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Hello Charles.

If I ever get into trouble, I want you to defend me in court. You have the razor sharp confidence to think that you could defend the devil himself and get him off with no more than house arrest for 30 days.

Your points are convincing and there is no way that I could sit in a court room as a member of the 12 people panel of decission makers and honestly avoid being persuaded by your brisk cross examinations of the facts.

SO here is what I am going to say to you and your defense of the founding fathers intentions which you defended with excellence.

You and I both know that the way that our country was set up was wrong because it did not include everyone from the very beginning. Having said that, we come a crossroads in our cosmic awareness that just may allow a reprieve from the govenor (God). It seems to me that all of the mistakes that where made was somehow designed that way and here we are discussing its advantages and disadvantages.

I vote that we should adjourn for now and really think about all that has been said and explained and explored, because we both know that our Universe is setting things up to deliver a real big punch in the stomach who right now are being transformed into a higher level of consciousness. We must all learn to forgive, but we must not ever forget how we got to where we are at right now.

I shoved you back and forth to see if what your post was about was valid in your mind and heart, and it was. Sometimes I do this to get more out of a writer because he or she has a whole lot more to say then what is written in their blog at the moment. You came to the wall and defended your position well, and to top things off, you got other people to help you hold the wall up. I loved it, because your opinion was so strongly supported by so many others. You struck the drum and blasted the wall of Jericho so well that people all around you came to the wall with you because they heard the call of what you where guiding them to hear. I commend your stand at the wall and all of those that came to it with you, and at the same time I delivered a message of accountability that we all must have to continue upward towards a far more perfect union then any of us can even comprehend yet. Well done Charles, we need all of those people that came to the wall also to continue to observe ourselves because the wall that you are facing is really a mirror of what is in your hearts and everyone of you got a glimpse of you. There is one important point that I did not mention though and that is that we are all standing at the wall now and soon we will see the reflection of us as one and not as individual's. That is why we journeyed so far to get here. We are one and soon we will all know and understand all of its concepts so that we can form a better and greater union together as ONE.

I would gladly defend anyone who is innocent Reginald, as for the devil, I would tell him to go get another lawyer! :-)   I would never want to become a lawyer as you have to swear an Oath to the Bench!  I couldn't in all honesty do that, as I feel I would have to swear an oath to the people that would defend and so long as I believed them to be innocent.

You have a pure heart and are a good soul Reginald!  I would gladly fight along side with you to defend our world from these tyrants. 


Of all the things in Earth History, the one that hurts me most is what  had been done, and is still being done to this day to Indigenous cultures around the world!  It is a horrific chapter that I find too hard to deal with, because I have a deep afinity with Indigenous peoples who have an extraordinary bond with the Earth, to all life and the Universe itself. 

If I were around in the late 1700s, I would have fought along side the Native American people as I see them as my Brothers more than any other peoples of this world.  I can't explain why? Only that it is so. The injustices done to them over the centuries is such a deep wound that it cannot so easily be mended and cleansed.


As I have said before, the Founding fathers were far from Blameless.  They were connected to the Freemason and the Illuminati, they were involved in many Satanic rituals and Sacrifices. They had a very privilaged life and were very self serving and didn't care all that much for the common man.  But their one saving grace is the Constitution, even though it should have included all people living in America when it didn't. 


If the Constitution didn't exist, all may  have been lost already.  But is isn't and that is one Big Blessings!  The right to bear arms was the biggest fly in the ointment of the Dark Cabal, this is the toughest one that they are still having trouble with.  So I would have to say that the Constitution has been the only thing that has saved America and the rest of the world.  So they get did something right.  ;-)


As all isn't lost just yet, we have an opportunity to make the greatest stand we could ever make.  We have to show them that we can live without their corrupt and rotten system.  Begin to barter with each other and share knowledge, skills, food and resources with each other. Form small Communities to begin with and then begin linking these communities through to other communities, forming networks!    an attack on one is an attack on all, so defend each other,  it is all a numbers game, so swell your numbers as large as you can grow them.  Be of service to others, Give help where needed, and allow others to help you if it is needed.  This philosophy will serve all the people in all the communities.


I really do try to have my heart in the right place, I am not perfect by a long shot, for so long I did not involve myself with the problem humanity had as I blaimed them for getting the Earth into the state that she finds herself in.  But slowly it eventually dawned on me that it was only a small number of a group of Globalists that were causing all the problems of the world and humanity. 


I gleemed inside information of their plans throughout my life, but never knew where the info was coming from until 2008.

I have been battling them ever since.  At this stage I have become so tired, sometimes I swear I run on autopilot! But I can not bring myself to stop, not until they are removed, only then will I be able to rest.


Take Care Brother.


Many Blessings


Thanks Phoenix.

Thanks Star Flower also.

Both of you are very necessary for the healing of our planet and on to our universe.

The new age of Mother Earth here with us now. Once more I believe that man's age of war and destroy and conquer and contamination has already ended. This new time that we are in is very much influence of mother earth now and we need all women to help clean up this massive mess. We men have had it long enough and we need your help desperately to undo all of everything that we have done so wrong.

Star Flower, I really appreciate all of the info that you send to me, but I am  still trying to read the things that David and you sent to me from the other post that we where on.

You dish out a whole lot of homework and home projects. Phoenix, your feelings about what happened to all of us is heart felt by mother earth and I know she appreciates to.

Remember both of you that without women to heal it all and feel it all, not a lot of healing will be done.


My brother Charles, Haha

You keep finding groups to blame, and I think you are missing the point totally.

The Jews are us and we are the Jews. Therefore it would be necessary tolame ourselves, because we are them. Phoenix and I think Star Flower understands the principles of KHARMA. Our co existence goes way back for more then we know. The Atlantians where and still are us. If you notice, Phoenix answered all of your questions before you asked them. You and I and everybody else are everyone that we think are persucating us now. We all where and still are The Founding Fathers of America and at the same time, we where and still are The Pharoah's and the slaves and work men and women who built the pyramids of Egypt. We are the Rothchilds and the people of the world bank and all of the other causes and affects of what we gained and lost all rolled up into one us.

I think Phoenix and Star Flower are trying to help you see it. Stop looking with your eye's and look at it with your third eye and you will see clearly and fully just like the nose on your face.

Most of all its important to forgive yourself more then anyone or anything else.

There was never been a time when you where not here with us because you live forever and sometimes during your and my constant visits, you and I are kicking our own ass's so much that we think it is someone or something else, but the truth be told, who is better at teaching you the best lessons of any life better then you.


Love ya brother, how can I not ?

You are me and vice versa.

Star Flower, you and I know very well that it takes a lot more then Charles (Esquire) Magus spouting his courtroom antics and distraction clauses to persuade me of anything.

As much respect that I may have for his presentations, is as much confusion as he can paint onto his facts portrait. He is masterful at persuasions in his arguments and it is hoped that his technique will over shadow the real truth that hides just under the surface of his multi points of views being delivered at lightning speed in an attempt to overwhelm the senses.

Yes Counselor Charles, you are a real credit to Donald Trumps School of Persuasion. I am going to write him a letter and tell him that I may have found his match.


Your brother who is learning you well.

Charles, you are a real patriot and true citizen of the world.

I can tell by the way you defend everyone and everything. but while you are trying save the world, you must understand that you cant do it by yourself. Its to big for one man or woman, but together with the women and children and all life on earth, we can evolve in a correct way. In the Art of War it is implyed that the greatest victory that can ever be won is a victory attained where no sword has been drawn. You can not defeat an enemy that is attacked from the front or the flank as well as no attack at all. The illusion of an attack sometimes is far more affective than spending 1000 troops lives in an attempt to influence a victory.


A smart warrior can place 50 women spys inside of an army of a 10,000 man army and cause enough disruption to make them defeat themselves in a matter of weeks.

Women already know this truth, and we men have to be taught what women already know from birth.


It is a woman's world now and rightfully so. We men have had our time in the drivers seat. They only need our backs and physical strength to help clean up this mess.

Women know what to do now. Sit back my brother, cool your jets and let the real masters do what they do so well. IF they need our input, they will let us know.

I think we men have already shown our world what we are capable of and it is still trembling from our capabilities.

Love you bro.

Cheers Reginald!  I am just so very tired now,  it has hit me more over the past 5 months. With everything that has happened, I want all of this mess to end.  I want to see the world healed and for humanity to be free at last.  It is the simple things in life that truly matter.

I would happily sacrifice my own life to put things right with the world.


Blessings and Light Brother.



Easy escape goats are the Jews Charles, but believe me, The Jews are just as much victims as you and I are.

In defense of every Jew everywhere, they are not the enemy and should not be even consudered such.

I wear a star of David around my neck because of Jews and people of other origins everywhere.

I have converted to Jewish beliefs and have studied The History of the Jews for many years and I believe that once again they are being set up to take the fall again for all of the woes of the world.

It was Jews who helped me when I was down.

It was Jews who gave me shelter from a world that seemed to be determined to destroy me.

It was Jews who taught me wisdom and patience and respect for not only myself but for all other people in our world.

It is Jews who help, and there are also people of jewish origin who are not so good, just like there are good indians and Italians and Irian and Saudi Arabian and Greeks and English and Canadian and Mexican and South American and Australian and French and every other group that I did not mention as well as bad ones.

To blame Jews again and again for our deep and long sleep walk is once again not very responsible.

Just like watching the 6 oclock news and thinking that all of the people who live in the ghetto's of America or the Hills of the Aplachian Mountains are all dumb and poor and ignorant.

You need to get out more Charles and explore some of the world, because my Jewish brothers and sisters are not the problem anad never have been.

I love it when things go wrong and people throughout history cant find a fall guy to blame it on, the Jews become the poster boys and girls for attack and blame.

What is it about Jews that upsets you and everyone else ?

Is it because some of them are rich ?

Is it because they spend more time in school ?

Is it because they look like people who don't act and look like everyone else ?

Is it because some of them save their money and don't take expensive cruises until they actually have the money in cash ?

The British Goverment has done some very cruel things to people of other countries in the last 200 years, but you dont see me going around saying that every Englishman or woman is bad.

Get a grip Charles!

Read "Behold a Pale Horse" and enlighten your mind.

The world as we are experiencing it has some very strange twist's and turns and all that we see or hear is an illusion.

Tibetian Monks have said it for eon's and I have found it to be the truth.

Once again, finding a convient scape goat is way to easy to do and you really need to look deeper to find the real truths and not just what sounds or looks good to you and I.

One of the things that I have discovered is that 99 percent of people will buy whatever takes them the shortest amount of time to find and it is the reason that whoever is to blame is safe for now and they know it, because most of us will not persue the truth beyond what sounds or looks good to them.


It has taken millinium to create and impliment whatever bad thing that is intended for us as a species.

Dont think that you or I or anyone else is going to figure it out in a few decades so easily.


THe real truth will set you free Charles. 

I have nothing against anyone who isn't trying to destroy our world Reginald. I do have a problem with the psychopaths that have robbed humanity of his wealth and freedom.  Yes, you could say that we shouldn't have been asleep from the beginning or allowed this to happen to us,  Human beings maybe were too compliant, too trusting and too gullible.  These are not bad traits, so long as there isn't something that could preys on us. But time and time again we find the same group behind events that cause human misery.  All I can say that they claim themselves to be Jews.  These are most likely the Khazarian, Ashkenazi or the Pharisees Jews.  The fact is that they are a group that have clear and hostile intensions against all Goyim. Genocidally so! 

Have you heard of the Protocols of the Elders of zion? Or of the Synagogue of Satan?  Or why Jews had to be banned from all over the world because of their hatred towards the Christian or Islamic World.  You can't ignore historical facts, physical documentation and quotes from the most prominent people of the past.  You can only turn a blind eye for so long to know that this is not just speculation and suspicion.  There is such overwhelming evidence that it can no longer be overlooked.


It is like saying that 9/11 was exactly as the Government Narrative, when there is monumental evidence to say otherwise.  This is the real truth.  These zionist/Khazarian/Ashkenazi/ Pharisees/Nazis/Jesuits What ever name you want to call them  Have been there pulling the strings throught the centuries, yet I also know that they too are victims, for something else guides them to do what they do.  That something else is not even Human.  When it is ready, it will discard these zionist/Khazarian/Ashkenazi/ Pharisees/Nazis/Jesuits and they will be destroyed.  They are going to be betrayed.  They are victims too, But they would never believe it!   There is only a small number of these zionists that are not what they appear to be, They are only human shells, but inhabited by the something else I have been speaking of.  Kissinger is one, George Bush Senior is another (zionist bloodline, posing as christian)  David Rockefella, The Queen of England(Related to the Rothschilds by rape) and the controlling family members of the Rothschild dynasty.  That is how they control the rest of the zionists to follow the agenda!  

This sounds fantastic and unbelievable, but I can't lie about it or change the information to make it fit our convensional thinking.  You are just going to have to find that information out for yourself.  Take the time to research all that I have mentioned.

Take care Brother.


As far as I have been able to discern, the Jews have been suffering from

a similar karma as the American Indians.  At some point they were given

the opportunity to transcend the limiting beliefs that they held/hold about

being God's chosen people and move out of tribal mentality.  They chose

not to do this at that time.  And they and this situation is very different

to me than the real corruption that has crept into this creation.

The real corruption comes from many sources, however I do believe that

there is a group who came to the planet from a stargate that was

inactive at the time of the ending of Atlantis.  This particular group

came from Mars, as far as I have been able to find.  They infiltrated

the Jewish people and in my way of seeing are not really Jews at all.

They have used the Jewish people as a mask so that the Jews would

be the targeted and blamed group.  I do not know if this has anything

to do with the karma that I mentioned before.  But it certainly has

worked as far as protecting the true identities behind this imposter

group.  This is one reason that there was and is so much confusion

around Hitler and the holocost, as it was this group who actually

was destroying the Jews, setting them up as "scapegoats".  Following

the family histories of the Rothchilds and Bilderbergs and many other

illuminati bloodline families, you find those who either were Jewish (I believe

psuedo Jewish) and those who then changed their names to hide any

connection to a Jewish ancestry, like Queen Elizabeth who is actually

an illegitimate child of one of these psuedo Jewish families. 

My ex husband's name was Fisher and he was told that he was from

England and one of the original families to come to America in the

1700's.  During the time of WW2, his father was sent to Hitler's

youth camp.  After doing more work on the history of his family and

putting together the pieces of the puzzle as far as a protestant

missionary family heritage alternating generationally with bankers,

I realized that his family was not English at all and that they were

actually German, and more likely Bavarian.  And likely had changed

the spelling of their name from Fischer to Fisher to hide this.

Changing from being Jewish to Protestant for which ever way

served their cause best. 

Sorry to go on and on here about this, but I wanted to explain

how I became involved in trying to figure all of the things out

about his family and make sense of it all.

I am sure that the real Jews are just the scapegoats in all of this,

and I would venture to say that the Mossad is really not made

up of Jews at all, but this other group of invaders that came

to Earth through this Atlantian stargate.

MOSSAD and the Rothschilds are from the Ashkenazi and the Khazarians.  Not the Real Judaic Jewish at all!


Interesting info Phoenix!!


Many thanks.


Yep, hopefully their cover is being exposed now for all of the world to see!

Charles you're my kind of man. This mess the world is in today started 1000's of years ago by bloodline. It still is true today. The royal blood line had power and rule then and ever as strong today. The part of greed we may have played was taught to us as doing well in life.I can't say we're at too much fault of the mess because we were lied to and taught lies. We were once ignorant, at least I was. I was NOT AWAKE along with millions of others. All leaders and their officals in all countries work together secretly.  And always have. Anyone that can't see that are just asleep. I send them love and light. Keep up your great work and keep standing strong in truth. This has really been a wonderful post with wonderful minds commenting.I send great LOVE to all of you.                   Love Angel


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