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The Clinton Chronicles

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Is today the day Charles for all the truth to come out?  Wow!!!

Well Phoenix, I felt that the information I have been sitting on, needed to come out, so in the last two days I went for it! Lol!   Hope you find the posts illuminating! 


Love and Light Phoenix!



This is absolutely EXCELLENT. I just posted this on my Facebook.

You are The Best my Friend....



Thanks Lynie! It is only through the knowing can we truly begin to see how corrupt and rotten the system really is.   This is the Catalyst for real Change.  We are now beginning to see what no longer serves us.


Many Blessings and Light Lynie!


I don't think it has anything to do with Obama.  He is a puppet placed there to  preside the propaganda of disinformation.  The gumbas in the Republican party  if they win, will only take it one step further to a full fascist state.  Let's not forget that "Dubya" was instrumental in setting this up days before he left office.  They are all the same and impeachment won't do a thing.  Sincerely, it's going to take an act of God to change this.  So lets start praying that the climax of the fall of this elite of criminal thugs, wont be too bloody.

Spot on, Andrew! I don't expect "the change" to be bloody. When it is commanded by Heaven, Obama will step down gracefully. His spirit is larger than his ego. 

Obama will go quietly, because he has played his part in betraying America.  The Dark Cabal want him to step down, so he will do his masters' bidding.

WHY would the dark cabal want Obama to step down? 

To get the Next puppet so it appears that people have a choice when they don't.

The people working together will change this.  We may get external help, but only to a point.   Prime Creator allows all, does not intervene in any event.  This is down to all of us to change. It is when humanity really takes responsiblity for its actions, that is when everything changes. 


 What an expression,  quote - "I never felt Bill Clinton was "ever hemmed in by morality".   That he

made sure that monies were always funneled to his campaigns and to Hillary's law firm - does NOT 

surprise me  one whit !!  That he laundered millions of "cocaine dollars" hits my ears and i can only say

"so what else is new?"    The Rose Law firm committed crimes against the state of Arkansas we know

now and we are not "aghast" or "mortified" by such behavior, though, we surely ought to be.   I do 

think that Bill Clinton has matured quite a lot from a morality point of view.   Especially after his heart surgery.

I want to add here that from a Christ point of view, we do forgive and remember Clinton's immortal

Soul,  which  is truly sacred and comes from Divine Purity of Intent.   

There is none of this criminality related to our current president,  Barack Obama, thank God. 

I agree, maryann. Bill Clinton had lessons to learn and I believe he has learned them. I can see the goodness in his heart. Always could. And I find the same in Obama. 


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