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I found this video that neatly describes blood types and shows how one can genetically establish ones heritage.

Anyone looking for "the lost book of Enki"??

I found a PDF Of that book HERE





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Thats me. RH neg

Yeah it certainly explains a lot of things about me too. I'm an A neg blood type.. I would like to know if there are Positives that experience the same and how it came about.

Electronic things respond to my moods.

My healing abilities came spontaneously.

My "clairs" came spontaneously with no training at all.

its easy for people to just talk but here we can take a poll to find out how negatives and positives developed and what they experienced.

Auburn hair, green eyes, stopped watches and messed up TV screens from the age of 13, vivid dreamer, see auras, never felt like I belong here, etc. I am A+. I think a lot is missing from this video. I read a book a long time ago (forgotten most of it) that explained how blood types correspond with human ailments. It was fairly convincing; this video isn't. Just my opinion.


Normally when you donate blood they let you know. That's the easiest.

If you are under 40, you can ask your mom, she probably remembers from when you were born. Or you can ask the doctor next time you see him/her. If you've ever had any blood work done, your blood type should be on file. 

Wait minute.  This is all delightful and clever and I don't mind thinking of myself as a rare  breed.  However the latest genetic studies show that Neandertal carried the gene for fair skin, blue eyes and red hair, all of which I have.  In addition I have the Oneg blood, am psychic, stop clocks, blow lightbulbs, etc etc.    So the idea that before the divine 'intercourse' all humans had dark eyes and hair does not seem quite right.  And it is believed possible that the Neandertal is what gave the human race the red haired coloring.

You could be right.

I am sure positive people can also have fair hair and blue eyes. Personally I have dark hair and brown eyes. I think genetic interbreeding has a lot to do with it.

I don't recall him saying that fair hair or blue eyes did not exist before then, but I think its the first time we had both in one child. Hitler tried to re-create the "Airian race" blond hair and blue eyes.

I'm part Neanderthal?!  My brother was right! :)

Seriously, I thought blue eyes were just a mutation after homo erectus moved north. 

I think we were seeded from all over and other alien races intervened too so I would not pay that too much mind.

This is but one part of the many origins of man.

But if you really want to believe your brother........

Will a banana make you feel better?


Ha. Love bananas but they are fattening. :) Speaking of food, I have a question about diets. I've been a vegetarian for many years, decades, but I've always consumed dairy products and eggs, and I'm fairly sure that Vegans do not. What is the Vegan reasoning for not eating dairy foods and eggs? 

I am an A Blood group and apparently our best sources of protein is plant protein. I believe through years of domesticated farming the A's adapted to dairy (raw milk) eggs and all the yummy farm foods.

BUT commercial dairy is a huge no-no for various reasons such as the fact that we as a species cannot process it well in our bodies.

Remember that milk is supposed to bring a calf from birth to over 500 kg in a short time.

Only from babies to about five do we release what is needed to break down and process milk in our infancy, but I also believe we adapt.

The biggest reason for me not consuming milk in excess is because milk has more protein than calcium. Animal protein, meat, eggs brings the body into an acidic state that causes cancer in the long run but to cope with it your body leeches your calcium to keep trying to restore the ph balance back to alkaline which is our natural ph.Thus if you really have a bone problem then stay away from too much animal protein and that includes milk.

Animal protein needs to be broken down with acid first before it is used by the body and this is why it takes PH out of balance. It is your own acid secretion in your intestine that needs to be neutralised by leeching your calcium every time. This process also taps body strength because the stomack simply takes what it needs (up to 80% of your energy) in energy when it digests. Ever wonder why big meals want to put you to sleep?

Plant protein on the other hand is not really protein but rather the building blocks of protein that your body then assembles tailor made for its needs to work exactly as needed without creating a sick acidic environment in the process. It is much more healthy and you don't lose energy in the digestion process. The body then uses the excess energy to maintain health.

In mechanical terms I can say meat is like collecting parts from a junk yard and stripping it down to get the parts you need to make the protein model that works so-so for you over a long time. Plant protein is like a car factory that gets exactly what it needs in brand new parts and turns them out by the dozen to built the right proteins you need in sufficient amounts in no time at all.You can see what will be the most energy efficient and produce the best protein.

It makes sense that when you want to be more psychic you need a natural alkaline PH and that is why red meat (that takes long to digest) is not advisable because it puts the body in an acidic state until it is processed providing your body has enough calcium available to restore PH afterwards.

A lot of deformation was deliberately put into health education for years and years (since the school of medicine began (Rockefeller foundation) because medicine is about symptomatic treatment, not about healthy living.) Hence many people will argue with my comment here because they fell prey to the disinformation system that is popularly spread in all media. My information comes from the original puritans who believed in keeping the body clean and pure and happens to be the basis of "Fit For Life" living.

I am not vegan or vegetarian. I am into anatomy and health and from that perspective, animal proteins counter the process. I like eating meat and cheese from time to time but I budget my energy for it. I will not eat meat when I plan on healing, meditation and a dynamic work day.

You are refferring to the Atkins diet.

I learnt about it later after I tried the Fit for life diet and it worked wonders for me. Apparently its good for everyone because it allows a little meat providing one eats a lot of leafy raw vegetables that brings ones calcium levels up.

Locally it was introduced to me by a group called "Energised living" who promoted the Fit for life diet as the ultimate solution to health and many people of all blood types praised it.

According to Atkins the blood types adapted to their ancestors behaviours and the blood types were formed through diet. I tried it too and it also worked for me but according to them I was supposed to be a Dairy consumer.

After I weaned myself off milk with Fit for life my appetite for milk has been gone forever. Milk tastes like liquid fat to me unless it is something synthetic like cocoa or soy milk. But then we don't have raw milk that freely available which could be another story altogether.

Fit for life came about through the study of a group of people, who gave a blood sample every hour upon the hour to determine what a body does around a 24 hour cycle and when, instead of listening to mainstream medicine pushers.


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