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Yes, I guess they showed on the news a birth certificate from Hawaii too's too late now his reign is nearly over what would come from this though is all the laws he has passed and bills would be invaild .......does this mean we get back all those trillions of dollars??? 

Hi Sally!  That is what should happen yes!!  We should also sue the Rothschild family for all environmental disasters worldwide too!   By removing all wealth of trillionaires, the world would share the money of these deceitful little buggers.  Again it is the Rothschild family that owns majority shares in the Fed so ask for it all back!  By removing all their wealth, you remove all national debt!




As the system is now that will never happen suing Rothschild/Rockefeller families.  We just need to have them all removed all aires a process that will take humanity and divine intervention for other powers are in charge other than man.
The one thing that they are afraid of is people of all nations joining together in one united cause of ending the protocals of Zion.  They will kick and scream injustices and victimisations at us, but it is just the system of the beast trying to portect itself. We need to remove them like the parasites that they are.   Take away their control of Governments, Government departments, Military, Religion, Big Corporations, Banking and all forms of media, then they will be exposed for the traitorous maggots and murderers that they are. 

Hi Astari!  With this document, he should be removed from office today and arrested!    All the things he signed are all invalid too!!  This would set back the Zionist agenda back over a year!  But people have to demand justice!!   Fight for it tooth and nail!


Could you imagine what would have happened to an ordinary guy if he tried to pull off this same stunt?  He would not be walking free or maybe even breathing!   One law for the elite and another for us!  This is outrageous!  If the people who voted for him don't care or don't believe it, then they are extremely dumb!  He has made a laughing stock of the whole Democratic process! And they are letting him get away with it.


Thank you for your comment Astari




Hi Chewbit!  He has done what the elite wanted, maybe they want rid of him now.   This is them at their back stabbing best!  They will treat all people who help them, in exactly the same way, as they share power with no one!




We shall see.

Hola Charles, what is the source of this document? And how can we be sure it is legitimate?  There are a lot of people who would like to prove he is not born American - not to say that I have an opinion either way - but all I see here is an image with no trail to support it, I work as a designer/ vfx artist and could easily create this in photoshop with a kenyan birth certificate used as reference.


That is true Just Relax!  It could be photoshopped, but it would be a little more obvious if it was.  We would need to see the original of course, but when you add up all the things together, it would convict a criminal.  

1. We can find no classmates from his school that that knew him where he said he was at 

2. There is no year book with his picture in it, he is not even mentioned.

3. He has paid well over 100 million dollars to use the legal system to             prevent anyone from seeing his original Birth Certificate!

4. His mother's 1960s Passport was destroyed that could have shown she used it to go to Africa just before the birth of Obama.

5. Hawaii can't find any record of Obama's birth details in their records

6. His step sister mysteriously died I think just before he became president.  In his Memoirs, he mentions nothing about having a step sister!  Strange that.

7.  His Uncle, Grandmother and an elected official all stated that he was born in Kenya and the official promised to erect a memorial to highlight his birth place.  Why would he do that if Obama was not born there?


8. This Birth Certificate!

That is just a few of the problems that say he is not an American and not eligible to be President, hence all the laws he passed as president are all invalid!!!

Hey charles, for sure your points 1 thru 7 are more than suspicious and you have every right to pursue justice of your country's leader, I just don't feel this image is the smoking gun without seeing more, such as a video or testimonial of this actually coming from a kenyan official office, where did this image come from? If it was just off the internet it holds no weight, no offense to you. If you want it to hold weight it needs to be 100% without a doubt. And I disagree this would be more obvious if it was faked, a junior vfx artist could whip this image out in under an hour. All the best!

I will find out where the person that had the cert before me got it from.


I have also seen the Kenyan official stating that Obama was born in Kenya, along seen testimony from his uncle and his grandmother.

Would be interesting if this could actually be proven and accepted within the justice system - if that even exists


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