is our purpose ?

Your brother from another mother who did not have a clue either.

I do understand what you are saying Brother.  If the whole world was awakened, we would not have to fight them phsically at all! All we would have to do is have a monthly global strike where we stay at home, don't by anything or do any shopping, do not contribute to their system.  Stop using their cash and start bartering for the goods we need!  No Taxes!   We can even get each state to create its own currency to stop using the debt base money system!  That is if we were all on the same page.


Our purpose is to experience and grow from these experiences.  But the demonic/extraterrestrial insanity is drugging the Human being to such an extent, that we are becoming unable to think and learn, They have gone too far and the spirit world is taking steps to help, but whether it is enough,  I cannot say?  


Duality must end, the wars must end and the planet must be allowed to continue!   This these beings do not want.  Even the spirit world has its warriors when they are truly needed!     The Native Americans knew when it was time to fight for what they believed in.   I would use every means to save this world peaceful and non-peaceful.  That is how strongly I feel for this living world.


Namaste Brother!  :-)



For a dead guy he is dead on!

No pun intended.


You said it Mike!


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