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I would ask people to look at this as objectively as they can.  You deserve to know the truth and you are intelligent enough to face this truth.  You can no longer ignore this outrage on humanity.  Once you have seen this, I would like to know what are your thoughts on the videos.   One man is brave enough to speak out against the appalling acts of terrorism and hatred aimed against mankind.  


The Real Rogue Nuclear State



How Zionists Divide and Conquer



Jewish Extremism and Its Media Cover Up


Israeli Terrorism Against America


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I hope all will be brave enough to face this truth.

Thank you for your reply Jeanine, I do know a lot of people find this an extremely tough subject matter to face, but it is something we cannot as a human species on this planet ignore any longer.   The truth of the matter is that the Zealots behind the Zionist movement spends all of its energies and time coming up with deviously cunning ways to fool us, manipulate, control and destroy us.   Even with the fact that they have stolen all the wealth, land and resources of humanity, it is nowhere near enough for them!  Why do they have such unimaginable hatred for all gentiles? It goes back to before the time of Moses.


I do all I can to focus on and prey for peace every single day, but that is not the nature of the zionists who seem to have the Jewish people in fear and servitude to the brain washing zionist cult agenda.  Jews are taught and controlled from the cradle to grave to see us as excrement!  That is the zionist's prime agenda, to wipe us off the face of the Earth, even if it means destroying the Earth and themselves in the process.  This is the insanity of these zionists that serve something unspeakably Evil.

It is a terrible mess Shelley and until we can face the fact that the world is controlled and dominated by the hands of the zionists, we will never stop the destruction of the human race.  They have done something to the minds of the people to make them never question or genuinely face up to the fact that we are facing complete extermination at the hands of these Nazis, Yes! that is another thing people will find it impossible to comprehend, that those of the top of the Nazi war machine were all zionists.  They had planned this for a long time. 


This is one of the hardest things to believe about them,  But through 3 years of thoroughly researching this,  I had found incredible data that proves that they had a massive plan to deceive the world and much much more.  I was sickened by what I uncovered!  Like you, I couldn't believe it in the beginning, but I could not refute the evidence of this massive and devious deception! 

What are you smudging Debby, sage? :-)


Thanks Debbie!



Thanks Sandy! 



Good idea, keeps it clean!   I dont trust anything Dukes says, a leopard doesnt change its spots, but it can hide in the bushes and send out a decoy!

Just think about it.

People do change Aurora!  I have seen people change with my own eyes. So I know it is so.


Everything Mr Duke is saying is true and fairly well known. Zionist & the Mossad have infiltrated just about every part of the US gov't and they have an agenda.

Of course you must know that Mr David Duke back in the 70's was a high member of the Ameircan

KKK, a racist organization. They do hate African Americans and the Hebrew race.

"For what it's worth"


Thanks for letting me know that Michael.  I do know that people can change in time.  Especially since the Earth Changes that have been happening across the world! People do not recognise me from how I was.  I was always neutral in the past, wasn't interested in involving myself with human affairs, I cared only about the Earth,  i blaimed Humanity for the state the world was in, but I didn't know what I know now, and People do change. 


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