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One of the most revealing documentaries on the UFO Phenomenon!


Ufo's, Aliens, Contact (Full Documentary)

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Hmmm.... this documentary is very disappointing.The only "agenda" of the FOL is to balance

the Universe.... there must always be a balance of dark and light and when the dark refuses

to give equal time and choice to civilizations that are evolving, they step in to maintain that

balance. As people wake up and remember where they come from, there will be no need to

distrusting of your own Family members. Is there Self-Serving extraterrestrials? Absolutely...

and the government has a contract with both the Draconians and the Grays, and they are the

ones people need to avoid at all costs.

Hi Victoria!  The documentary doesn't say much about the good guys, that is true, but the good guys tend to have a policy of non-interference, even if it means the total annihilatio of the entire human race!   That is how close we are to the end of all life as we know it, the archons who are operating the walk ins, do not care one jot about us, if they can't have us as slaves, they will destroy the whole planet and the moronic idiots within the CIA, NSA and other institutions that are helping them, have no real idea of this ultimate agenda of their masters!  They are told just enough to keep them supporting the 1% of the 1%.  


The FOL is most likely a creation of the Archons to keep humanity in hope. Hope is the enemy of mankind because it stops us from taking action ourselves.  If there are good Star brothers out there willing to help us, all well and good,  but if there isn't, then we are screwed unless we put an end to this diabolical agenda ourselves!  That is the only thing we can be certain of, that we must help ourselves, if we can't help ourselves, then why should others step in if we are not prepare to do anything?


We are the answer! We can't rely on anyone else!  We are the ones we have been waiting for!

Here is some very unique testimony from a contactee called Simon Parks. According to his story he has been groomed from before birth by mantids and reptilians who appear to be in some kind of alliance. It gives an interesting picture of the interaction of various alien species and what their agenda's might be. He talks of operating machines for them to open portals a job that they need humans to do for them, which made me think immediately of Chris Thomas and his warnings about dubious entities tricking humans into opening portals for them. He also suggests that alien abductors trick their abductees into  some kind of agreement which they are not allowed to remember so they are unable to rescind it at a latter date.

Thank you so much for the videos Alanah!  Will watch with interest! 




Love and Light!


They were fascinating!!!!!  Thank you Alanah!

Charles my dear,

It is my feeling that you mis-understand why we have hope from some Beings

and not agreed to come to this dimensional level, and you were

told in advance of your coming that they cannot intervene...would you LEARN

from your errors if someone was always bailing you out?? You know the answer

to that--- NO, you wouldn't. And your experiences would be for nothing!.... without

Beings offering HOPE with words, with positive movies, with positive music, you

would not want to go on..... we are here, with an ability far greater than any

illuminati member, any negative being has....the power to use our collective thoughts

and intent to attract CHANGE to this world. Let go of the negativity and use your

God-given ability to TRANSFORM this reality for the betterment of the planet and

the people.

It is the fact that we cannot remember much if anything of why we are here, that is the main problem.  The knowledge of the past lives would come in very useful at this time.


In some instances, yes we need to experience things, but in this regard, we need for once, someone to bail us out, just this once!  The whole Cabal need to be removed in order for us to have a real chance to change the world, it is possible to do this ourselves if all can be awoken, that is so much harder to see happening.  The odds are not that good. 


I am tired of the game, I have waited too long to see the dark cabal fall.  I can no longer wait.  We need a solution!  What-ever it is, it has to come now.


Have you not heard the latest from Benjamin Fulford and what the

Sirian Group is saying?? Many of the Cabal are now being arrested!!

There is a list that has the names of very high members of the Cabal...

You won't be seeing it on the evening news, and there is an impeach-

ment process supposedly under way to get Obama out of office. We

are kind of isolated out here as Ground Crew.... but its happening!!!

As long as you keep your thoughts going forward toward Peace and

Abundance for ALL, you will see the outcome of those thoughts!!

I did see something to do with Benjamin Fulford and some Cabal arrests.  Didn't get much chance to study it fully, but I will have to go back to it.  Just a little tired and run down. 





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