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Nanotechnology is measured in billionths of a meter, encompassing all aspects of life from food to medicine, clothing, to space. Imagine hundreds of microcomputers on the width of a strand of hair programmed for specific tasks….in your body. Sound good?

Engineering at a molecular level may be a future corporations’ dream come true, however, nano-particles inside your body have few long-term studies especially when linked to health issues. Despite this new huge income-generating field there is a growing body of toxicological information suggesting that nanotechnology when consumed can cause brain damage (as shown in largemouth bass), and therefore should undergo a full safety assessment.

It is possible for nano-particles to slip through the skin, suggestive of a potential unnatural interaction with the immune system, or when micro particles enter the blood-stream. Some sunscreens on the shelf today, for instance, have nano-particles that might be able to penetrate the skin, move between organs, with unknown health effects. Nano-particles in cosmetics have few regulations done by FDA.

Thomas Faunce, of the Australian National University, who holds an Australian Research Council fellowship that looks at public nanotechnology health issues, said study’s findings are significant and strengthens the case for mandatory labeling, and that stringent safety data should be required from manufacturers.” Research is showing that nano-particles have the capacity to damage living cells and the precautionary principle should be applied,” he said.

In 2005, The Helmut Kaiser Consultancy Group, global leaders in pro-nanotechnology, stated that about 300 nano-food products were available on the market worldwide estimating that market alone was worth 5.4 billion dollars in the USA. That was then.

By 2015, (just a few years away) they predict that nanotechnology will be used in 40% of the food industries. According to these consultants, by 2040, nano-produced food, with correct nutritional composition, maintaining the same taste and texture of organically produced food, will be commonplace, the norm.

It is clear that nanotechnology is already in the in some food and cosmetics, (including anti aging products and sunscreens).  ‘Smart’ packaging and tracking, is ubiquitous. Invisible, (to the naked eye and some microscopes), edible nano-wrappers, complete with bar codes can track not only early spoilage, but improve the taste of food, or, whatever is called food.  Manufacturers are excited because the availability of food would no longer be affected by limited resources, bad crop weather, water problems, etc.  A modern way to feed the world.

Oh, don’t expect an informative label on nano-particles in your products. Although marketers are thrilled to present benefits to make wrinkles vanish, or illuminate skin flawlessly, there are health and unknown downsides.

Where is the public debate, on the labeling of nano particles in your foods, or cosmetics, or the risks? Probably no where…Political leaders are still arguing on requiring GMO (genetically modified) labeling, it seems.

When lab rats are starved, and given a choice to eat organic potatoes or GMO, they go right to the organic. When only given the GMO potato they will eat it, or starve to death… (studies have shown severe damage subsequently). What do rats know?

So the next time you reach for something that say’s ‘smart’…think about what that means. Learn what you can about the source of what you put in, or on your body. Smart mini micro computers to control your skin and body fluids?



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Dear Reginald

Unfold the mystery for me,

There are  no wrong or right answers, all questions and beliefs have a place in this cosmic world of life,Not one person holds the key to knowledge,but we all hold the key to Gods love,You are an awsome extension of Gods Love

Hugs Helen

Which technological road shall we traverse Reginald? Why, the road of the much Inspired! Inspired thought (Heartmind) will reprogram all the options on offer!  No fear :)


Strikingly plucked from the garden of mans moments at his best. Traverse might be the place to examine first. We humans are not known for our great patience. It is to our advantage to seize the moment at any cost. I therefore contribute, slow and easy wins the race. When we are somewhat sure of what many of the possibilites are, then we can pick up speed and see if our sails can with stand the great forces of the cosmic wind.

To many times have we engaged in a faster method and have destroyed entire fleets and lost many navys due to haste.

Which technological path do you propose is best for us in your way of looking at the entire big picture Madame Louise ?

No Fear has destroyed many civilizations right up to the present.

I await your well thought out plan my friend.  

Were the destroyers in Heartmind?  What did they destroy but Mind, and then maybe did not destroy it, but suspended it.

It could be a long or short journey depending how attention is placed, fixed or mutable.


Madame Louise?  Pourquoir?  To what do I owe the honour of title?  Laugh at me or with me by all means!

I applaud you, and bow to your linguistic mastership.

Will surrendering appease your delicate but firm stand ?

Peace is a much better desert, especially after finding the spoon that suites it.

Be well and Bonne soir'ee Madam Louise.





All IS well :)

The power hungry manipulate people into playing out their agenda and then make the people believe that it is "Human nature"

From the very first world wars back in Alexander the Great's era and even before there were always some manipulating influence that I daresay was not human at the time.

For years now the new world order (who is currently creating these wars) are promising that they will save us from our "nature" if we let them rule the planet. "Then we will have no wars." There is nothing to save us from other than what they created themselves.

We simply need to exit their Chess Board and live for ourselves. One cannot play chess when one does not have the pieces needed. When the pawns develop a mind of their own the players are powerless. Gandhi knew this and played his part well.

ditto here ! Wouldn't it be love-rley !

Thanks Eugene for mentioning EGO. 

I avoided the word because it's pre-loaded with connotation and significance for us.  Carl Jung was born in 1875, so there's been plenty of time and occassion for us to add meaning to that term even after he redefined it in a more compassionate way than Freud proposed (and got away with!). 

However since ego has been mentioned, I feel like commenting, that I expect we will soon reassess our current definition of ego quite a bit, to reclaim it, and integrate it, along with the rest of our much maligned, rejected self. 

I don't mean we're gonna become kinder to the poor old ego, I mean, I feel/suspect/know that we have been out of balance in our assessments of what it is, what it does, and how it does it, by simply seeing that it's not what we thought, and stop limiting ourselves and our definition of self, and we may right that imbalance with some enlightened non-judgemental insights.  Not before time! 

Mind you, there's nothing at all wrong at with what Eugene wrote about Ego, it is a view that helps us grapple with an invisible part of self, but as we start to better understand our DNA, we may find that ego is not only memory but living energy that gives creative birth to manifest action and/or matter, thought being the conduit for that energy transfer, and DNA holding the quintessential element that empowers the magical appearance of what we believe to exist, first as a truth, then as an event or as matter. 

Consider this: that a fear exists because we gave it thought then memory, we hoped (or the Ego Control hoped), in order to learn to defend and protect ourselves, we therefore may have given that fear a certain amount of lifeforce as a thought energy and stored it in a place filled with lifeforce, that we barely understand yet, the RNA. 

If we held that energy, not in our ego (because the ego doesn't have matter or form or a place to exist by itself), and not in our brain either (we generally agree currently, that thought memory is governed by the brain, backed up by experimental observation), but perhaps we held it in our DNA, where our body intelligence can silently and autonomously access it At Will, in obeyance to our silent demands of belief!  This energy could be held in every cell, as a material part of DNA, and also simultaneously in the overlaying etheric body, as a body double of the DNA, a spirit-world replica of our belief if you will, where it shares dominion with the same spirit-matter that powers the manifestation of all things, including our thoughts.

I mean, remove the dimensional veils and what do you get?  Spirit living in matter, matter living as spirit.  DNA instantly manifesting as living memory. In that case, maybe there's no ego, it was just a convenience of term, to help us think rationally about who we are, whereas, maybe now we are going to simply honour ourselves as super-creative by means, if necessary to be defined, of the supra-self.


I'm guilty of using a lot of words, but if we let the words go, and suspend the mechanics of the rationalisation process that language is part of, maybe we come closer to knowing who we actually are, and how unlimited we could and can be.


I hope I haven't driven y'all, who managed to read this, crazy!

In reading this a few thoughts came to mind.

Our thoughts are non-local. Our brains are frequency transmitters and receivers forever in communication with our thoughts that in turn resides in a field of local collective consciousness.

Ego the way I see it is not something we can do without. I see ego as the gift we gave ourselves to create the illusion of separation on this plane and many others. By that definition then even in the afterlife we will have ego. Even bodiless beings have ego. A simple example of this would be to compare the personality of Archangel Micheal and Saint Germain. If ego did not exist outside the body then all the bodiless entities we know would all have been one entity with all the features and attributes one can think of.

Within ego there are the basic four archetypes that we all have to deal with all our lives (According to Caroline Myss.) The victim the prostitute, the child, and the Saboteur. In a sense we are supposed to train these character traits to be the best they can be. But the Saboteur is most prominent in people who try to shun the Ego.

Ego activates its Saboteur archetype to make ones life very complicated and busy with drama that keeps one diverted from spiritual growth.

We have to accept and befriend ego because it is our partner in this journey and it is going to be around for a long time. Much longer than our lifetimes here. There was a time when I looked forward to death because it would mean death of the ego. Now I understand that there is no cop-out. We have to take responsibility for everything we are including ego and trying to get rid of it is not the way to go. Rather grow with it to the highest high one can achieve. Make ego your partner and negotiate rather than to let it run your life from behind the curtain like hypnosis.

The shadow side of the ego often gets a bad rap and most people when they hear EGO can only think of that part. The part of us we deny, the part that hides from us "The worst deluded is the self deluded." That part that runs our lives like hypnosis. When we embrace all of who we are and accept ourselves as we are, we move into power and awake to consciously knowing ourselves. When we stop fighting ego it will reveal all of what it is and open its agenda for negotiation and work with you instead of against you.

Hi Eugene,

I always appreciate your responses on any subject!

From where we stand, perhaps we have to perceive all beings as having some degree of ego, but maybe that's a geographical and psychological factor, not a given.  From where I stand, in self consciousness, with an ego, I can't say it's one way or the other, but I can wonder about it.

I've often had the chance to experience the sense of humour of those beings AA Michael and Saint Germain.  They have appeared, wonderfully, with symbols of rank, accomplishment, acoutriment...and it was as though they had personality, certainly, but maybe it occurs this way to me, because I understand such things, in my ego-based existence, such as it is.  Perhaps, how they appear depends very much on who's looking!

More of late, I tend to tune in to such beings as simply forces of nature, which have been personified by us, and live as archetypes because we require that for guidance, but the deeper energy shifts have come to me by simply merging with that force, or energy, that espoused both them and me.  Then there is no demarkation of rank, heirachy, wisdom and knowledge, love or shame, or any comparison born of duality that would hold me in limitation of self concept.  Instead I let go of self, and self concept and just tune in and merge, or not.  So what I experience next is the result of my energy frequency as the result of what I'm participating as.  What I am, and what is, may not be separated, perhaps.

In this scenario, I experience nothing at all borne of fear, or limits, and I cannot recall or recount to you now any experience or knowledge of ego identification.  It seems to fall away and not figure.

From this place/time/space, here and now, I imagine an ascension (with ability to hold that energy perpetually and embody it - longer than I do now) into an energy field that still offers all manner of experience, but those that could push me/us back into density don't register with me anymore.  Although the possibility could always be there, accepting it could cause a quick exit, which is why it is there, but not evident.  Simply put, my concept of an Angelic/Ascended Master realm is of non-density to a greater degree than here/now. And that's not an expression of opinion, it's simply that I've experienced both examples, and I'm suggesting thatone is the flip-side of the other.

Dearest Carol

I understand what you say and it holds true as a way to 'be"

I often found myself "being" in a desired way getting desired "flow" in my life without really knowing what I am doing right. In time from reading a lot of books I realize in part what I did right by accident to 'be' in the right way. LOL

My realization was that NOT DOING bought me to the right 'being' Hahahaha as paradoxical is it sounds whenever I gave up trying to create my life, miracles appeared.

What I am sharing here is just my technical understanding of how I reached the right "beingness' that I learned along the way.

Some people especially women, reach the right way of being spontaneously like I did in the beginning and they are content to 'be' without entertaining their minds as to how it happened. Some people like myself, Carol and a few of us here it seems noticed that swing of the pendulum, in and out of 'beingness' and in time we fathomed how it happens to some degree.

I see the energy resonance matrix in a graph form as a "triad" triangular pyramid like structure where 3d is on the very bottom wide plane and as we resonate faster we move up the triangle into those "higher" plains of existence like for example the 5D one. For us here it may feel of letting go of duality when we enter the 'heart space' and to a great degree that is true for us.

But even so there cannot be comparison or a created reality of even concept without duality. We must have the one to define the other. Thus for personality ego to exist we must have something other than than what we define as I or 'me' or AA Micheal or whomever that is still in existence and very vaguely its opposite by comparison. "In a sense I am what I am not" GOD NDW CWG

I feel that in the heart space we let go of the greater parts of duality on this gross plane of resonance but there are finer parts of duality and thus also ego, yet to come as we move up in this triangular graph to the eventual point of oneness or "god" if you will where nothing exists. "One vast nothingness and all things potentially" Ramtha

While we will all end up there anyway we must also keep in mind that we are here now to experience here now. It can be a wonderful experience when we are 'being' in the right way. The best thing to always do is to just reach one step higher than were we find ourselves.

Make every moment a demonstration of the greatest version of the grandest vision ever one can behold about oneself, and enjoy the experience it brings. For in that experience a new greatest vision will grow and yet a new desire for a greater demonstration that will bring a greater experience.

That is how we grow.




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