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Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on February 3, 2012 at 17:13

Thank you Louise.

From reading ACIM I understand.

Jesus is teaching that we are living in a world of ego creation or substitution for reality. The collective conciousness of these ego's does not want to acknowledge reality and thus they will fight for their existence and their belief in a reality of their ego choosing.

Our mental institutions of-course are also part of ego reality and they will do whatever it takes to tell the people who see the ego illusion of reality for what it is as "delusional" and try to drug them into social behaviour believing they are doing the 'right' thing.

Comment by Louise on February 3, 2012 at 15:42

It's fairly easy to forget how the process went for me, until I meet someone just starting that kind of journey and it reinitiates me into understanding what they need to create their own context for what is happening.

Eugene, you're probably correct, I  can't say, as I have't been there...I do see many people on the street, in confusion, talking to a presence or presences, and I often think, if only they could experience a "spirit lifting", that would be such a great place to start, that is, a release of ghosts and lost souls from their auric field, to e free to once again experience their own thoughts and not someone else's....however, non-interferance is important to

Here's the deal, if you are inspired to render some assistance etherically now, Dear Reader:

1. tune into and locate a psychiatric institution with you mind's eye, or if you have to, use your imagination, that will do fine...

2. place above that place an energy field intended to gather all willing lost souls who want to go home, or go and receive their own healing, and not settle for being housed in someone else's energy field because they are either confused, or have lost their way, maybe didn't believe in a Creator or Angels etc whilst living and didn't want to accept any guidance after they died, and also any energies/entities of any kind who have also lost their way and become stuck...

3. command and request, invoke or declare, like the Master that you are, that these being/energies/entities be given the opportunity to go home and be provided assistance to go there now...word this to your own style...

4. bring in the Violet Light and Violet Fire of Transmutation, if you work with it, to transmute any negativity being released, use it as a cleanser to mop everything up and send it, as converted to White Light, to the Crystalline Grid (to be re-used as Love and Light) or commence some other way you know and prefer to perform cleansing...

5. Offer Love and Light to fill spaces that have been created, especially for those who have just experienced a releasement...

6. Thank all who have given assistance.

7. Dismantle and close and clear yourself with White Light or by preferred method.


Remot service can be provided by offering a set-up in which others can participate if they choose.  Their Higher Selves can choose if the lower self will participate, take advantage of the opportunity, or not.  There's no force or expectation, merely a provision made, because we can.


Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on February 1, 2012 at 9:21

There are many psychiatric institutions filled with gifted people who did not have stuff like internet where they could discover that they are not crazy, but merely going through psychic changes.

Many people would not dare tell anyone about it because of the societies they live in, but on the internet they can and they can also develop it more.

Comment by Louise on February 1, 2012 at 4:44

And then again, maybe there won't be great confusion as long as folks are ready to stay in their heart focus, not their head focus.  It's head focus that tempts me to look into dire predictions, and by doing so I give it energy.

And yet I KNOW there is only Gaia, and her path, easy or hard, easy or hard, easy or hard.  It's up to us.  But we have to cleanse ourselves, and as we do it, we ARE cleansing the Earth.  Every little bit counts.

You know, I heard/read many predictions that limitation was coming our way to experience more of.  And I heard/read also, that many would need the services of Lightworkers who were ready to go in to bat for the team.  So I imagined then, that one day, I'd be called upon, and so would many others, whether it was because of a time of calamity or a time of expanded consciousness and open-mindedness, especially towards healing and growing of clairs.  But now, I am in great demand, because something happens every day, or several things do, to remind me of the needs of those around me.  And I intuit whether I can assist each person or not.  And I often find myself giving service where I least thought I'd give myself permission, I mean, I can be as busy as I want to be, doing service!  So I can confidently say, that time is here, it's not coming upon us, it has already arrived, is being now.  So why wait?

Comment by Eugene OV member Admin on January 29, 2012 at 20:25

I like what you are all saying. But that works for some of us.

I needed training wheels on my bycicle on one stage. When I was done with them it would not be appropriate to ban all training wheels for everybody.

When I learnt water-skiing I started with two skis to learn slalom skiing. It would not be appropriate to ban double skis after that.

With the comming changes some people will be great, while others will have greatness thrust upon them. There is going to be great confusion and many people will need all the information they can get to help them with new 'clairs' opening up.

In remote little towns like the one I am living in now the internet is my only connection to such wonderful knowledge.

Comment by David Dee. on January 29, 2012 at 8:08

I cut the cable a few years ago ,I did not like the program . If this go on ,I will cut the internet as well ! because what is the point!

Comment by Victoria J. Scamehorn on January 29, 2012 at 5:57


You are incredibly accurate and wise.You are right in saying we do not need

internet,computers,cars, etc for they represent artifacts that tell us we

cannot think,move for ourselves. We can get all the information we need from

the Collective. We can move in the blink of an eye through thought. We just

have not moved into the reality of KNOWING this yet....

Comment by Louise on January 28, 2012 at 18:17

We can still participate in the political process, for this educates others.  If we participate, we should do so in confidence, then we will be agents of inspiration, not fearfullness.  Whatever we want to promulgate, first we must ourselves be.  So be a politician of Light, and have a Lighthearted approach to educate and unite for the solution we desire.  Who knows, for the time being, we might get an even better internet!!!

Comment by Louise on January 28, 2012 at 18:14

David Benson, Hi!

I love what you are saying and I invoke this into being, Now!  Anyone who wants to join me, can. You are entirely in alignment with the process that is taking place.  Challenges are about to be introduced to us if we need to be challenged.  Otherwise we can go willingly, inviting change, being the changes we need.

We don't need the internet even now, although it serves us well, and entertains and delights... Any fear of it being taken away is really our own individual sense that we can't do what we have before us to do, for ourselves.  We need to release our reliance on everything we have, every tool, technology, person, community forum, material supports etc and step up to the task of being all that we need to be for ourselves and for our purpose here on Earth. 

It's easy when you think about it, making the start is the obvious hurdle...just letting go...! but once we do, we'll find, we are IT, then we must be an answer to ourselves, and the creator of every solution that we need, simply by opening our heart and allowing it to come.  Let's face it, the world we want for our greater selves is not a world filled with houses, computers, jobs, debts, we want such freedom that we want a world where we are free of these things too, free to roam, to go where our path leads us, filled with synchronicity, finding our truth magically revealing to us on time, every time!

How can a computer or the internet really do that for us, except in a limited way?  Look how easy it is to control, to filter, to censor, to manipulate, to cause us who rely on it to fall into untruth and confusion?  Who needs that type of mechanical technology, when we can have crystalline technology, walking daily in an upgraded crystalline Lightbody that connects us with everything we need?

It so easy to achieve, to access, but first we have to let go of this world and everything and everyone in it.  The computers and internet have become dear to us, because they brought us a level of empowerment that enabled us and enabled many things to happen.  It was devine timing, but everything changes and what we need now is the challenge and the acceptance of aour ability to do it for ourselves, from within ourselves, and from without, by becoming one with everything.  We need to meditate powerfully on bringing to us, all that we need in the moment.  We need to request this to happen.  We need to supercharge our attraction of all that we need into Flowing.

If we are reluctant to step up for change, for being Sentient and Whole, then our desire will be to see that we are forced into that choice by a path of seeming chaos leading to an end of the road, and only an abyss lying in wait before us, requiring afterall the same leap into the unknown that we could have made at this fork in the road, this juncture.  A juncture is a meeting place where paths and options merge and present.  Which option do we really prefer? to be led by Divine guidance, or to be pushed to the edge and forced to jump experiencing fear all the way?  Let go, is the answer, there is a safety net for each one of us, we will find all that we seek when we have let go of this world.  It is not afterall, the world that we seek.  We want more, we want different, we want expanded Selves.  Let's go!

Comment by David Benson on January 28, 2012 at 6:47

The process which everyone is talking about called Ascension will in its evolving eliminate the need for ACTA and the Internet, as each soul within the human family will have access to information on their need to know, and it will seemingly come to them as ESP, Telepathy and personal contact, so the Elite and their desperate grasp on limiting the game of sharing is defeated before the implementation begins.  ;-))

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THANK YOU for ALL your support! 

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