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Nanotechnology is measured in billionths of a meter, encompassing all aspects of life from food to medicine, clothing, to space. Imagine hundreds of microcomputers on the width of a strand of hair programmed for specific tasks….in your body. Sound good?

Engineering at a molecular level may be a future corporations’ dream come true, however, nano-particles inside your body have few long-term studies especially when linked to health issues. Despite this new huge income-generating field there is a growing body of toxicological information suggesting that nanotechnology when consumed can cause brain damage (as shown in largemouth bass), and therefore should undergo a full safety assessment.

It is possible for nano-particles to slip through the skin, suggestive of a potential unnatural interaction with the immune system, or when micro particles enter the blood-stream. Some sunscreens on the shelf today, for instance, have nano-particles that might be able to penetrate the skin, move between organs, with unknown health effects. Nano-particles in cosmetics have few regulations done by FDA.

Thomas Faunce, of the Australian National University, who holds an Australian Research Council fellowship that looks at public nanotechnology health issues, said study’s findings are significant and strengthens the case for mandatory labeling, and that stringent safety data should be required from manufacturers.” Research is showing that nano-particles have the capacity to damage living cells and the precautionary principle should be applied,” he said.

In 2005, The Helmut Kaiser Consultancy Group, global leaders in pro-nanotechnology, stated that about 300 nano-food products were available on the market worldwide estimating that market alone was worth 5.4 billion dollars in the USA. That was then.

By 2015, (just a few years away) they predict that nanotechnology will be used in 40% of the food industries. According to these consultants, by 2040, nano-produced food, with correct nutritional composition, maintaining the same taste and texture of organically produced food, will be commonplace, the norm.

It is clear that nanotechnology is already in the in some food and cosmetics, (including anti aging products and sunscreens).  ‘Smart’ packaging and tracking, is ubiquitous. Invisible, (to the naked eye and some microscopes), edible nano-wrappers, complete with bar codes can track not only early spoilage, but improve the taste of food, or, whatever is called food.  Manufacturers are excited because the availability of food would no longer be affected by limited resources, bad crop weather, water problems, etc.  A modern way to feed the world.

Oh, don’t expect an informative label on nano-particles in your products. Although marketers are thrilled to present benefits to make wrinkles vanish, or illuminate skin flawlessly, there are health and unknown downsides.

Where is the public debate, on the labeling of nano particles in your foods, or cosmetics, or the risks? Probably no where…Political leaders are still arguing on requiring GMO (genetically modified) labeling, it seems.

When lab rats are starved, and given a choice to eat organic potatoes or GMO, they go right to the organic. When only given the GMO potato they will eat it, or starve to death… (studies have shown severe damage subsequently). What do rats know?

So the next time you reach for something that say’s ‘smart’…think about what that means. Learn what you can about the source of what you put in, or on your body. Smart mini micro computers to control your skin and body fluids?



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The Whole nano Technology should be banned as it is manufactured by psychopaths without a moral conscience! You can feed these nano particles to the idiots that create them, then we can observe how really harmful they are.

Thank you for posting this very complicated and not really understood scientific fact about nanotechnology. I am for its research and developement careful study of it, but to have it introduced into the human body before we know what the research results are. As much promise as it has is also as much nightmares it is capable of producing. Plastics and metals and other alloys and many other materials can be greatly enhanced from its use, but putting it into the food, is another way of someone wanting to control us even more than we are being controlled now. Nanotechnology can be used for things like modifying internal chemistry to benifit say a  heart transplant recipient by helping to control the proper blood flow thru other manmade micro motors and mechanical micro devices to the benifit of the patient, but at the same time nanotechnology can also be used to make real zombies out of real live people that could be manipulated to be able to eat their fellow man thru electronic devices that science is now experimenting with. How would you like to wake up and see your neighbors trying to eat each other ?

We may not be there yet, but in a few more years, it could become a reality that we will definately regret.

Nanotechnology is not something that only good scientist would help develope. There are some scientist who are not good and for a small price, would think nothing of using nanotechnology to help to conquer our world with a usable science that once more, we would abuse just like we have abused the technology that we have access to now. You think about it long enough and our history speaks loud and clear about how we would use it, and who the victims would be if we used it incorrectly.

Proceed with just due and serious caution at all cost.

Once the wrong people get nanotechnology into their hands, the possibilities of destruction are endless.

Who can we trust ?


they are researching anti aging now in telomeres ,A telomere is a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromosone,

,, they say if the telemore in your brain remain long and not shorten we would live longer,

Maybe one day we will live until we are hundreds of years old,but,how will our soul cope with that?smiling,mmmmm,i need a lot of years to catch up on all the knowledge and information i need before i head back home,lol, have a great day/night

hugs Helen

I try to stay as close to balance as I can on these issues Helen. What you are saying is true, however, how would we be able to feed all of the people in the world if we where able to live to be 200 years old ?  Would the world become over populated in a few decades because the death rate would not equal the birth rate ?

Would we have to use GMO's to keep up with all of the new people who where coming into the world ?

Your view of living longer is great and who would'nt like to live in good health for a couple of hundred years ? However, the only way that I see that we could live for 200 years, would be if our new age here on earth produces the kind of changes that you and I are anticipating. Example, if we are going to be interfacing with exterestrial beings who embrace and will let us go with them to other worlds so that together we could seed other planets with careful planning, its a great idea to live much longer if we had billions of other galaxies to place the over population onto.

However, I am not sure that we will be allowed to do that unless we have some major fail safes in place to make absolutely sure that the lives and well being of other creatures and beings already living on those planets would be completely protected from us. Notice I said us.

It sure is  interesting to think about though. Hmmmm!

You just made me think about the pros and cons of it Helen, but I think we would need a huge mental and spritual upgrade to be able to pull something like that off.

But getting back to nanotechnology, as I said, there are good things about it and there are not so good things about it.

What do you think ?

Thoughtful contemplation is needed before I commit to a temptation like living for 200 years or longer.

iI think we could be who we really are ,beautiful innocent souls who could manifest anything if we could get over the river of forgetting,we do not need another race we just need each other and a whole lot of trust,We are immortal,we have just forgotten,we need to learn to raise our frequency and then we will heal our bodies and move up  a link to manifestation of a better brighter future where our souls will know what to create for our human existance,to live hundreds of years,inside you and me Reginald lies the answer,lest we forget

Exactly Helen. I applaude your last comments.

Hince, nanotechnology then becomes useless.

I totally agree with you Helen.


Blessings and joyful living be bestowed to you and everything else that you come in contact with.

thank you Reginald,lets learn what we forgot and move on in through the door of eternity,the answers are just there near our fingertips,we are just not quite touching them,but we will ,we will, if we keep on reaching,blessings always to you my dear friend

hugs Helen

Interesting ideas you and Helen are presenting here, Reginald. I would love to throw just one more idea into the recipe if I may.

The nano community is just another microcosm..well to our bodies it would be a microcosm but to our atoms it would be a macrocosm. It is all relative when we peak into their level of community.

The thought I had as I was reading thru your posts was this. We are assuming that everybody on the planet represents one person, but what if we have multiple selves that we have projected into this 3D world for the purpose of having many aspects to experience thru during this time...and what if during this time we are reintegrating those selves into us (which I am ...and have been experiencing) that could  cut our population drastically...and what if those who have come in specifically for this time will be leaving soon and/or are already leaving as they have experienced what they signed up to experience. This could lower the population again. What if in our shifts and changes we move into a frequency where our bodies don't require food for sustenance then there would be no need to be so concerned over food and population. There will come a time...and I sense we are moving into that period, where life will be very different here. We will live heart centered lives where polarity energies are no longer experienced emotionally the way we do in our 3D environment. Balance is definitely required to be able to move into our Heart Space.

Living in our Heart Space is not a polarity experience. As we shift into higher frequencies, much will change.

3D is a magnificent playground to experience extremes and opposites. We came here to  to do just that...and most of us are grumbling about it. Whenever we judge anything we magnetize the energy to us and so long as we judge it it remains stuck to us. It is when we release the need for judging anything that we gain the freedom to begin to live closer to the balance fulcrum point. That central point in the human is the heart Center....the heart of the heart center to be exact. It is the center of the cube of space in which we reside here.

Much to ponder here.

Love's blessings to you both ♥ Carol

I love it,YESSS,what if we have multiple selves that we have projected into this 3D world for the purpose of having many aspects to experience thru during this time...and what if during this time we are reintegrating those selves into us

Carol, These thoughts are deep and delicious to the ear,,so very very,clever and something to really ponder and as i have said as a little girl i told my Mother',mum', where i come from i did not have  to eat or sleep only if i chose for pleasure,she said.hush now child ,do not go talking like that in public,smiling, at the memory,

I anchor my wholly christed self,through grace and ease,Permanently,now and always,I pray we are moving into a higher frequency where aLL is safe and healed and whole



I love your child hood memory, Helen...

As for safe...we are always safe...that idea only comes from being in polarity consciousness....where opposites have their day and say !

When you move into Heart Space, All feelings are primary feelings and not chemically created as they are in3D. They are non polarity.

In 3d Love and fear are opposites...In Heart Space. Love has no polar opposite.

It expresses in it's many aspects as joy beauty peace balance appreciation hope faith belief as in the positive holding space for all that is truth. truth....gratitude...and many more.

Love's rich blessings to you ♥ Carol

Dear Carol,

With great respect and gentleness in my heart i have to say no we are not always safe, My experience with abuse and torture in my younger days tells me that this is not true while ever two or more people live in polarity,We are controled by our own chemically based brain,yes we can live in the heart space that is where i try to be,but,alas,others are not living in this space and therefore until we all come together in a higher frequency i do not feel safe, and i will keep on searching for ways to bring all people to an understanding of living together as one.

I am glad you have this understanding of heart space,i am just learning to trust again,and when i grow up i want to believe or know just like you';';smiling,thank you my friend and may GOD bless you always

Dear Helen, I honor and respect where you are in your experiences. I, too came from an abuse background at a very early age. There was no one in my environment I could trust because of what happened...even myself...and especially not God ! As you can see there have been lots of growth experiences that have happened between there and where I now am. I know that part of the path one such as you and I must walk, is about caring for ourselves and creating a place of safety. I am not negating that, by what I have shared here. I am saying that there is so much more for you that lies ahead that will move you beyond where you are now. There has been a discussion of ego here that is a very interesting one. It has been my experience that in moving into our Heart Space, we shift out of ego consciousness into higher consciousness where duality no longer exists. It is in being in the Heart of our Heart, which I have called Heart Space that ego no longer has say nor do the limiting beliefs that our egos have created to keep us safe. As we move more and more into this reality we see thru the eyes of Heart Space and that eye is single...not a duality eye. As you stay the course learning to trust your self and others, and learning to love yourself, knowing that you are worthy of that love. It moves beyond worthiness too, for worthiness in egos eyes also has a polarity. I know you will become this amazingly beautiful butterfly, for here you are in your cocoon growing and changing. Look at how far you have come already ! I am so proud of you ! You are doing it gal !

The biggest key for me happened when I finally grasped that I had created this by my choices in my before this  life time, when making plans for entering this life time. At first I thought I must be nuts for having chosen this...or entirely blind and stupid ! How could I have ever done this to myself. Then I was really angry with God. He couldn't be a very loving God if he allowed this to happen to me. Then my guide/mentor. How could he just stand there and watch what was going on? I was an infant ! ... It wasn't a fast process that I progressed thru. It was very slow and painful every inch of the way. I can say in all truth that I needed to risk in order to gain. Each time I risked something that was very important to me in order that I began trusting in myself more, I gained a powerful foothold. It may have only been one inch further but it was my inch...and I had done it. I can feel the gentle strength in you, Helen. and I know whatever reason you have taken all of this on is one of great importance...or you wouldn't be going thru all this to take yourself the next step.

In a conversation with a friend recently we were discussing growth and how we each picked our growing spaces. He said for him it was looking for his greatest weakness to strengthen that area of himself, both for more balance and for his own growth. When I look at the pain he has gone thru to get where he is, I shake my head in wonderment....and I know that a time is coming when we will not be pressed to endure such pain in order to release our grip on our limiting beliefs.

I believe in you, Helen. I know that you can go the distance. We are where we are until we are no longer there. It takes as long as it takes and not a second longer.

Love's blessings to you, dear Heart ♥ Carol


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