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Talk about getting taken for a ride. I warned about this Ron Paul bus to nowhere specifically in Project Blueballs and the false hope energy heist. As soon as we give our energy and aspirations over to others to execute, it’s over. We’re back at square one.

You are the change. I am the change.

Know what these charades do? They assuage the sense of futility in the souls of the observing “believers”. You might as well go to the the “Church of the Guilty Because I Can’t Do Shit About Anything” and toss your pennies into the plate. Then sit back and let someone tell you what you want to hear.

Such disempowering bullshit. And a hell of a lot of hive mentality cowardice.

So the big news in the big bad politically hopeful world of patriots is…”OMG…Rand Paul endorsed Romney!”

My reaction? Good.

This might wake the cool aid drinkers up. Almost all political activism is futile at this point. Unless you can get something viable and tangible on a very local level. Forget the rest. The system is crumbling under its own wicked weight and all you’re gonna have is what’s immediately around you.

Work on that, while raising your conscious awareness and that of those around you. Nothing else matters at this point.

Peter Thiel, Ron Paul Supporter. President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC (Zionist, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefeller Foundation Grantee, steering committee Bilderberg Group)

Politics Is A Controlled Diversion.

Want some more needed bogus politics deprogramming? Ron Paul has been backed none other than PayPal spy machine and SPACEX private space program Zionist Peter Thiel, a young gun in the upcoming globalist elite ranks with a growing list of credentials.

Uh huh. And if there’s one, there’s likely more. “Keep the opposition hopping while we wield our supremacy..that’s how we roll…”

Getting the political game yet? It’s all staged. And subverted. By the extremely influential/infiltrated media-propelled smarty pants. If you don’t see that yet or the extent of it, I pity you.

Subversion Disguised by Sound and Fury

They back both, or all three, sides. If the wind shifts they’ll back and subvert the maverick. They cloak their perfidy by the sound and fury of clashing opposition, dissension, enmity, conflict and ultimately by distraction.

While what? They continue to tank the economy, roll on with their hegemonic wars whether it’s Syria or Iran or whoever’s next. All the while continuing their drone-patrolled clampdown preparations for the American police state. And how do you keep everyone distracted and squabbling over shibboleths?

Phony politics.

They’re not stupid. The aggressors, the initiators, always have the advantage within their construct. That’s why we need to stay free from it. To participate in that corrupt system only strengthens it.

Disengage. Stop feeding the beast.

Falling for the False Choice

Nothing is black and white. Or very little. Especially when it comes to perception and the human factor gets involved. Illusions seem real and reality seems like an illusion.

Because it is.

We think we understand a situation with whatever information we’re given. It doesn’t matter how much, it seems humanity can draw a conclusion on a dime. Right or wrong, it’s based on some mental conclusion or feeling we think is our own from information handed to us.

Easily duped?  Duh.

Such is the political scene. What absolute futility based on illusion. While issues get aired, perhaps, by corporate sponsored cardboard images, any real representatives and their causes have been cut off at the knees before the public’s naive campaign started, with the gullible populace at their mercy.

Tell me. Does a new paint job change the White House, or as they say, does rearranging the deck chairs of the (purposely sunk) Titanic really help anything?

Be conscious first. Steer clear of their machinations entirely.


What I said over 5 months ago about these same Politics of Futility and the Paulite hopefuls is as apt as ever:

The Main Point Is to Fully Wake Up First

As Einstein famously said,

“You cannot solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Until people grasp fundamentals like 9/11 truth and the reality that our government is deliberately dismantling the country to prepare it for a world fascist government, there is no hope for them.

Until people realize we are being deliberately poisoned and dumbed down in order to accept their extreme anti-human conditions of complete mental, economic and spiritual servitude there will be no change.

That’s where change happens, one heart at a time. Once that takes place and conscious awareness is conceived, the whole dynamic changes.

But some will never hear it. Don’t waste your time on those who refuse to listen.

Look for the hungry who haven’t quite connected the dots. And if they need to run the Ron Paul political gamut for one final wake up, so be it.

But be there for them when they crash land in reality.

Same now as then.

Lots of good folks waking up right now with the appalling Paul sell-out proving the point.

That’s a good thing.

Much love, Zen

P.S. Did Ron Paul bring good issues forward and advance a greater awareness to many? Sure. But within a construct that goes nowhere, sorry to say. All these things work together as they will in individuals’ lives and on so many levels clearly nothing is wasted. The end objective is to bring an eventual full consciousness shifting awareness.

But channeling this through their matrix paradigm is a dead horse. Next time, take the A-train.

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I recommend you all bookmark Zen's site as his blogs make for wonderful thought provoking reading.

So, just like in all so called democracies, what are the choices ?........answer......none.....they all have the same agenda.

VERY interesting!  In fact, this is not too surprising!  Years ago, I was a Ron Paul supporter, if only being eager to pass along information so people would get to know him.  But then, as I grew in awareness, I just set him aside (was too much like "idolatry" around him, and yet he had really accomplished nothing) and watched as he became a mainstream figure, anyway.  

Then, recently I saw a photo of him making the Satanic "devil" sign with his hands (huh?) just like GWB used to do.  And then there was Rand Paul, who seemingly "defected" to the other camp.  And struck me..."WHY has the dark cabal, the Illuminati group, left HIM alone, when they have attacked others who have made way less impact, ie. JFK, RFK, etc."?  This got me thinking....

Good post Chris.

All is not what it seems is one of the first rules of the Art of War. The Art of War is new to most people in the west, for a very good reason. I have studied it for many years and know of its inherent wisdom. No wars are won without the key use of its content. Everything in life is a war. Marriages, relationships, business, legal difficulties, work related conflicts, child rearing, education concepts, house budgets, municipal politics, national politics, mingling with inlaws, etc... If you don't believe this then, try interfacing with any of the above catagories with a laid back disposition and I bet you loose a whole lot more then you win. The reason for this truth is because the principles are simple. You either win something or you loose at something everyday of your life. These are hard facts of life, but they still apply in our everyday lives. Example= a boyfriend wants to go to the beach and the girlfriend wants to go to the mountains for their vacation together. One must win and the other must loose. If the person who executes the best art of war applications will always win over the person who does not use the rules at all. The person who does not use these concepts is a 50% 'er while the person who does use the art of war wins the majority of the time. Those who rule over us know the art of war very well and use the concepts constantly when they proceed to make a plan that involves our control. Many times they give the illusion of fairness and balance to their victims and at the same time snatch balance out of the equasion in such a cunning way that most people don't even know they have been deceived. Credit cards, bank loans, car loans, school loans are a few of the many contrived and unfair techniques that they use to intrap and keep their victims locked into a life long imprisonment of financial confusion and  chaos that most people can not escape from. It is designed to keep your mind unbalanced and your body and mind under the control of the masters of the art of war of financial bondage. Read the small print on your mortgage and you will find that lawyers, the manipulators of the art of war have written so many of them into your agreement of sale contract that by the time you go to settlement, all of the advantages of ownership have been transfered back to them upon signing at settlement. The lawyers create the buying contract for most things so scrambled that most people have no idea of what they are signing upon completion of the paperwork. If you do not understand or know about the Art of War, you are usually a victim of minds that have steered you into aggrements that the lawyers know you and I have lost before we get a chance to win anything. By the way, The Art of War is required reading at Harvard and Yale law schools. Do you wonder why it is ?  I already know why. Above all, remember that "Everything is not as it seems" and if you do not know about the Art of War, you are probably at an enormous disadvantage in your daily life.

Read it and apply the principles as soon as possible and you will start to win at an amazing rate at everything that you do.

Those who rule over you have been practiceing its principles over you for most of your lives. All they had to do was convince you that you where a winner, and if you believed them, you where actually a looser.

It is that easy and simple. Here are some of the techniques that they use against you daily, Distraction (the news) seperation (work and school commitments), surprise (informing you of things that scare you), Deception (telling you things that you want to hear), Confusion (misinformation and lies in the news), Fear (astounding news that scares you) Illusions (making you think that your reality belongs to you) Mis Direction ( leading you by the nose from one mall to mall)  etc... and the list goes on and on. By the time they finish with your mind, you actually think that you are running the show. This is the biggest deception of all and they know it. Learn the Art of War and avoid a larger percentage of being lead by the nose to the slaughter house by your own ignorance.

Love you and hope you pay closer attention to what you think that you know because your very life depends on it. 

Yes, war has taught us many things about ourselves in this world - it's what 3D "reality" is all about, the DUALITY of light and dark.  But I contend that the same things can be learned in peace.  Understand that there are only two emotions that exist - Love, and ego-fear, and you've got it made.  It's that simple.  The times of using war as a method of teaching or's of the Old Paradigm.  And I for one, and blessedly happy about that fact.  We are entering the New Paradigm of Love and Light...and Peace.  Namaste.  :-)

Good article. Thank you. Love to hear Chalmers Johnson Speaking freely on American Hegemony. His dvd's are interesting and refreshing to help us understand.

YEs Zora you are right. However, if you look around, we are still being sacrificed at the alter of those who rule over us in very large herds now. Their hunger quickens and we keep multiplying out of control, this little fact helps them to justify why they think we should be slaughtered in larger numbers. The Art of War states that the greatest victory that anyone can acheive , is one where not a sword is drawn and not one life is taken. It is not about the war Zora, it is about attaining a victory over others who wage war against you.

The Art of War is not about killing and cutting as much as it is about you and I using wisdom to overcome adversity, and if we can learn how to think better, then maybe we won't get eaten so often by those who use prey upon us. One must first understand what technique is being used against us before we can escape their plan to misuse us mentally physically or emotionally.

Lambs never see it coming when their time comes most wolves already know this truth and act accordingly.

All I am saying is if we learn how to identify an attack rather it be physically or mentally or emotionally we just might be able to survive a little bit better because we are aware that we are being eaten by the wolf.

Hiding our heads in the sand does not help our survival for a better day. Hiding in a tree cuts down on a lot more predators then if we walk on the ground, and we can see a lot more from the tree then we can on the ground.

Wisdom is easy to attain for all of us if we learn to respect and serve her.

You spoke of duality earlier Zora J, and you where right. In studing the art of war we learn that it is very possible to give the illusion of either dark or light at any given time. Imagine not being able to tell who is good or bad upon first sight, how would you know which to attack to defend yourself ?

The answer is, he who attacks first looses.

Love you Zora J sending good intentions your way.

Reginald...thank you for your reply.  I appreciate it, truly.  And I think you are doing this purely out of instinct - perhaps you heard something within my words that inspired you to expound on your statement of yesterday.  I too thought more about what YOU wrote...and I realized that I was misconstruing what you said, and decided to address what I REALLY felt.  THe reason I so adamantly responded was probably my little ego taking mild offense, so to speak, so ironically, I was playing right into it!  Really, though, I think that I have spent so much time in the past four years with ACIM, which deals extensively with "ego", that I failed to notice that I was still engaging in the very activities that you speak of - allowing those people in my life who seemed to be there specifically to test my mettle. 

You see, this goes WAY deeper than I'll get into here, but within my fundamental character lies a warrior, and so I have a strong instinct with regards to that...but at the same time, I am a complete pacifist-peacelover.  That is my own personal challenge in this life - to find that sweet spot of balance, and to maintain it for longer and longer periods of time.  It has been THOROUGHLY and vehemently tested in this life...over and over.  And yes, I have caved and allowed my pacifist to just "let it go" and not respond at all when faced with some pretty outrageous circumstances - which would normally have my Mars side exploding with ire.  So you see...I DO understand what you are saying, and perhaps some day I will actually read the Art of War, so that I may further educate that part of me MATURELY.  I know that part of me is still there...any outright violence IS immature, and I have fallen for it at times...but what you speak of is the grown-up version of using war-like conditions to fortify ourselves from within.

Also...I don't care how pacifist in nature half of me is....there is NO WAY I would allow an adversary either try to harm me, or one of my loved ones, and if it came to harming children, my instincts would be to cold-bloodedly put a physical stop to it.  Been there, too...much to the adversary's surprise and shock that "little ol' me" is capable of that level of intensity. 

Needless to say, your writings have triggered something deep within me that perhaps has yet to be healed.  And perhaps I have been going about it in a too-indirect way.  Perhaps what you speak of is EXACTLY what I should be looking at, even if just to mentally, emotionally and spiritually come to terms with these issues within. 

I love your alliteration about being able to see alot more from the tops of the trees than from the ground.  I have been working on getting there again, and I could never explain the unbelievably clever and sly and downright evil tactics that have been used against ME, simply because I would not comply to their wishes or demands.  I always just took it as a spiritual test of my being able to "turn the other cheek", and that indeed does work at times.  But there are people who will NOT.  GIVE.  UP.  So I find I am CONSTANTLY having to upgrade my understanding of psychological warfare. 

Well, you might be able to tell by the slightly rambling nature of this message that it is still an emotional issue for me, so let me take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time to address this, and to inadvertently point something out that I was not fully aware I needed to see.  I appreciate your good intentions and indeed can feel them.  All the best to you, too, Reginald.  With much love...Z

Thank you Zora J. You are truly a wise and honorable warrior who sees another path that can be taken, and your wisdom guided you towards finding a different way to contend. Many people have tested us and many will continue to test us as we go thru life. I have found a better way to handle their mental and emotional assults. The Art of War is just one of many techniques that are available to all of us. What I appreciate most about it, is that it actually allows one to contemplate when and where and why he or she can and should defend themselves. You can turn on a dime and leave such a devistating asault on an adversary that most won't feel it for weeks. That is the beauty of the art of war, you can deliver your attack whenever you want in secret without anyone ever knowing what your true intentions are. To wage war mentally or physically or any toehr way that you need to is wise and reserved combat that never looses because your challenger has no idea when you will surprise him or her neither will they no from where you strike or the time of day when it will happen. Many wars have been won just by making an enemy think that you are going to attack, and you have no intention of doing anything to them but smile when you see them. Getting into your adversarys mind is the greatest part of your victory. This is one of the secrets of never having to fight any war at all and still win every time. Those who rule over us use this tactic on us constantly, and it works so well.

I admire your courage and humbleness which to me are the makings of a very wise and disiplined warrior for sure. It would not surprise me if you are a wise general or commander in the making because you know the art of war already and you use it extremely well. Your mother wit is a very big part of the art of war.

Much respect and honor goes from me to you my friend.

Love the way your mind works so well.

Wow...thank you so much, Reginald.  It feels wonderful to be appreciated by someone who obviously has a deep soul-desire to grow.  It warms my heart to know people such as yourself, because it makes all the tests that I went through to get here completely worth it.  I have noticed how much you've grown, since I first "met" you earlier this year.  Your words are extremely insightful, and may I add...are indicative of a fellow warrior-cum-general/commander (it takes one to know one, right?)  Anyway, once again, thank you, and it's my sincere pleasure to extend the same level of honor and respect to you.  Namaste, my dear friend.  :-)

Hey Reginald...thanks for posting that link - may I suggest you make a separate posting that goes out to the membership for this one?  I think it is worthy of it...those eight points pretty much cover the whole spectrum of power, and I think it would help trigger more people to keep above the treetops, so to speak.  A more complete perspective of what we need to accomplish in the coming days.  Occupy and lovingly heal and control the Universe from a position of seeing the whole picture.  You know what I mean?  Anyway, many of us copy and paste these postings and pass them along to people on our email lists, too, so it could be spread far and wide....  :-)

What an awesome post of truth. This I've seen and known for a long time. I just read all the comments on . this post and want to thank each one of you for sharing your amazing wisdom.  You've all given me  insight as to strenghten myself and rise above the war in the way you all are doing. LOVE TO EACH OF YOU



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