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When False Flags Don't Fly

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The Cointelpro have only been assisting in their own demise, do they think that the Mafia that runs every racket under the sun, will allow these gentiles to live after we have been subjugated??  No! Is the Answer to that question!  The zionist Cabal will eliminate all of its gentile allies (betrayers of Humanity)  These Gentiles will be perceived as a threat to this Ashkenazi/Khazarian/Pharisees Empire!  Even if these cointelpro gentiles were not a threat to them, they will still be eliminated, purely because they are gentiles!  This is the nature of these Satanic/Luciferian parasitic psychopaths! And if these Traitorous gentiles want to continue to exist in this world, they had better wake up to this reality Fast!  For if they don't, it will spell their doom too!

Let's continue our prayers and meditations for the London Olympics this weekend to hold back any false flag attack.

Allegory to keep you smiling:

A Group 4 Security guard was patrolling the Potters Field Park at the Olympics when he espied a hippy style guy sprinkling silver powder around the park and mumbling some kind of mantra. "What the hell are you doing?" yelled the Guard. "Heaven", came the reply. Back-up was summoned and the man was quickly wrestled to the ground and apprehended.
Now immobilsed by fear and the prisoner immobilised by handcuffs, the question is posed again. "Why are you sprinkling this powder over the park?" Hippy replies, " To keep away the jackals." The Guard shouts, "There are no jackals in Potters Fields." "Good," says the Hippy, "just shows how effective the powder is then?"

Keep those prayers sprinkled liberally over the Olympics; this weekend especially!
The games started on 27-7 and Matthew 27v7 talks about the Potters Field

The games end on 12-8 and Matthew 12v8 talks about being Lord of the Sabbath. These crazies thinking they rule us will certainly see themselves as Lords of the Sabbath

Well it worked, Though the Dark Cabal had to Sacrifice others instead, as they knew that they would not have gotten away with this False Flag terrorist Event!  Their game would have been up!  Literally!!

So instead, they Used HAARP or other Means to create the Earthquake that killed hundreds in Iran!!!  The Ritual of the 2012 zion Olympics had to have blood sacrifices! So they targeted Iran instead of London!   They did not get the power and chaos that they wanted!!!  They wasted many decades preparing for the London Disaster!!  At least they didn't get their way!

Every one needs to see this video in America and all other countries. We've been aware of their tactics.

We know  we can't play into their hands as violent protest is what they're hoping for. Once Every one

becomes aware of their operations ,I think to just stay home, give up jobs homes , comforts and ets

and just say no to the rulers as we are their POWER SUPPLY, may be a start to stopping them???

Amen to that Angel!!


Not just the Americans, in one way or another we've all been 'asleep'.

Just keep spreading the information Illumination!!  This is the only way!! Send this link to people on your email account, share it on Face book, or whatever network media you are with!  :-)



Thanks for sharing Charles.

Yes, the human race is learning the truth. Rather late than never.

A very good presentation.

Cheers Rosemary!!!  The awakening is increasing Exponentionally!!!

There's a suggestion that, "All things work together for good to them who love the Lord/Light" Sadly (at one level) if 'THIS' is what it takes to wake up Humanity - then so be it? Sadly for me (not being in America) the world sees the 21st century American Agenda and perceives America to be the Global terrorists. Yet my good friends in America are all peace and freedom lovers? How is it possible that so many of the youth of America are drawn into this carnage without question. The young soldier who goes off to fight for his country cannot 'see' he/she is fighting for the elite and they are but cannon fodder. Time for America to wake up: Adopt a Cop/ Adopt a soldier in prayer and direct loving action because soon the US Govt will be asking those young squaddies to turn their guns on their own Citizens.

If no soldiers go to fight - where's the war?

Hundreds of thousands of US troops rallied to the call ..... for what? They come home broken and spiritually damaged because a tour of duty 'out there' brings home the truth.

Edgar Cayce suggested conquering SELF is better than conquering cities? Time for all families to wake up and NOT encourage their children to go fight for....? Better to train them to defend Base Camp!

The great Republic of America - a model to the world, has been corrupted. Perhaps the STATES should retreat to within their own boundaries, resist the Federal DC Government and form a new UNION of STATES. Go back/forward to what was real.

End of rant


(only feel this way 'cos my Bro was warned in advance to get out of WTC on 9.11 and he is comfortable in his million dollar mansion in NJ and will not speak out)

That must feel like a betrayal JJ! Speaking for a lot of our UK youngsters, there isn't much of an alternative because there is not a lot of work for them. They see it as a chance to see the world and earn some money. Very sad, how we're all manipulated.

The Spirituality of mankind is being severely being suppressed so that humanity will be locked into the 3D world of materialism!  Who warned your Brother about the Twin towers?  I do know that Jewish/zionist people were warned to not be in the towers or building 7 on the day.

Did you hear about the Jewish guy who was at a cemertery, gathering Ivy from Gravestones months before the attack?  He heard around three people talking in Hebrew discussing the 9/11 attacks, they were talking about planes hitting the towers and who this would change America forever. Then he heard another guy talking about the presidential elections,  This guy was concerned about the two candidates, he was told not to worry about it as both presidents would follow the agenda that they wanted.


This Witness then gave this information to the FBI who totally ignored all of the information, but the whistle blower would not give in. He persisted and was eventually told that the FBI could do nothing about the situation!!!  We need to know who these people were!   It appears that they were part of the zionist/Jewish Mafia that are orchestrating world events to push their insidious agenda forward.   This Dark Cabal do not represent the Torah Jews, but they represent the agenda of the Pharasese/Ashkenazi/Khazarian/zionist Jews.  


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