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Thank you so much Margaret!   These Bloodlines go back to the Sumerians, where the rulers were put in place to rule by whatever helped them take control over the people.  The Bloodlines were of the Gods/extraterrestrials that put them in charge.  So they were not benevolent, this control mechanism was set up in all the most powerful cultures.   Some things are hard to accept.  But we are finding more and more that the world we thought we had two decades ago was never real.  We have been lied to and the truth is far more bizarre than the fiction.




Phoenix you're a great woman, Reginald you're a great man, I admire your wisdom. You two really put it out there with Charles.  I love all three of you.             Love Angel             

Thank you margaret!  Charles posts inspire me to put into words

what has been in my heart and mind for a long time.  And Reginald

is doing an incredible job of acting the "crucible" for all to be

brought out and healed.  I am so grateful to have had OV during

this time of transition so that we could all combine our points

of view and place our cards on the table so that they are seen

by others.  I watched a video a year ago called "Which card will

be the last card to be played?"  I knew immediately the answer

to that question....The Queen of Hearts.  The Divine feminine.

Only Love will be left after the curtain goes down from this

act of the play!

I would like to say to all of my ancestors from many races, that I am greiving all of you who gave your lives for those of us who have made this difficult voyage to not only here in the Americas but to wherever your bones may lie now. I am eternally grateful to your unselfish suffering that was forced upon you by others who had no wisdom, A debt of gratitude goes out to you and your spirit that none of us can ever repay to you.

The torments that you endured is ever felt by all of us, and our united feelings of sorrow and sadness follows us from generation to generation and will forever be felt by everyone on this earth.

From my African American ancestors to my American Indian ancestors to my Irish Potatoe Famine ancestors to my English ancestors to my French ancestors all the way back to those who spilt blood for me and every other person who they attempted to save from tyranny and injustice and beyond.

I feel the burden of you sacrifices and it has made me strong and determined to carry on.

Charles, you have wounded me greatly, as I now present to you some deeper inner truths that was not mentioned in your historically excellent presentation.

If you don't mind me saying so, I was astounded by your attempt to blame Jews once again for so much evil, so I had no other choice but to dig a little deeper to present some profound information that I have know for years, but never wanted to expose this secret because I know it cuts into the wound of the memory of slavery even deeper.

And in this video, I will also let a woman do my talking on this most disturbing issue.

These are facts that nobody wants to ever talk about, but it is all documented and I believe that it is true also.





Reginald, I would not wish to wound anyone.  only show what I have found through years of going through tons of data.  I did not mean you any offence Reginald.

I apologise.




That I didn't know about what the blacks were doing before the white races got there.  I still say that it was outside influence that got them fighting with each other in the first place, the Arab and Roman influence would have had a hand in dividing and rule mentality of getting them fighting each other. Fighting amoungst ourselves has only helped those that want to divide and conquer.  We have some much in common as a human race, why do we fight each other at all???

Thanks Margaret Crim.

I would like to thank Phoenix and Charles and you for pushing the envelope and forcing us to talk about a subject that needs to be talked about, not because of its subject matter, but because it helps the healing process for all of us. We are each other and that to me is the most significant part that I like about us now.

We are like children talking about how we feel after a spanking and we are in the yard explaining how much our little feelings have been hurt because of the spanking.

I am not going to let Charles get away with blaming anybody else but all of us for our spanking, and he is not going to stop telling me how much pain his butt is in either.

So we go on.

The lesson that I have learned from this discussion is that if I blame anybody for the ill behavior of my fellow man, then I realize now that I need to start with blaming me first.

Charles its your serve my friend.

30 love


I do blame myself Reginald for not doing something sooner about the world situation.  I had insights roughly to what was going on through Visions I saw as a young kid. But did I do anything to try and stop the things I saw?  No.  I chose not to interfere with events.  Maybe that was why I could see them, because I wouldn't try to change them?   Would I sit idle now,  no bloody way!!

Thank you for your analysis of the Kharma of all of us.

Charles, my brother, I might ask Phoenix to bring it all home when we are thru, but I think your superior mind is working on something else to present to all of us so that your point hits home with significant impact.

I have a lot of patience and you are presenting a most excellent argument, but I feel the pressure of your presentation is starting to weigh me down.

I think I can endure a little more of your outstanding argument and I just hope that I can survive all of this evidence that you are whaling at me with such force.

We will see what we will see my brother.

You are a most worthy opponent and I salute your brilliance and unmerciful battle field tactics.

I better get some rest now though before I collapse from all of the mental gymnastics that you are bring so much light to.

Should I concede ?


In fact I am just getting warmed up now.

LEts see what comes next ?

I am crashing now.

Can't wait to see what your next offensive move is.

Remember what we are moving towards ?

The ending is going to be a real hum dinger.

So give me your best shot, because when I lay this on you, lightning is going to strike twice and both of our hairs are going to stand up on their ends.

Love you bro and all that you know. 

Reginald, there is no move!  You are my brother, there is no conflict, all I have done is try to show the bigger part of this puzzle, for only when you have all the pieces can you see the whole picture.


Would I be wrong in saying that you seem to thrive on challenges?  There is a big challenge staring us in the face already and that is the dark cabal wants all life on Mother Earth to end, though they take every little piece of energy from us before they know that they cannot have or control us.  The energy is our labour, our acquiescence, our total subserviance, until our full awakening happens, that is when they will try and end all life on this world.  The very few who are walk-ins will just leave this reality and discard their human host bodies as they try to end life here.  They do not want us to evolve and be greater than them.  Even though we would be no threat to them.  It is a child temper tantrum, that they are jelous of their younger brother (Human Race) has managed to spiritually evolve while they are left behind.  This is why they will not allow humanity to evolve.


Wouldn't your energy be better spent finding a way stop their intended plan?  I haven't come up with any solution yet. It is hard enough to convince people that they have such a treat facing them.  How can they defeat it if they can't believe in it?




Wow this thread has moved so deeply through much historical pain. It has amazing depth from several very articulate men and women. It is a piece of artwork actually, I am not sure I have ever read such depth in one thread as Charles, Regg, Phoenix and Star Flower have volleyed.


Nice of you to say, Paula, but I don't have the patience to keep volleying with Charles the way Regg does. I'm afraid I didn't expect to meet any "Charles's" on this site. Naive of me, no doubt, but I thought everyone would be pursuing the positive aspects of life. I'm sure that Charles has lots to teach me in terms of keeping my reactions to him calm and loving. He's certainly testing my resolve. I considered going on a one-woman mission to encourage him to validate his outrageous claims with factual data, but frankly my experience has been that such efforts are usually a waste of time. In my experience, it is very difficult to get a manipulator to stop manipulating. Most aren't even aware of their specious commentaries/behavior. Sorry Charles, but to verbally spar with you is a waste of bandwidth, and use of energy that would be better exerted  elsewhere.  When/if you begin sending positive, enriching, helpful posts, I'll pay attention to you once again. 


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