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When False Flags Don't Fly

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Now that the American people know, why don't they do something about it? I often wonder, why did you allow them to get so out of hand?


Many Americans live in a state of cognitive dissonance. Meaning that they see what is happening but  do not understand that they are responsible. They believe that their government is there to help when all evidence indicates otherwise.

It is like when a wolf enters a herd of sheep. The sheep see the wolf but they do not make eye contact, why? Because the wolf will attack the first who makes eye contact and sounds the alarm.

Americans deeply fear sounding the alarm because they already know that many have been killed for doing so.  So they would rather ignore the facts and this will be their downfall.

Much like that little red light on the dashboard of your car. Ignore it and maybe it will go away. Then the engine blows up and people act and say "I didn't know!" They play stupid.

Just like the concept of a Devil. They do evil and then say "The devil made me do it!" a way of not being responsible.

Americans fear taking responsibility because their government has trained them from childhood to look the other way, their media supports it.


But the cause goes much deeper and is much older. From the old testament in hebrew the Torah comes a few concepts. One, Lashon Hara, the ancient observation of Jews to deny their witnessing of another Jew committing a crime. Two, (one that has affected all Jewish and Christian and Muslim religions) the concept that in the Hewbre faith reads "Death to all gentiles." in the Muslim faith "Death to all infidels." and in the Christian faith "Death to all non Christians." a belief that held reign during the Crusades but has lost favor in current Christianity. Though the idea and concept still holds sway in wars. 

I am a brown person, though I am not Muslim nor Hebrew nor Christian, however in our past we were attacked and decimated many times by invaders who came and left, we survived.

We always survive, because we are not a threat, until we are threatened. Much like the terrorists of today who are only terrorists because America decided to invade their country under many excuses, like, Weapons of Mass Destruction and terrorism. All lies.

The concept of cave dwelling nomads destroying engineering marvels like the world trade center is laughable. Where would they get the technology or the education when they live in tents and drink Camel milk?  Yet Americans were fed a line of $hit and they bought it hook line and sinker.


If they do not stand up against them now, they won't have much option to stand up against them later!   The proverbial gates will then close and we will be in the prison that we couldn't see around us before.

I always wonder this too!  How do we do it?  Rainbows

Ian R Crane just states, plant the seeds and let the people slowly awaken to the truth!


That is a truly brilliant video and Mr Corbett spelt it out so simply and eloquently.

The video was uploaded on Youtube in April of 2011 and needs to go viral. There's no excuse for people not to question things after seeing this.

Thanks Christopher!!!   Mr Corbett is brilliant at spelling it out as it is.  I will try and place it in other areas! 




Thw Aurora shooting is a false flag as well researched data is actually being provided by many sources.



This is a very sane, fat based explanation of terrorism.  I hope that this information will become common knowledge for the American public.  John

well done!!!!

Cheers John!!! 



Good presentation and it is serving well in bringing the rest up to par. The collective consciousness has hit such an awakening that the dumb believers and even the cointelpro agents are appearing ridiculous right from the start.


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