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Whispers From The Divine ~ August 31, 2012 ~

     Born to BE Free.

     Born to have choice.

     Born to expand
        into the new YOU...
              of the infinitude
                 of possibilities.

     I Be-Live in you ... BE LOVE in I.    

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 30, 2012 ~

      The ending of time
        as you know it
           is but the beginning
              of the great shift
                 in consciousness.

        is evolving
           into a new way
              of BE-ing.

     It is like watching
        a great flock of swallows
           shift and flow
              in the air streams
                as they make their way
                   across the blue divine,
                      shifting their patterns
                         intricately weaving
                            sacred symbols
                               across the skies.
     All of life
        is rejoicing
           in this new birthing
              of humankind.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 29, 2012 ~

        in the energies
           of NOW...
                 the re-new-wing
                          into the Human butterfly...

      These are
         the currents
            of the NOW...
               the Rhythms
                  of the many...
                        and harmonizing
                           into the One Vibration.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 28, 2012 ~

    NOW that you have discovered
        living IN-side out,
           all your relationships
              will fall into
                 their rightful places.

     Your friends
        and companions
           along the way,
              will be standing in Self
                  and just as you
                     have found your True Self,
                        so will they.

     This time
        you hold the keys
           to the kingdom
              you have been seeking.

     The true “gold”
         is LOVE ...
            and it opens the access within.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 27, 2012 ~

        you real-eyes,
           what you were missing.

     It needed to be
        so poignantly lacking
           in your life experience
              to find your connection
                 to your True Self.

     This connection
        is always there
           and available
              but without you creating
                 the matching vibration,
                    it cannot be accessed.
The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 26, 2012 ~

        into the realm
           of the Heart Space
              is a coming home
                 into your true SELF...

     As that deeper connection
        deepens still more,
           you will discover
                       that take your breath away.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 25, 2012 ~

      There is pure Joy
        in this space
           of connecting
              with your Divinity
                 and accessing realms
                    of the IN-finite.

     Hang onto your magic carpet.
        You are in
           for the ride of your life. 

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 24, 2012 ~

   Living in your Heart Space
        fills you
           with an incredible
              lightness of Being !

     where Being in your Heart Space
        floats you on Love…
           and in-Joy…

     All things
        take on a magical essence…
           and Beauty IS…

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 23, 2012 ~

    No matter the question,
        “The answer is always LOVE.”

     NOW you understand
        the relevance
           of the answer.

      LOVE is
         the vibrational key
            to your sacred Heart Space.
The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 22, 2012 ~

     As you notice
        and Be with yourself
           here in your Heart Space,
              blinders fall away,
                    your magnificence
                       to unfold.

     It is...
        as if you are seeing
           yourself clearly
              for the first time.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 21, 2012 ~

           is about lightening up...
                 the weight-i-ness
                    of beliefs
                       and old ways
                          of being.

     You have Be-come
        the magical child
           who just wants to play…
              and play…
                 and so it is.   
The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 20, 2012 ~

    Love is the reason you are here.
        Breathe deeply
           of your true essence.

     Give it space
        and place
          to BE.

        in this moment...
           and hold this NOW...
              as sacred.

        with your Divine-ity.
           It is so paramount to everything.  
The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 19, 2012 ~

    Life is Be-coming
        more and more magical!

     Allowing is much easier
        as you release
           the need to compare...
              your present
                 with past events.

     Your NOW
        that has its’ being-ness
           in the infinite
              is showing you
                 new ways
                    of Being present,
                          and in great gratitude...
                             and in reverence
                                for all of life.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 18, 2012 ~

     As you focus
        and live your days
              you will see
                 that what is showing up
                    is a greater match
                       for you than ever...

     New ways of Relationship
        are forming...

     New ideas
        whose time has come
           are springing
              into action.

     The deepened cleansing
        is making space
           for clearer vibrations..
              and releasing
                 of the old...
                    so Spirit can move
                       more freely...
                          to and thru you
The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 17, 2012 ~

      The LOVE
        I speak of here
           that has to do with
              the Heart Space
                 actively opening
                    to your Divine connection,
      is neither chemically
            for sexual reasons
               or affections
                  that are need based,
                     yet all of life
                        is urging you
                           toward the ultimate union.

     I speak here
        of an energy
           that is powerful enough
              to build worlds...
                 yet gentle enough
                    to hold a fragile snowflake.

     It moves in you
        deeply re-connecting you
           in consciousness.

     It creates (w)hole (i) ness...
           it is what connects us as ONE.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 16, 2012 ~

     Many nuances
        and awarenesses
           will greet you
              in your Heart Space.

     It is...
        a whole new way
           of thinking...
              these thoughts
                 of the Heart...

     A whole new way
        of Be-ing...
           living in this new world.

     It is (I) AM-bodying
        and living
           from the Heart out
              into your outer reality..

     and by so experiencing
        you are donning
           the new raiment
              that spark-les
                 like the cosmos
                    on a dark,
                       still night.

     You are now living
        inside out.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 15, 2012 ~

    The Heart Space
        is the meeting place
           of all dimensions
              and states of being.

     It is from here
        that you can enter
           into the hall of records…

     and from here
        you can experience
           complete healing.

     It is also from here
        that you can have
           direct connection
              with your Divine SELF.

     It is a platform
        to anywhere
           and any when.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 14, 2012 ~

        in its’ truest meaning
           is ...
              the returning home
                 to SELF
                    while in the physical state.

     It is
        climbing the ladder
           of vibration-al frequencies
              and their connected
                 states of being.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 13, 2012 ~

     To ascend
        is to raise
           one’s vibrations
              and shift consciousness,
                 bringing with you
                    the many expansions
                       experienced thru
                          your many experiences.
     It is a journeying.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 12, 2012 ~

In your choosing
        to descend
           into the fields
              of lower vibrations
                 for the many experiences,
                    this by its very nature
                       set into motion
                          the return home
                             as well,
                                   back up thru
                                      the different

     The return trip is called Ascension.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 11, 2012 ~

      The answer
        is always held
           within the question.

     The map
        is clearly lit
           by Loving Self
              and seeking
                 to Acknowledge
                    and Honor
                       every aspect of Self...

     Self’s physical home...the body;
        the emotional home...the emotional body;
           the spiritual home...the Heart Space
              where every aspect
                 of the many Selves
                    unite as One
                       and integrate
                           to continue
                              the journey
                                 of Ascension.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 10, 2012 ~

The old trauma stories
        that still require healing,
           hold the many keys
              to becoming ONE again.

     In their pain,
        and loss of empowerment
           to victim hood,
              lie the pathway

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 9, 2012 ~

    As you open yourself
        to Love...
           allowing it to pour freely
              thru your being,
                 all that is unlike itself
                    will become evident...
                       and like the snow in spring,
                          melt away
                             and dissolve
                                into pure energy.

     As you touch upon
        the many aspects
           and layers
              of the Heart Space,
                 you will be-come
                    more and more
                       in the energy of Love...

     which is to say
         you will be-come
            more and more
               your True Self
                  for  Love is who you really are.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 8, 2012 ~

    You are building
        a foundation
           for the new
              in your Heart Space,
                 that is beginning
                    to show up
                       in your outer world.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 7, 2012 ~

        the many shifts
           and changes
              there is the beginning
                 of a NEW stability
                    showing up
                       for those
                          who are living
                             more and more
                                in their Heart Space.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 6, 2012 ~

       The uniqueness shapes
        the return path
           to the Divine
              thus each path
                 is as unique
                     as the being
                        treading upon it.

     Add to this
        the different approaches
           and perspectives
              and you will witness
                 such variation
                    as you might think
                          yet such
                             is the plan
                                of the Divine
                                   for All That Is.
The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 5, 2012 ~


    Each Soul's gifts
       will shape
          the nature
             of experience here.

    The sharing
       of these differences
          can enrich...
            or become
               a place of confusion
                  if it is not understood
                     that not everyone
                        will manifest
                           in like manner.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 4, 2012 ~


     In moving
        thru the portal
           into Heart Space...
              I have yet
                 to address...
                    and share...
                       and explore with you
                          what is there
                             to be experienced
                                by all.

      However, All...
        will not experience
           this Space
              in identical ways
                 as each is Unique.

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 3, 2012 ~

      In this orchestra
        that you call life…

     Your instrument
        plays best
           when finely
                 to the Divine .

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 2, 2012 ~

        moving thru
           the many
              rich layerings
                 of conscious awakenings
                    in this new dimension.

     Many nuances
        and awarenesses
           will greet you

     It is a whole
        new way
           of thinking…
              these thoughts
                 of the Heart…
                    a whole new way
                       of Be-ing…
                          living in this new world.   

The Divine ~
© 2012



Whispers From The Divine ~ August 1, 2012 ~

     There is a portal
        to your Heart Center
           that initiates you
              into the new real-I-ty.

     You may come and go…
        until you
           finally arrive.

        there is diving
              into the many aspects.
The Divine ~
© 2012

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Replies to This Discussion

                                          LOVE is the KEY to your sacred Heart Space....

Love's profound blessings to you ♥ Carol

Beautiful, Carol--yes--LOVE is the key, Love and Light, always, Dot

Dear Heart ~

I Love what you have to say here...

"...allow ourselves to make mistakes without being judgmental. " We are going to make mistakes...that is a given. How we handle them is the mark of our growth.

This is a huge tripping point for many...especially when you have a perfection  program that you have put in place to create safety because you got it " right " from some form of punishment, ridicule, judgment from an  authority figure. What we seldom consider is that we perpetuate punishment on our self by judging our self.

I agree about words... We have many words in our vocabulary that  have violent pictures connected with them that our system reacts to when used...even thought.

What I find so interesting is that as we live in our Heart Space, our language changes...we let go of using certain words...just as you have described doing...and the words we do use have taken on a new vibration that is in alignment with where we are in consciousness and who we are our connection with our Divinity.

Love's infinite blessings to you ...and all ♥ Carol

Dear Carol, Dorothy and Fellow Heart Dancers,

It is beautiful to read the self as love awareness pouring forth in your dialogue. I, too, have been allowing the vibrations of the moment to expand if they are glorifying, and if they are less, to remember that I AM the one who gets to choose the love I desire to expand as my self. For me, some of the old ways of thinking stand at the door and knock, but I have no desire to answer anymore. I just want to open my inner doors to the love in my being, the love that made me, and the love of nature all around me. Anything less is like fertilizer to the me I desire to be.

I had a wonderful insight from the inner divine recently, which compared my linear way of thinking to a telescope/microscope, and said, the telescope/microscope is not the nature of the universe. It is just a tool you look through. I realized that looking deeply into any of my own despair and expecting to see anything new was plain silly. I never get better, I just learn to get over feeling less than love. So now, I make consistent prayerful scopes where I look through the loving feelings I am, even when they are not where I start from, love always becomes a scope and centers me where I feel whole.

Some words I have let go of are, MORE and LESS. These just seem to trap me into comparing myself to some pretensive self, like creating a secondary reality. I know these are useful when dealing with things like recipes, and miles, gallons of gas, and stuff like that-- but when it comes to who I am, there is no more and no less than who anyone else is. I may have more words and you may have more colors, yet the I AM another you is enchanted by the beautiful difference between us.

Love you all in the infinite temple of NOW!


Oh, such an exquisite picture, Lyndy. I love what you're saying about how we all might be different, yet we are all one. Your words are so poetic, I have to read them over and over, just like I do Carol's beautiful Whispers, smiling all the while and nodding, because I resonate to what you both are saying, and marvel at how it is all phrased so beautifully. Here's to allowing ourselves to choose the words that make us happy, and knowing that if they make us happy, they are truly Divinely inspired. Love and Light, always, Dot

Dear Heart ~

I love how you have phrased this, Dorothy...

"Here's to allowing ourselves to choose the words that make us happy, and knowing that if they make us happy, they are truly Divinely inspired."

Such play-full-ness here !...and Light-ness of Being !

Such a bouquet of words !...richly fragrant !

Love's sweet essence to you ... all ♥ Carol

Words, as you know so well, Carol, are so very important to us--he ones we speak, the ones that are spoken to us, the ones that we take into our hearts and believe, whether they are true or not. Oh, yes,I could write a whole article on words, but you've heard it all, and really, the important thing, I believe, is in speaking words that reflect love, and only allowing those to take up residence in our consciousness that we are comfortable with. We can't control what we hear, but we can try (sometimes we have to try very hard) to retain only the positive, and to simply allow the negative to disolve into nothingness.

I'm finally back to working on my novel, about the heroine's journey to finding her true self, and I'm re-typing what I've already written of it, and editing and changing and rearranging along the way. I am getting there, though, and the fun thing is, every two or three days or so, I'll email a couple of my writer friends (we sometimes do some critiquing for each other) as to how many words I've written in the document so far. I just title it Words. It gives me a lift just seeing the title and knowing all it represents. Here's to our speaking and writing ourselves into the infinite wonders of LOVE, Love and Light, always, Dot

Words....I am in such delight with you...writing Love into Being...and what fun to dance with word-play mates... to in-Joy in each others' word fortunate your heroine is to have such magical play creations bringing her into Love's sweet relation-ship.

The vibrations that words carry ...  little ships sailing like a clipper into the brilliance of the sunset. Nature's burnished gold !

The petal from a rose can hold the gentleness of Love's sweet essence...and the gentleness of its' touch.

Held within the word can be the beauty ..and magic of the Heart....shared....

We are in the midst of the magic of the Heart Space...mystical musings...filling us with the wonder and delight of centering in our NOW moment-s.

Love delights in sharing in matching vibrations.

Bouquets of fragrant words to you all ♥ Carol

Oh Carol, you phrase this all so beautifully. I love your choice of words--they paint such exquisite pictures. Yes, words are truly what makes the world go around. In the beginning there was the WORD. And the WORD was GOD. And so it all began, and so we have been taught. I've been fascinated with letters for a long time, which, of course, make up words, which make up sentences, which make up paragraphs, and so on. It truly is amazing how different letters and words have different vibrations. It is such an interesing study. They all are so different, yet they all make up the words and sentences and paragraphs that make the whole. They are all part of the ONE Just like the swallows you mention in the Whisper.

When I read your mentioning the swallows in flight, it occured to me that we are all individuals, yet we are all one, just like the swallows who all turn at the same precise moment in the midst of flight. They KNOW--just like we KNOW in our deepest being. I believe that if we allow ourselves to be truly open, we'll be able to tune in to our KNOWING, and will be guided to make whatever changes are necessary to guide us to our highest good. Blessed be, dear heart, Love and Light, always, Dot   

Hi Dorothy ~

I love your observation about the swallows... They are such a wonderful example of our uniqueness and Oneness. That deep knowing that is available to each of us that comes to us and thru us without any intellectual activity is our connection with our Divinity ...and we experience it thru the silence of the Sacred Heart Space.

I have studied some ancient languages because of some dreams I have had, where I was reading them and understanding them. As I began to look at different languages that we have today...some of them are living language...and some of them are not. by that I mean that the language itself is connected into the energies and rhythms of life or are just intellectually connected....and thus tools for the ego self and not the infinite Self. Sanskrit which not widely studied of used today is one of those living languages. Some of the alphabets are also of this nature. they are connected with the sounds and tomes that bring life force. Fascinating study, I agree.

Love's infinite creativity to you in your flow of language ♥ Carol

Carol. Dorothy and all heart lights whispering,

I resound with your words, "living language."  Your observations bounced my thoughts to what I have been feeling, doing, but not yet able to language.

When I first became magnetized by a desire to offer only joy as my witness of life, I became aware of how much sorrow and sad expectation is encoded in our language. After getting sincere enough about joy- so that I could include the influence of sorrow's voice, the allowance of sadness' depths, it became very clear that our language has become a predisposition to expressing our force of thought... a rather still and nonliving formation where we place our thought energy.

So what you express here about LIVING Language deeply moves me. I feel how important it is to coin one's own expressions of feeling and I use words to describe (to myself) the values I am unfolding. Here are some of my new life in language:

Joy-clear-- a place where I clearly see and feel the joyness of myself (and others' too, who are all, me, in different positions.

Otter-girl-- this is me borrowing from an animals's joyful energy. Otters are beings of fluid balance. I like being an otter-girl, instead of the oughta-girl I used to think as

Bliss-radiant-- This is my word for broadcasting self in harmony with mother nature.

All of these are my way of self-languaging with new, joycalling energy. I have also noticed that the life in languages is there because it connects into a greater wholeness. You, Carol are very active in helping language breathe again with your k(now)ing and YOU neek ways of expressing to us.

I love the YOUneek wave of time we are given here, to dance the creator in,

May our joy expand in flow of life as COMMUNEication,


We can let our reasons for kNEW happying words be as numerous as the rhythmic swallows, too!

Love the Whispers, Carol, and the picture, Lyndy--I had dental work done today--teeth cleaning, ex-rays, etc, had to get in as I've been having some problems that were really worrying me--am going back again tomorrow. Everything went well, but I'm still a bit uneasy, hoping that if I need additional work, it'll be minimal. At any rate, I'll be back in a day or so to respond when I can get my thoughts together. Love y'all, talk to you soon, Love and Light, always, Dot


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