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Wow that's unreal..very impressive indeed amazing!!!..whats going on in that cloud its like some kinda show definitely some higher intelligence in there for sure,Ive never seen anything like that in my life great find Chris...I'm intrigued to know what that is..

Me too.........not like anything I've seen before and really have no idea what it could be or what it's doing !

Well its not HAARP is it cos the rest of the cloud formations would be doing similar things and its not project blue beam either and I can honestly say it dosn't appear to be even a natural phenomenon like sun dogs either,it looks like its alive thing appears like its got intelligence to so maybe its a ship in cloak mode beneath or in the cloud itself ...just as a thought,could it be electromagnetic disturbances in the ionosphere like those seen in skies after radiation I read this recently is happening...^V^

NASA is up to its usual disinformation, this time with the meteorological equivalent of comparing apples and oranges. Elephants and fleas might be a closer analogy.

First, NASA finally admits that electromagnetic disturbances in the ionosphere often accompany major seismic events. A clear example, which NASA did not allude to, was the six months of “curious” atmospheric charges that preceded the 1995 Kobe Earthquake.

2008 Sichuan NASA Coverup Of Reason Fukushima Radiation Disturbed The Upper Atmosphere

Many witnesses have noted “luminous pink clouds” prior to and simultaneous with the Kobe quake and the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake.

NASA falls down, however, in citing the March 11 quake and tsunami as the sole causes of ionosphere disturbances over Fukushima. No previous atmospheric event can match the intensity of the Fukushima-centered effects of March 11, 2011, which destroyed much of the protective ozone over the Arctic Circle and charged massive luminous clouds over the Japan Trench for months afterwards.

The Fukushima effects on the atmosphere were off the scale because of the vast releases of radioactive particles that began two hours after the tsunami impact. Its ongoing atmospheric destruction are as large, and likely larger, than even the U.S. Navy’s high-altitude nuclear blasts that created the artificial EM field lines for the HAARP system.  - Yoichi Shimatsu

Fukushima Quake, Tsunami Disturbed Upper Atmosphere – NASA

WASHINGTON, May 30 (Reuters) – The massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Fukushima, Japan, last year wreaked havoc in the skies above as well, disturbing electrons in the upper atmosphere, NASA reported.

The waves of energy from the quake and tsunami that were so destructive on the ground reached into the ionosphere, a part of the upper atmosphere that stretches from about 50 to 500 miles (80 to 805 km) above Earth’s surface.

The ionosphere is the last, thinnest part of the atmosphere, where solar ultraviolet radiation breaks up molecules and leaves a haze of electrons and ions.

PIA14430 300x224 NASA Coverup Of Reason Fukushima Radiation Disturbed The Upper Atmosphere In images released on Friday, NASA showed how the earthly disturbances from the March 11, 2011, quake and tsunami were echoed in the movement of electrons far aloft. This movement was monitored by tracking the GPS signals between satellites and ground receivers.

Scientists have seen this phenomenon before, for tsunamis in Samoa in 2009 and Chile in 2010. The Japanese event, however, occurred in a region more closely monitored by a dense network of GPS receivers, NASA said in a statement.


in reply to vlada we have seen more tornadoes in last few years than is normal across the united states than is normal, by the way michigan has large haarp platform within its location, also many of us here in michigan and canada see phenomena regularly during the day and night.  

 i just chalk it on the board to one of the many things we'll see alerting us to last days prophesies mentioned in the bible precluding ascension or rapture. 1'st 2'nd and 3'rd john after book of peter is interesting as it says we are creatures of light , many of us who have had near death experiences have noticed as we are going up we no longer have a body form only a light formation instead of a body. it also goes on in john what to do as new world order approaches and what to do if left behind after the ascension

Sorry IamEmpowered I don't believe in the last days prophesies mentioned in the bible or the Holy Bible itself really to be honest..that's a religious Christianity theory of the rapture I'm afraid..nothing more than fear mongering still...but I do know a New World of consciousness is forming and it aint gonna be no NWO one either if we don't want to be enslaved that is,but thanks for your comment all the same.

At 4:27 on the video time slider, you can see something within the rectangle. Whatever it is, it's too pixelated to get a focused image. But it does sort of resemble upper case letters. The letters (if that's what they are) to the right of center look a lot like the word TAN. Makes me wonder if the blurred portion on the left of center might be SUN. :-) I did notice that the woman seemed really distraught that the sky was full of clouds. Maybe she was hoping for sunshine and this is a reflection of a box of sun tan lotion that was sitting on the dashboard of her car. Hey... just a guess. :-)

Wow that's really interesting Gary your a cleaver one arn't you gee's all the gadgets for your theory is your thinking its a reflection on her windscreen, then reflected into the video, but she clearly states she took the shot with the window down on her video so if that was truth then it wouldn't be a suntan lotion bottle label,also what suntan cream bottle has huge letters that large displaying whats in the bottle itself these days anyway.... personally I think your theory of a logo a good one though regardless... but could it be symbols from the side of a spacecraft much like hieroglyphs,I recall someone stating they also had seen these symbols in a UFO experience they had... think it was on Ancient Aliens but not sure.. I've seen images of the writing they saw and yeah kinda looks like these huge shapes you have here,so the plot thickens.. 

Ok I ran your theory to another friend of mine cos I'm chatting about this not just on here,its eating me now ghod damn it...he took your images and did his own thing on them and he reckons this...

which if I take this theory into consideration.. which he reckons "Air France" now would that be from some fragment left over of an Airport transparent parking sticker or customs sticker remains left on her windscreen maybe from her car being an imported vehicle you think and it was never removed or has she been abroad and placed a sticker on her screen years ago and its rubbed off slightly leaving this small fragment behind??...or some French military plane,what??...again who knows but this is rather fun...^V^

I'm not entirely buying this theory - watch this thing as it TUMBLES through the clouds.  Now...there COULD be a reflection off a label AS WELL (which I think I see in the video also)...but this is not JUST a reflection, I don't think.  Watch early on in the video where it is actually tumbling, and DISPLACING the formation of the clouds.  What is THAT, then, do you think...?  Hmmmm....could it be that BOTH theories (some sort of UFO/merely a reflection from her vehicle) are correct? 

Well lets say you have a transparent label or an etching embedded in the glass and you move the video camera down just slightly,dosn't have to be much even for you get a visual perspective of rolling in the prisms of the glass itself,its possible.. but well never really know for sure anyway,but its been fun throwing these theories around..

again who knows but this is rather fun...>>

Indeed. :-)

OK I'm back,this things got me good...I just showed this to a mate of mine who dropped in for a quick visit.. he started laughing and said Oh Vlada gees I know what it is straight away.. its the etched label on the top of the windscreen  its in the glass itself its embedded and it can be just below the half way mark on the windscreen and even on side windows as well.... and no he reckons she sure did take the footage through the glass anyway.. cos as she moved the camera over to the left of the screen you can clearly see the pillar[dark patch area] of the top of the window edging on the screen it has like tiny perforated dotty effect on the edges of the glass,see it on the counter at 0:16...then again at 0:29... so this little thing that rolls down,its most likely be the etched words in the glass that clearly says "JAPAN" as in "made in Japan" now that's funny don't you think.. takes a damn Kiwi to see these things..and a motor mechanic at that..he said he has a good point as he said he's seen many etchings on Japanese cars in his years on the job,so her camera taken at the right angle would just show this roll as she moved it down slightly...what you reckon on that one guys,make sense to you at all??....


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