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As Professor Quigley, the 20th century liberal, apologist for big government, and Bill Clinton's mentor, wrote in his 1975 testament to the Washington empire:

"The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and politics of the Right and Left, is a foolish idea the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can throw the rascals out without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy. It should be possible, to replace one party with the other party which will pursue, with new vigor, approximately the same basic policy."
                              --Dr. Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope
Which party has given us lower taxes and less government?
Which party has stopped deficit spending, foreign aid, welfare, BANKSTER BAILOUTS and other boondoggles?
Which party has PROTECTED the United States from foreign enemies, terrorists, and illegal aliens (at least as well as they are defending the New World Order's power grab in other countries)?
The difference between Republicans and Democrats is the specific explanations that they give, for WHY we are headed into totalitarianism.

Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time by Dr. Carroll Quigley

Tragedy & Hope: A History of the World in Our Time

The Naked Capitalist; a Review and Commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley's Book: Tragedy and Hope, a History of the World in Our Time [Paperback] W. Cleon Skousen

The Naked Capitalist; a Review and Commentary on Dr. Carroll Quigley's Book: Tragedy and Hope, a History of the World in Our Time


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Guess what!  Facebook would not let me post this onto my facebook page!   More dirty Rothschild Tricks to stop Ron Paul getting any attention!    So lets give Ron Paul lots and lots of Attention!  Share with as many people as you can find!




Face book has been bought out by  Rothschild,  so I am not surprised, but I am disgusted by their dirty tricks!   They can never play fair, because they would know they would loose!  Guess what?  They are going to loose anyway, no matter what.  :-)




There's been nobody but Ron Paul for years now. I'm not surprised Charles, about FB. I won't even use it. We are the only ones who can and will get RP into office! Everyone in the march on Wall Street protests, everywhere we go we should bring up RP. I know that I've crossed a few lines with some people doing this, so be it. I also hope to have opened a few minds. I wish I knew some big media players like in the old days, maybe I could have made more of a difference.

There are ways and means to get around that problem of FB Brock, but the game is stacked against decent people!  The fantastic people who Occupy Wall Street are doing a marvelous job,  but they must not be divided,  It is the banking system of Usury that must end!  All interest and debt on money must stop!  All Central Banks must close!   Governments must produce the money without debt or interest attached to it! And Corporations must be cut to size!  No coroporation can make more profit than the poorest nation!   If it does, you can bet it isn't paying a cent in Tax!   All tax must be recouped from the decades that the corporation hasn't paid high tax!   Any excess profits must go straight to the county the corporation is in.  The people can always add more things that they want added to change the system.


It would be great if we could have a fair and uncorrupted media.  You did your best to do what you could Brock, you can only do your best!  All of us together can make a difference, we are making a difference!


Many Blessings!


wow, i just copied the picture, wanted to post on my facebook too, then scrolled down and read your message. I will try in a few minutes and see if it works on mine. Yes, I support Ron Paul too, thanks for the post

Thanks Rick!  I think Ron Paul would have a chance to win if the electronic voting machines weren't rigged to choose the candidate the elite wanted.  Electronic  voting has to end in the USA to stop this nonsense.  Then Ron Paul would have more of a fighting chance.




So it seems that FarceBook is yet another tool of the Bilderberg/Illuminati's... now why does THAT not surprise me ? These bastards are like a cancer... infecting everything with their NWO crap. Where is Bin Laden when you need him?

Carissimo fratello, Michael. Stai attento alla mia risposta;semplice,ma tra le righe...(se usi l'immaginazione) molto dura! In Italia,è da generazioni che c'è la Mafia con varie cosche,che traffica e inquina non solo l'Italia;ma spazia in gran parte dell'europa-industrializzata,fino ad arrivare in America(quasi tutta) e scommetto anche in Asia e Cina! Naturalmente nel tempo la Mafia-italiana,si è altamente evoluta;sia tecnologicamente,che socialmente. Non c'è più il classico"picciotto"con la lupara che ti fà fuori mezzo esercito tipo"Rambo"!Oggi la Mafia italiana,ha rapporti "strettissimi "e molto confidenziali in svariati campi.Dalla politica, all'industria,all'agricoltura,alle economie di quel o altro paese,traffici di ogni genere(non solo droga) e tantissimi campi ancora;adirittura anche in quello Aereo-spaziale. SIGG..!!! Detto questo,cosa voglio dire? Rifletti Michael... Come fà ,un'associazione a delinquere con capi-clan"culturalmente"ignoranti e rozzi;a evolversi così tanto e così in fretta(50-anni circa)se non ha l'appoggio di politici e altre forze "cosiddette-occulte"=illuminati ,triade giapponese-cinese ecc..? Sono andato troppo oltre? Che uso molto la fantasia? Bhe..;la realtà spesso supera la fantasia,inoltre l'Elitè-mondiale(termine usato spesso da Charles Magus)altro caro fratello di:O.V.,ha sempre usato uomini e associazioni losche per i loro"nobili"scopi. Uomini ignoranti e rozzi sì;ma senza alcun scrupolo a uccidere il loro prossimo.Arrivano a uccidere perfino la loro madre...;se necessario!!! Non è forse vero??? Conclusione? I potenti della terra,in nome della fede-religione-del falso"BENE-essere"della società,per lo sviluppo dei popoli nel mondo(effimero),per la fame nel mondo(falso),per l'indipendenza di uno Stato vs.un'altro e tantissimo altro ancora...;fanno di tutto per tenersi comoda la "poltrona" in special modo qui in Italia;dove ancora oggi,il bigottismo,la dottrina e moltissima ignoranza e paura..;Regna Sovranna!!! Scommetto che se potessero(i grandi della Terra),corromperebbero perfino i ns.fratelli cosmici! LoL!!! Michael..!!! Come...;non lo sai??? Bin Laden è IMMORTALE e ONNIPRESENTE! Quindi caro fratello...No-Problem! Ci pensa lui! Altre risate... Namaste,un abbraccio! PinoF.

Hi Micheal!  Bin Laden wasn't the villan he was made out to be.  The CIA trained him to attack the Russians, so that he could protect Afghanistan, but it was Brzezinski that told the Russians to attack Afghanistan!   People are played off against each other, and nobody realized the traitor to both of them!  


This would make a great movie plot!

Now let's just say if there were 12 million US Dollars available, that could be offered to 12 of the greatest assassins on the planet to hit Evelyn De Rothschilds, George Sorros and the Queen of England.  Each asshole has a 4 Million dollar hit on their heads. The Assassin that manages the hit or hits gets part or all of the money!


I know that there is David Rockefeller and many others that need to be taken out. But these three are a dammed good start!  Well, the Assasin that gets one or two or even all three of the targets get the relvent cut of the jackpot! but the hit has to be filmed by a small camera with a high powered zoom on it.  When it had been confirmed that the villians are indeed dead, then the money is given to the Victor or Victors.   As the people behind the money get more and more money, more of the elite are removed from power and living!  But as the money gets into billions, the job requires the capture of these high up elite dead or alive.  Now that would be a movie worth going to see! :-)

Thanks for this Charles.  The political hypocrisy and false paradigm is what caused me to return to OV and spiritual efforts in the first place.  I was a big RP supporter in '08 and continue to support him. 

This is not a political site but it's good to see that so many OVers have it right politically, which of course comes as no surprise.  The truth is the truth no matter.  RP 2012.  This time we the people of the US and the world can win.

Ciao.Dave=Davide in italiano;si? Ok,se sì,mio figlio si chiama come te. Tu dirai:"Ok,che c'entra con la politica"? In superfice ;poco o niente,ma vista da un'altra prospettiva....Bhe,abbiamo qualcosa in comune.Non trovi Davide K? Quello però che mi ha spinto a risponderti è che,tu dici:"La verità è la verità"!Non importa l'appartenenza politica(aggiungo io). E bravo Dave! sono d'accordissimo con te;quando dici che l'ipocrisia politica è un falso paradigma! se ho capito bene;tu ti sforzi a essere una persona spirituale? Se sì;cosa ti pesa di più nella tua vita? Ricorda;anche se te lo dice uno "sconosciuto"..,che siamo tutti UNO,e non è cosa da poco! Namaste,fratello. Buona vita=GOOD LIFE!!! PinoF.

Thank you Dave!   I don't even live in America and I knew that the only choice the world has is to have a real human being as President like Ron Paul.  All the others were Puppet Traitors and they should all be behind bars for corruption and murder!  If America can be save, then the whole world will be saved!


It is time for America to have a real President.  The last time you had one that supported the people fully was JFK!  





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