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     Whispers From The Divine ~ April 30, 2012 ~

           In your ‘past’
                you have considered
                     the mind
                          as the place
                              of directing
                                   your life forces...
                                        and have proceeded
                                             to live
                                                  your life
                                                       from this place.

          It was chosen by ego
               as a place
                    of safety...
                         and a place
                              where you could
                                   retreat to
                                        from the world
                                             of pain.

          In so doing
               you also
                    cut yourself off
                         from the Universal flow
                              of energy
                                   to a very high degree.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012


     Whispers From The Divine ~ April 29, 2012 ~

           Caring for self
                is a topic
                     that encompasses
                          every level
                               of your being.

            Giving energy
                 and focus
                      to every level
                           every day
                                gives balance.
            That is a given.

            Where you focus consciousness
                 is also where you expend
                      and expand your energy...

     The Divine ~
     © 2012

     Whispers From The Divine ~ April 28, 2012 ~

           It is...
                a whole...
                          way of thinking...
                               these thoughts
                                    of the heart...

          A whole...
                    way of Be-ing...
                              in this new world.

          It is
                    and living
                         from the Heart
                              out into
                                   your outer reality..

             and by so experiencing
                  you are 
                            the new raiment
                                 that spark-les
                                      like the cosmos
                                           on a dark,

          You are now
                    inside out.

     The Divine ~
     © 2012

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Living inside out--with sparkles, no less. Great visual, Carol--Thank you dear heart--Love and Light, always, Dot

Hi Dorothy ~

I don't know about you but I love sparkles ! A little magic for your day !

Love's magical blessings to you...all ♥ Carol

Nice  ...  :0)

Thank you 777, for your kind words of Appreciation.

Love's blessings to you ♥ Carol

Where you focus consciousness is also where you expend and expand your energy. Wow, Carol--so very true. This past week I was focusing negative energy on a situation that had angered me. It bothered me so, that I delved into the emotions that were holding this negative energy in place, and sorted them out. Once I understood how they contributed to my annoyance/anger, I was able to let them go. Not that it wasn't understandable for me to have been annoyed and angry--I think anyone would have been--but it simply wasn't healthy or productive for me to keep focusing mentally on the replaying of the incident (actually a couple of incidents, involving the same person) But, with understanding came release. By allowing myself to own my own negative feelings, to feel them, and to understand where they came from (some from my childhood and teenage years, others later in life) I was able to let them go, and to allow positive energy to fill me with happy and loving thoughts, once again. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always--and lots and lots of sparkles--Dot   

Hi Dorothy ~

This Whispers sounds so we all really know this...but we need to be reminded of what we already know especially when we get knee deep in "muck". I am so proud of you for clearing a path home to your Heart Space. Good for you, dear Heart. Sometime soon we will be taking the short cut by seeing the whole situation with compassion and just stay in residence. :)

The thing about our holding negative energy about any incident/situation is that it is our own energy that is at loss.. It takes our allotment of energy to hold grudges, anger, resentment and all resistant energies.

Love's blessings and warm hugs along with the wonderful flow of energy this all brings into our bodies.

♥ Carol

Yes, Carol--cutting yourself off from the Universal flow of energy--so easy to do if a person isn't living in their Heart Space. And as you say, when we hold negative energy, it's our own energy that's at loss. In the situation I mentioned (where I kind of fell out of my heart space) In feeling anger at a couple of incidents concerning the same person, I also had to admit my own part in those incidents--I had to come to the realization that I wasn't completely blameless. Love's blessings and warm hugs, to you, too, dear Carol, and many, many thanks--Love and Light, always, Dot

It is all just about growing...even those who have mastered the earth plane keep growing too ! It is when we think we know it all that we become stagnant.

Even when we enter our Heart Space and re connect with our True Self, there may be a tendency to believe that we have arrived. This is where the adventure really begins ! :)

Love's blessings to you , Dear Heart ♥ Carol

Yes, Carol, so very true--no one should ever be so confident as to think they've mastered it all. This growing our soul is a never ending journey, but thankfully we can enjoy it, as we continue to learn along the way. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot


I love what you say that we are living inside out, for I feel as if I am being turned inside out every day. I am discovering my body is not the container I thought it was, rather a platform I stand in to view my relationship with the whole I perceive. I am discovering that all the people I love, whether it be family who portray issues I share as cause in whatever I want to be part of, as musicians and artists who speak the light through their work and open me up to feel the divine beauty in some fresh way, whether it be masters and ancients of the past whose message I carry in my heart and whose lives as truth inspire me to live generously, whether it be an angel, an off-planet galactic citizen, whoever, whatever, whenever and wherever I feel aligned and harmonious, all those energies are streaming through me, too.

My body turns inside out because what I held on the inside as my values of truth and beauty are now recognized by my heartspace of love awareness AS my body on the inside. My body is the universe and multiverse I see through all the beautiful speakers and visionaries of light. My best analogy is looking at sparkles of light the sun makes on the water and seeing that from my point af awarness, these are sparkling. There would be no sparkles (for this point I know me) were I not there to LOOK and appreciate the beauty.

And I have reached the conclusion that I am here just to reverence what I see around me, to bring my outer body into the love that my inner body values. The Whispers act like gentle hands turning my thoughts of old onto new freedoms. I feel like I am being washed by the gentle motion of these whispers, washed and made clear again to freshly flow with life and be all the love that I feel. It makes every action one of holiness to see this way.

I love that I can speak these heartfull thoughts to you and hear whispering back, so many echoes of greater and even more spacious love.

Here's my prayer today:

May I be love without end, amen.

Peace and joyful whispers to all,


Here's to exploding and exploring ourselves into LoveLight

Wow, Lyndy--what an awesome reply. I LOVE the way you express your emotions--so beautiful and poignant. Thank you for sharing, Love and Light, always, Dot 

Hi Starflower ~

It is so good to feel your essence among us ...and see the sweet shining light that you are.

I so love the description in your first paragraph. It is such a beautiful flow of words, describing the nature of being a cosmic citizen. It is a complete opening, allowing the Divine in all its' aspects to flow thru you as a gateway in consciousness.

When you can acknowledge yourself as all the values you hold dear within...and when those values are allowed the freedom to ride upon the winds of the Universal One, you have become the seeding o new life that will expand yet further and extend love beyond what is.

I am i such Joy, Knowing that the Whisperings that wash over you expand your depths of vision...allowing still further sacred witnessing.

I so resonate with your prayer and extend it into today !

I love that you feel free to share your whisperings wiht us. I feel deeply blessed by your presence.

Love's sacred blessings to us all ♥ Carol...may your day be truly magical !

ps ~ I live on a lake..and every afternoon on a sunny day, I am blessed with the treasure    of light kissing the water, leaving a sea of sparkles....and a pathway to the Divine.


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