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 Amazing,thats a solid object. looks like a Mother ship,Holy Cow ! Find it very exciting,whish they hurry up.

OK..... did I get here too late???? When I pushed play, it says the video has been 

removed by the user. Christopher, can you send it to me in my personal email?

Who ever removed it was stupid, because there are 5-6 other clips. Yes, its very large-

probably about the size of Saturn or Jupiter in comparison. Just hope they are on the

side of Love and Light, and not ships coming to take more of earth's resources away.

Sorry folks but this has been removed from Youtube........I will search around to see if it's anywhere else or any pictures !

Was it really that bad to have you remove this video? Or was it just the video quality was bad? Christopher Thank You for all you do for all of us. Love & Light.

I did not remove the was done either by the video author or by Youtube itself. It could have been CGI but it looked convincing to me and was HUGE !

Still looking for another video or snapshots.

TY Christopher. I hope we can see it one day. I don't see what they are afraid of accept if it is our end then let us embrace it. Destiny is not a choice it's earned or given freely. My Father used to say let the dice fall where they may. Everything moves on as nothing can stay the same. Atlantis, Sumuira and others took their future facing it bravely and i hope we all will have the courage to do the same. Love and Light My Brother.

 Video was good,the object looked very solid,great shots,i was in first,who knows sumcks is right !

I too was unable to catch the video above before it was removed.  Here is an older video, and this one is good - you can see a couple of large objects near the Sun:

Hi Christopher!  I haven't been able to see it either, can you send it to my email?  That is if you have it.



Oh I see it in my minds eye yes!!!... its huge unbelievable not!! damn things gone..hahahaha oh yes stupid Youtube why did they remove it before I got here,I can only go by what you guys are saying and how do I know your telling me the truth that this object was the size of a Mother ship or a Holy Cow in fact I have no idea what a Holy Cow looks like I havn't seen one before..though I have heard that Pigs can fly but I havn't seen one of those I'll adopt Kyles lingo shmuck sticks and jiggle PJ's it must have been good and must have been real they didn't want us to see it, should we call out the Light brigade go hunt it down knock it out the skies if it aint friendly??? Anyone want to come on board my Light ship grab your saber light rays were going into battle...No I havn't been drinking who said that..gees my telepathy is getting better..

Although I appreciate your sense of humor, you do seem to be high on something lol!

Unless they have taken down all the clips, there were others on You Tube.


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