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Posted by TCA STAFF
On May - 10 - 2012


■‘Reichstag’ event could involve false assassination attempt blamed on “white supremacists”

■Incited racial riots would lead to calls for government “crackdown”

■Civil unrest would lead to martial law, DHS travel checkpoints, indefinite delay of elections

Washington, DC – The Obama agents, through the DHS and other assorted colluders, are plotting a major ‘Reichstag’ event to generate racial riots and produce the justification for martial law, delaying the November 2012 elections, possibly indefinitely,
a DHS whistleblower informed the Canada Free Press on Tuesday.
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Whether this is all true or partially true is yet to be seen. The bottom line and the ultimate message here is we MUST join together as ONE! No matter what religion, color, sexual orientation, tall, short, fat, skinny, vegeterians, meat eaters, blonde, brunette, red or black,...well you get the picture...we must focus on agreeing to disagree on the small stuff and begin to heal those negative feelings. This is a wake up call....the BIG test....can we rise above it or will we allow ourselves to become part of it??? Will you give these manipulating jerks the energy they need to pull this off and put it into action or will you empower one another to hold the mirror up for them to see the fools they really are! We have the power, and believing that, and trusting in that is what it is going to take to rid ourselves of continuously being led to the slaughter! We must awaken humanity with our knowledge of inner power and strength not with accusations or fear! We are suppose to be enlightened!  Look at this for what it is.....control by fear and emotion! The hell with the lot of them....let them squirm....they cannot succeed if we stand together and trust that we ARE the ones we have been waiting for....buck up and be just that!!

Hi Pamela!  As they say, knowledge is power.  It is only when we don't know what is going on, can they do the vile things that they do.  This is to empower the people into not accepting the false flag events!  Enough people knowing this can thwart their attempts to pull the wool over the people!   United we must stand!  All Together as ones shouting out Enough is enough!     When the people are ready, they can collapse this house of cards! It is only a matter of time!  Let us be ready for that time.

I guess we will just have to wait to see, but this "attempt" will be thwarted, that is for 

sure. The fact that it is out in the open and public knowledge, is a sure bet for failure.

Exactly Victoria!   People knowing that this is a scam from the outset, will either make them reconsider the event or it will unite the people in a way that will break apart the Dark Cabal, where they will be dealt with one criminal at a time.

Thanks JJ!   Martin Luther King is one of my Heroes!!   Thank you so much for sharing!!!

I love this JJ, thank you for sharing it! I will be sharing it in other places as well! Blessings!

Pleasure Charles,

When Dept of Homeland Security buy (amongst other munitions) 450 million rounds of 0.4ammo you know its not for a tea party. I bet the generals in Iraq were envious that one department gets more ammo than a combat unit.

Now is the time to focus on love, light and resolution and spread the word so no-one will be surprised. They still have their aged Nuclear battleship out in the Gulf by Yemen waiting to sink and blame the Iranians. Our danger-zone is being sucked into their fear-mongering mind games. Obama is probably asleep when we are having our morning cuppa, so perhaps Members would target Obama in their morning meditations/prayers between 8am and 9am UTC and catch him on the Astral as it will be 3-4am Washington time.

The Empire strikes back :o-)


Anything is worth a try JJ!  Their secrets loose their power when they are out in the open!!!

Another false flag. I hope people have reached the mature knowledge level to not fall for this obvious power play by the cabal. They have been trying for yrs. to push us, into some kind of civil war with each other. This goes back to Waco, Oklahoma etc. The presidential orders of late.People still ask me why 9/11 is still important. Well history will repeat itself, unless we have all learned something from it. In this case I believe we have. So as Victoria said now that we know what their plans are we can get this and other articles around, to those who may still be in the dark. EDUCATE, EDUCATE those around you. This is why they are trying so hard to get rid of the internet. Bring it home locally, speak to your neighbor, friends and anyone who will listen. Forward this to people, We are all one, so maybe like someone suggested, get them on the astral plane, and the rest of us in the know, don't fall for it, or let your neighbor fall for it. Expose the plan therefor nullifying it! This is such an old ploy it goes back even further than the Reich-stag, and the only reason they keep using it, is because it HAS worked. Not any more!

Thanks Brock!  We will make sure that their plan becomes a damp Squib!  I have to get this more out there!  Above Top Secret won't let me post things on their site, so others who are able to, should post it on there!!


Many Blessings!


 The energy form of Love and good is becoming very strong. I can  feel it in the air surrounding us.When the change came it was so silent,no noise or sounds. now the feeling of empowerment is all around usl  We stand as one.  Love and Faith  to all.  marion


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